My Rhinoplasty Journey

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I have been waiting to have a...

I have been waiting to have a rhinoplasty/septoplasty/turbinectomey done for years and wanted to make sure I took the time to do my research when it came to finding the right doctor. I had consultations with 4 doctors in total, including Dr.Shah. He has an excellent background and specializes only on facial plastic surgery which I appreciate, but also is a good listener and has an expert eye for what is aesthetically fitting for your particular face/personality while keeping in mind the functionality of the nose. I will be in surgery in just about 24 hours and feeling nervous but excited. Will keep posting through recovery.

~52 hours in

I am very grateful that the surgery went well and safely. I did have a real hard time when waking up from the anesthesia like some people do ( I am highly sensitive to nausea as it is) but I was ok after I got home. I could see that my nose was different right away! Dr.Shah and the operating team were great. However, I did have to get packing in my nose due to the septoplasty I'm pretty sure , I'm not sure if that's adding to my discomfort. There is no air going through my nose and every time I swallow my ears clog up. Really weird. The first 24 was ok, the next was horrible and today I actually got a little sleep so I'm feeling alot better. I did make the mistake of taking a hot shower( I forgot! Is that bad?) I just started to swell today and it's not even that bad I think the arnica and all that pineapple I ate pre-op helped. I highly recommend supplementing pre op. sleep is a challenge I hope I can manage tonight. I haven't taken any medication except for Tylenol extra strength every 6 hours since surgery!! I did have to tough it out but I was afraid to take the Vicodin. But I hope the most painful part is over and I can look forward to getting better!

72+ hours

Feeling less pain which is a huge relief but I'm extremely annoyed with my nose being so congested- I haven't been able to get any air through my nose except for random moments which last a few seconds through one nostril. Everytime I swallow there is a bubbling feeling one one side and it alternates. My ears also keep clogging up when I swallow. Very annoying. But I'm thankful that there's less pain and I have more strength to walk but I still have trouble talking because I feel so much mucous coming down my throat (sorry- gross). I'm hoping to call tomorrow and ask when I could get my packing removed since it wasn't the original plan?

Feeling better

So it turns out, I never did have packing in my nose. I feel so stupid for calling and asking about it today. I guess one of the nurses said something about packing to one of my parents ...and then they told me(?)... Haha. I do however have some crazy congestion and the Doctor said to use some saline spray and let it drain out on its own. I go in on Thursday to get my cast removed! I can't wait!! Last night I had the worst panic attack of my life. I just couldn't breathe all of a sudden and kept wanting my nose to clear, it was very strange but I knew what was happening and immediately had to take a xanax sublingualy, take deep breaths, ice my chest and watch HGTV until I finally fell asleep. If you're prone to anxiety even mildly, do keep your medication at your bedside just incase and make sure it doesn't interact with any other meds you're taking. I've had absolutely no pain as of last night. I haven't taken any Tylenol today and my congestion is doing much better to the point where I can talk - I still sound hilarious but I can get my point across without passing out. Little swelling. No bruising. Overall eveything is going well and I feel thankful.


I HAVE SOME AIR FLOW THROUGH MY LEFT NOSTRIL! Yay! And I got a faint whiff of my lemon hand soap today for a breif moment- so that was fun!

Cast off!

Went in today to get my stitches and cast removed. I was so happy to see my doctor! I wanted to go on and on about how thankful I was that he got me out of surgery safely and how nice he was for keeping my parents updated-- but I didn't do any of that- so next time hopefully.
This appointment was very quick. The stitches did hurt a bit and so did the kenalog shot but nothing too bad. And then the cast slipped right off, probably because my skin is so oily and gross. I did break out a little on there which is so unusual.
Right now my nose is quite swollen but hopefully that subsides soon enough. Also I have a weird taste/smell?? Maybe it's the antibiotics?? But yea I'm really happy with it! I can tell those nasal bones have reallyyyy shifted in! And it's straighter looking. No hump at all. Beautiful. Only concerns are swelling and it's looking way too piggy for my taste right now, the doctor said that will also drop very slightly over time. But how slight?... I definatley feel weird with it being so upturned right now. Enough of this! I'm going to take a shower and wash my hair!!!!! Because I can!
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