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Holy cow. I booked it. My surgery will be February...

Holy cow. I booked it. My surgery will be February 11th. & I think I'm still in shock that it's really happening.

So I was planning on meeting with 2-3 doctors but after meeting with Dr. Moynihan, I feel comfortable proceeding. After discussion with my family and also my schedule restraint, I realize this is the right choice.. He's a facial plastic surgeon and does about 200 rhinoplasties a year. Someone with a lot of experience and focuses on the face was exactly what I was looking for. I work in health care so I know somewhat what to expect and what to ask. I had a bit of a wait in the waiting room but what can you expect at the end of the year. The staff was friendly. Office was easy to find. But ultimately, he is able to give me what I am looking for.

It does kind of bother me that he doesn't have a ton of reviews but from what I've seen of his work and what he has as a projected plan, I feel good about the outcome. I'm still super nervous though. Not sure if I'll post pics or not.

My before & goal pics

Before pic & goal pic.

Chicago rhinoplasty. Before & morph. Dr. Moynihan

Finally perfected the morph to how I want it :)

Just days away..

Picked up my meds! Everything is paid for. I even have popscicles waiting for me. Just waiting for the big day now!! I've told a few people in my life and everyone asks how I'm feeling. Right now, I'm pretty excited but obviously nervousness for the outcome. All prayers & positive vibes are appreciated ????

POD #1 rhinoplasty with Dr. Moynihan

Yesterday was the surgery! I felt fine going in but after talking to anesthesia I broke down and a mini sob fest. I think ultimately just nervous for how it would turn out. The hardest part yesterday was getting over the anesthesia and breathing through my mouth. I couldn't sleep longer than 3-4 hours without waking up from an ungodly dry mouth. I remember taking deep breaths in the OR with a mask then the next thing I knew I was awake in recovery and I felt like I had something in my eye (I think from the stuff anesthesia uses to keep your eyes closed.) After a few minutes, I had an intense burning pain at the tip of my nose. Some IV pain medicine did the trick. I did have some nausea post op but I never threw up thank God. I was first case and the surgery was shorter than he anticipated. Only an hour to an hour and a half which is fine but I know the price of my surgery went up because he anticipate it being two hours. Surgery wise, it ended up being closed which is what I had preferred. I do have some swelling and bruising but I have been upright most of the time, even sleeping. I sleep with five pillows and a neck pillow which seems to be going well. A lot of bleeding on my "drop pad" the first day. I think I went though an entire bag of gauze the first day, having to change every few hours and waiting for the gauze to be well saturated. I've been cleaning the nostrils with peroxide and a prescription antibiotic. I can definitely tell the nose is smaller and cuter. Probably close to my morph photos.

Cast came off yesterday! Rhinoplasty with Dr. Moynihan

Cast came off yesterday. Bruising is almost completely gone (it's only been 6 days!) I like it so far! It still has some swelling around the tissues where my cast was and my nose is somewhat numb. I have to tape it at night. But overall, seems close to the photo. This is why I chose Dr. Moynihan. I liked his before & after pictures most. My biggest thing was reducing projection of the nose and I feel that was accomplished. Still excited to see the overall result when the swelling goes down. Few weeks before that will happen.

I've had very little pain. I took pain meds the first three days. My main pain was right after surgery.. 8/10 burning at the nose. I received IV pain medication in recovery and it went down to 2/10. Mild nausea but not bad. Never threw up. Keep your head forward and deal with he bleeding & changing the "drip pad." Otherwise it runs back in your stomach and you could vomit blood -- not my thing. First time having general anesthesia and I just felt out of it for a couple days. I really have no complaints except for dry mouth which I expected. It was hard to sleep because of that. I did have a prescription for ambien but after the second day, I hallucinated on it so I stopped that. I slept upright on five pillows, used a humidifier every day, used a mouth moisturizer after brushing my teeth before bed to help with dry mouth and always kept water next to my bed.

Only complaint:
My surgery wasn't as long as they originally thought which is great but slightly annoying because the cost of my procedure and anesthesia went up. They make you pay the difference if time runs over but if it's half the time, there's no reimbursement. So if I had a complaint, that would be it. I paid in full, no financing.

Overall, very happy with Dr. Moynihan. I was self conscious wearing the cast out in public. When I had my follow up appointment, they got me in right away (30 min early).

Some people do a million consults before deciding. I just did one. I did my research ahead of time and based my decision on credentials, work (photos) and negative reviews -- people don't always leave positive review but if they are unhappy, they will definitely leave negative comments (some are warranted, some just had unrealistic expectations.) I work in health care and I know some of the best surgeons don't always give you the "warm & fuzzy -- this is it" feeling. Not saying I didn't have that feeling but some of the of the reviews I see on here make me laugh. Yes, you should feel comfortable after meeting the doctor but do your homework too and understand to have realistic expectations.

I'll update again after swelling reduces.

5ish months later

So SOOO happy I went through with this! Wish I did it sooner!

Only problem I have is some bleeding when a blow my nose on one side. At a follow up they said I have some mild excoriation there. Instructed to put Vaseline up my nostril where that area is but its hard to access at times. Hoping it heals over time here but my allergies have been bad and I've been congested.

I do notice mild scaring on the inside of my nose (I had a closed procedure.) which isn't obvious or anything but I might try some scar cream. Just looks like that area of skin got stretched thinner. I'm thinking the area got stretched with the stitches in place before it fully healed.

I know some people report that their nose is swollen for a period of time. Mine maybe slightly was for a month or two but nothing terrible. Made my change appear less drastic and people didn't notice unless I told them. It's a very natural/similar but much much improved look to what I had which I am glad it turned or this was. I still look like me! But better :) I did have some numbness and stiffness but that's improved slowly over time and I hope it only continues to improve.

His office follow up

I do have to add that it concerns me I never received call from his office to follow up and see how I was doing. He called me the night of surgery to see how I was doing but other than that there's been nothing unless I called them to figure out when I needed a follow up. Working in health care, that is just surprising to me this day in age.
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