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Background: I broke my nose about 3 years ago...

I broke my nose about 3 years ago playing basketball. I'm 33 now (I know, I should grow up. Not an option.), and finally decided to get it fixed. I chose Dr. Shah based on his excellent reputation here and my interaction with a number of his former patients. He looked on the inside of my nose, told me he could make an improvement, and of we went. I didn't want huge changes, just a better version of me. Here's my story.

Date of surgery: May 31st, 2012.

Night before surgery
I was extremely nervous. Ordered my "last meal" of sushi from my favorite restaurant, you know - just in case. Ha. I went to bed at 11 knowing I would have to wake up at 4 to be at the surgery center by 5. I probably slept a grand total of 2 hours that night, with the rest of the hours spent in a haze of my mind racing.

Day of surgery
Alarm went off, but I was already awake at 3:45am. I showered, shaved, and brought my bag of clothes down to the doorman for my parents to pick up after surgery (I planned to stay with them for recovery). Hopped in a cab and arrived at the surgery center early. Signed in, changed into the hospital robe, slippers, and hat.

The nurse asked me if I'd like something for nausea and I said absolutely. They took my vitals: 120/70, 45bpm heart rate. All normal for me as I exercise between 10-15 hours per week. They put the IV needle in, which I couldn't watch. Dr. Shah greets me and asks if I'm ready, to which I reply "I am as ready as I'll ever be." We walk into the surgery room where the anesthesiologist and a pair of nurses are getting prepared. They lay me on the table, put blankets on me, and the anesthesiolotist tells me she's going to give me something for my nerves. This is the last thing I remember.

The first thing I remember after waking up was Dr. Shah telling me that there were no surprises and that everything had gone well. I pass out again. I wake up again some time later and the nurse asks me what my pain level is, and I say it's about 8. He administers morphine through the IV. He waits a few moments and asks if I need more. I say yes. He waits again and asks if I need more, and he administers a third dose. This does the trick.

I ask about my vitals, and he said BP was 150/120, heart rate of 50bpm. Whoa!! Really high BP for me, but he said it's normal given the trauma I had spent the previous 2 hours going though.

I change, they take my down to my parents' car and I'm off. The rest of the day is spent in a drug-induced haze. I don't know if my body was still fighting off the anesthesia, morphine, vicodin, or all 3. Either way I was out of it.

Day 2
Lots of trouble sleeping during the first night, as I had to breath 100% out of my mouth. I kept carmex and a glass of water next to me all night and needed it. No real pain to speak of, just a mild headache - similar to the kind you get from a hangover. I continue to ice like crazy from day 1, 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off. All day. It's a pain in the ass, but it is really keeping the swelling at bay.

I had no bruising yet, and no swelling of my eyelids or cheeks. Still not hungry, but forcing myself to drink fruit smoothies and lots of water along with arnica, bromeliad, and vitamin C.

Day 3
Some bruising has crept in under my left eye, and just a small amount under my right. I don't look nearly as bad as other pics I've seen on here thankfully! I do have relatively thick skin and I don't bruise easily in general. Speaking of skin, I can't believe how oily my face is. I'm a grease ball in general, but this is ridiculous!

I still can't breath through my nose at all, and I have a constant pink oozing drip from my nose. I change the "mustache bandage" at least once every 45 minutes.

Day 4
I woke up with just a LITTLE bit of breathing out of my right nostril. It quickly closes up as I woke up and began moving. Definitely oozing less than the first 2 days, and now the ooze is clear instead of pink. I'm learning that the more I move, the more my nose oozes. Good motivation for couch time :)

The bruising is already starting to lighten under my left eye. I've been religious with the arnica montana pills and lightly rubbing arnica gel over the bruising. It's my first real sign that I've seen I'm healing.

Day 5
This day I woke up actually breathing through my nose! It was still quite congested, but the first time I've been able to use my nose since the morning of surgery. It is still packed with dried blood and the doctor told me not to mess around with the inside, so I leave it alone. The splint is itching like crazy, but I'm working from home to get my mind off of it.

There is no real pain to speak of except for when I sneeze or yawn, which reminds me I still have a LONG way to go with the healing process. The swelling inside of my nostrils seems to be going down a little bit, although they are still asymmetrical.

What little bruising I have is really lightening up now and turning yellow. I definitely credit my heavy use of arnica and icing for the first 3 days with my limited bruising.

Day 6
The bruising is almost gone! The oozing has completely stopped. My nose is swollen under this splint but the rest of me looks pretty normal. Minus shaving, which I haven't done in nearly a week.

Day 7
The splint comes off! The stitches and internal splints come out! I cannot put into words how good my breathing is. It is not just better than before my injury, it is better than at any other point in my life. And that is before the swelling goes down! I can't believe it took me this long to get things fixed. So very, very worth the money, time and pain of the last week.

I also took a kenalog shot to bring my swelling down a bit, since it is a bit extreme at first. Dr. Shah let me know that my results will improve over the next 3-4 weeks but will really shine in the next 6 months before completing 1 year from surgery. I will check "undecided" for now, but I'm damn close to clicking worth it. This doctor is a really, really good guy.

3 weeks post op! The swelling has gone down a...

3 weeks post op!

The swelling has gone down a bit, and I'm starting to like my profile - for the first time ever. I meet with Dr. Shah next week to review my progress, but he told me when my splint came off that my swelling will take several months to subside.

I also added a before/after profile pic (the after is just shy of 3 weeks post-op) for comparison.

Just had a (nearly) 1 month post-op meeting. Dr....

Just had a (nearly) 1 month post-op meeting. Dr. Shah said I was still quite swollen in the tip, which I am. He gave me another kenalog shot on both sides of the tip to bring things down, but said otherwise I'm healing well. He also gave me the green light for running and my normal exercise. Super excited about that.

So I just passed the 2 month mark. I don't have...

So I just passed the 2 month mark. I don't have much to report other than the swelling has gone down. At each of my two post-op visits I received kenalog shots, for 3 in total.

The tip is still a little bit numb, but it's no longer hard. So glad I did it!
Chicago Facial Plastic Surgeon

I chose Dr. Shah after reading many, many reviews of doctors in the Chicago area. He is a very professional doctor who takes the time to explain his philosophy towards his work. I didn't want to look drastically different, just a better version of me. Dr. Shah understood this thoroughly and it came through in the morphs he presented. He is always calm, no matter what kind of curve ball you throw him. I am a busy professional and I can sometimes be curt with my questions. He was never phased by this, and made me feel 100% confident in his ability.

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