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After 10 + years of wanting to fix my nose, I...

After 10 + years of wanting to fix my nose, I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Shah in May and then surgery in July. I'm nervous but excited for this change. So far, in my experience, Dr. Shah and his staff have been kind and responsive to many of my needs and questions. Karin has been especially patient with me as I went back and forth on dates for a while in June. In total I had two consultations with Dr. Shah. The second consult was mostly to just make me feel less anxious and to look at the morphs again. I don't think we changed much of anything but it did make me feel more confident going forward. From the work that I've seen of Dr. Shah, I have to say I'm pretty confident that he will do a beautiful job improving the balance of my face. I appreciate the fact that he doesn't have a 'one size fits all' approach to noses and I like that his results seem more subtle than some other surgeons I have seen the work of. I also realize this is not the look that everyone is going for, which is absolutely fine too!

When I booked my surgery date I decided to tell just a few people including my immediate family, the boyfriend and a couple very close friends. Luckily they are all being very supportive. I'm not sure if others will automatically notice but I have decided to leave it at that. This is a choice that I am making for myself and I don't owe others explanations. I'm not sure if others have had issues with this but I'm really hoping I can stay true to this thought!

Surgery is in less that a week for me. I have been reaching out to a few kind people on the site who have been absolutely wonderful. (For anonymity I won't mention any names, but thank you!) I feel really lucky to be able to talk and share about this with others who have experienced it. After all, it is a big deal! As the day draws near I would welcome any suggestions on additional prep or questions that you think might be helpful to review in this final week. For supplies I've collected a neck pillow, my Rx, the approved supplements of Arnica Montana and Bromelain, frozen peas and exam gloves to ice, a gel eye mask for after cast removal, medical tape and 4x4 gauze pads, petroleum jelly for dry lips and an assortment of low sodium soft foods that are fairly bland. (Man I am going to miss spicy food!) Any additional words of advice, encouragement or suggestions are welcome. :)

(Less than) 24 hours to go, don't wanna be sedated

Tomorrow is the big day. Not going to lie RS friends, I'm really nervous. Trying not to think about it too much but only slept a few hours last night, kept waking up in a panic. Former Shah patients - has anyone used the 900 N. Michigan Ave location for their surgery? If so, what did you think? I'm just so anxious about the anesthesia or having some complications. I feel confident that I can trust Dr. Shah, just worried about the other parts. Any comments or private messages on the 900 N. location or tips for managing this anxiety / words of encouragement are so appreciated. :)

11 days post op!

Just wanted to let everyone know that the surgery went well. The staff at 900 N. was really great, very responsive and attentive. During my recovery, Dr. Shah's office called and checked up on me every day post op, which was nice. His staff seems very thoughtful and supportive and I appreciate that. I had a week with the cast on, which flew by because I slept a LOT! Dr. Shah removed my cast and exterior sutures after 7 days and it didn't hurt. Although I'm verryyyyy swollen right now in both the middle and tip of my nose, I am happy so far. It's difficult to really get a good idea of how the nose will look under all this swelling but Dr. Shah looked at my nose and reassured me that this is not the final result. (I'm not sure that I would be happy if this WAS the final result but I know that it is not.) I knew going into this procedure that it takes weeks and months for the final result to be fully evaluated. I trust Dr. Shah and I am just focusing on doing my part of the recovery work by following the instructions his office gave me to the letter. I go back in a few weeks but in the interim I'm resting when I can, avoiding direct sun exposure to my face, taping my nose at night, sleeping propped up and eating fresh, organic fruits and vegetables with healthy and healing properties. I have taken advantage of the low sodium diet restrictions to really evaluate what I'm putting in my body. I've always been pretty health conscious but sodium can really add up! And I can already appreciate some parts of improvement on my nose, which is good. I'm hopeful for the future and know that waiting is the hardest part. I look forward to the coming weeks and months to see how my new nose will look post swelling!

Additionally, I know that photos are helpful for others but I am not ready at this time. However, I am happy to answer questions and give more details, just send me a pm!

1 month since cast removal

This week I had my 1 month check up (5 weeks since the surgery, 4 weeks since the cast came off) with Dr. Shah. For this appointment, true to my general experience the office staff were all so nice and supportive. Dr. Shah took the time to really look at my nose and evaluate the swelling. He didn't seem rushed and cared about the ease of my ability to come back in another month. He even chatted with me a little about my job, which was really nice and made me relax a little. He said I'm still really swollen so he gave me a couple injections and made a longer plan about my follow up care and appointments, which gave me some piece of mind. I had been nervous about the pain of the injections but I actually didn't think they hurt very much. And they did help quite a bit, after about 48 hours l could see a noticeable difference in the swelling.

At this point I'm ready to review my experience. I would say that the procedure was certainly the right choice for me and Dr. Shah was a wonderful surgeon. His staff has been patient and attentive to my needs and Dr. Shah has been every bit the professional. He has a great eye for noses and I'm happy I put a little trust in him when we were doing the morphs. I also really like that the follow up appointments are covered in the cost of the procedure. I'm so SO happy with my results. I've seen many friends and family members since the surgery and no one has said anything besides telling me I look rested and pretty. I even asked a few people if they noticed anything different (to see if they might be able to tell) and no one guessed! I think I'm more excited to put on makeup now and try to look good because I'm really much more confident. And one of the best parts is that I no longer hate candid photos. I used to be the person who would always put their hand up and try to avoid my picture being taken from certain angles but now I really don't mind at all. My only regret is that I didn't do this sooner.

I know how important pictures are but I'm just not sure when I will be ready to post them. If anyone would like some blacked out photos or to hear about my experience, please feel free to reach out to me privately.

6 Months Post Op (Well...almost...)

I'm almost to the 6 month mark post op! Time has flown. I've seen Dr. Shah four times since the surgery and every visit has gone well. I continue to be impressed by the service and courtesy of his office. The last visit I had he and his staff even helped me get in and out in time to not have to go back down to feed the parking meter, which I thought was really considerate of them. In this world, I think it's hard to find people that actually care about making your life easier.

So far, so good with the nose. It feels much closer to a 'natural' part of my face now. I wash it easier and don't sleep with my neck pillow anymore. But it's still a little hard and swollen at the tip. Much less swelling on the bridge though. There are days where I wake up and it looks pretty puffy but Dr. Shah has been addressing this by giving me injections and monitoring each visit with photos. Since my 1 month visit I told a few more family members about the procedure and they were so kind. Really I think the work speaks for itself. I hope the swelling does continue to go down, I realize that rhinoplasty results really do take time so I remain happy and hopeful.
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon

I'm very happy with my experience and the results. Dr. Shah has a great natural touch and is both talented and professional. I also have had a great experience with his staff both before and after the procedure. Both Dr. Shah and staff answered my questions patiently and listened to my concerns. The cost was very reasonable which was not the most important factor for me but certainly was appreciated. I'm so happy that I had the surgery done.

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