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Hi everybody, i am scheduld to have my...

Hi everybody, i am scheduld to have my rhino/septoplasty in a few days now. Ive had a problem with my nose since i was old enough to notice it, since i am a replica of my father while my sister has a cute little ski slope nose. Personally, i dont HATE my nose, because i have grown used to it, but it certainly bothers me. I always wear heavy eyemake to draw attention to my 'better' features and i cant wait to no have to worry about my nose anymore.

I am a little irritated because it has been hard for me to gain support throughout this journey. my family is pretty conservative and hey dont really understand. my fiance was dead set against it because he really likes my ethnic look and doesnt want me to change. luckily my surgeon seems to have a knack for preserving these qualities while still improving the appearance.

I work in a competitive industry where looks matter, so it is very important for me to be confident in my skin. Unfortunately this also makes the stakes higher if i am not satisfied! luckily i have a few coworkers who have undergone rhinoplasty and are supportive.

My surgery is scheduled for june 18th.

So surgery went well on monday. I woke up and my...

So surgery went well on monday. I woke up and my throat was killing me from the breathing tube. My eyes are black and swollen, i am trying to stay on top of icing but its hard to go to the freezer every twenty minutes especially on pain meds because i get dizzy. I have been living off of mashed potatoes and pudding, and drinking a gallon of water everyday. My throat gets so dry that it wakes me up and i feel like im choking. My fiance brought me some burts bees lemon and honey throat drops which help. Right now i am feeling a little down becausr i looklike i got run over by a truck and my pain meds make me feel sick :(.. i just want to feel like myself again

HI everybody. It has been awhile since i have...

HI everybody. It has been awhile since i have updated. I got my cast off and of course my nose was sooooo swollen. My PS gave me a kenalog injection and instructed me to tape my nose at night. it has now been two weeks and recovery has been fine, my bruises have finally gone away and my breathing is much better.

As far as my results i am really scared to be honest. My profile is really lovely, he did a great job on my tip as well, but the only thing is that it seems to curve to the right in the middle of the bridge. when i apply tape it doesnt look as bad but in pictures it is very obvious. Has anybody experienced this?? was it swelling and did it resolve on its own? im afraid that if my nose is actually crooked that it could be more apparent when the swelling goes down. I know this is not in my head because my fiance noticed it also. My next appt is in two weeks and i have a feeling he will tell me its too early to analyze and that it is just swelling but i am freaking out a bit..any advice??

*i am not sure i am comfortable to post pictures but i may if you really have some good advice i can email you.
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