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I have met with Dr Shah and Moynihan. Found that...

I have met with Dr Shah and Moynihan. Found that my consultation with Shah was much more informative and he seemed to have a vision which made me really consider this surgery in the near future. I feel like I still need several more opinions but then again I already have gotten four. Besides my bump I have been told I would need tip refinement for best results - which scares me but its necessary.

I have been contemplating a rhinoplasty since I was 12 years old, which was about 10 years ago. I met with a few Doctors in the Chicagoland area when I was 19 but got a bit frightened by the procedure when I found out noses are a lot more complicated then just straightening my profile - oh and I lacked a couple spare thousands in my bank account being a student. However I have the money and still think about the procedure daily and am about to book with Shah after having my consultation. However my doubts are time off work and me returning to school the day after cast removal? Any thoughts, suggestions?

One month until surgery!

I finally was brave enough to book my surgery, It will be in December. I'll keep you guys updated! Any tips on what necessities I may need for recovery? I took off two weeks of work just too make sure I am comfortable when I return - I work super long hours. I'm so excited but incredibly nervous at the same time, but can only hope for the best!


Wasn't able to have surgery

I was actually running a fever when I got to the surgery center and was not able to have the procedure done last week. Since then I have been on a zpack and feel much better - however I'm going going through all the nerves and emotions before surgery all over again, surgery is Saturday! I know I'm stressing over nothing but cant help it! Just can't wait to be fully recovered and back to work.

Surgery day!

Was super nervous but everything went so well. The woman who took care of me at the surgery center was amazing and took excellent care of me. I was the most afraid of getting put to sleep, but I woke up and felt great! Sore throat and congestion but other than that I can't complain. Don't want to jinks it though! Hopefully this recovery stays this way, I have heard that day 3 is the worst so I'm trying to keep up with my icing.

Day 1

Cast off

2 weeks post op

So far everything has been going good still swollen in front but nothing crazy, however my bump seems to be coming back a bit hopefully that's just swelling too

3 weeks post op

Swelling is going down and breathing is getting easier, still a mouth breather at night though. Still seems a little shifted to the left but I'm still hoping that swelling and being patient. My bump seems to appear as well but I've heard that common and it doesn't bother me too much. Sometimes I forget that I even had this procedure that I stressed so much about! Wish I had done it sooner. I was afraid I'd look in the mirror and not see me but I look in the mirror and just don't depict my nose every time now :)

Breathing trouble?

Anyone else have issues or suggestions for breathing after rhinoplasty? I am one month post op and can usually breathe through one nostril or the other, if not both, during the day - however, at night I find myself stuffed up and can only breathe through my mouth! It's starting to get a little annoying just because I wake up with my throat hurting and have trouble sleeping!

4 Months Post Op

It has been 4 months now and I have seen a reduction in swelling but nothing dramatic. My tip is also getting softer. My nose still is shifted to the left, it doesn't bother me so much but many people have pointed it out. I also am still having trouble breathing out of my left nostril, Shah said it could be swelling or allergies. Overall I'm happy with my results minus the slight crookedness, breathing trouble, and a very slight bump... I was hoping it was just swelling but Shah said that he could easily file it down in the office. Filing my nose while awake sounds pretty terrifying but if it helps I'm in! Has anyone else done this ?

5+ months post

I haven't seen Shah in a while, I'm scheduled to see him in July though. I am very pleased with how my nose looks, the shifting the left seems to be less and less, but I do have a small bone that I can feel is out of place on my bridge - which is giving me an illusion of a hump at certain angles. I am also a bit frustrated because I've called and asked the office twice to email me some of my before/after pics and each time they said they would and that it takes a few days - but it's been well over a month!

9 month update

Time has flown and my nose seems to be pretty much the same, love the minor tweaks that were done but still am always seeing the crookedness and I still have a tiny bone on the bridge that pokes out making it appear the hump is still there. I definitely plan to meet with Shah soon to see my options of trying to remove or slim this bone popping through.
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