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I am having a rhinoplasty and chin implant done on...

I am having a rhinoplasty and chin implant done on May 24th. I am more excited than I am nervous seeing that I have done a lot of research and searching for the right doctor over several years. I can't wait to have it done now that I have made my choice and scheduled a day! I wish time would move faster!

I have always been very self conscious about my profile due to my large dorsal hump and weak chin. I went back and forth about having the procedure done for years because of the permanent impact it would have on my face. After several consultations and countless hours of research on this site and other sources, I finally decided to pull the trigger.

I had my pre-op appointment yesterday and my doctor spent a lot of extra time with me to answer all of my questions - which really put me at ease and got me really excited for what is to come. We discussed what I wanted to achieve through the surgery and I felt like he really got an understanding of what I wanted while guiding me from a professional standpoint what his suggestions were. We also discussed what sizes would work best with respect to the chin implant. We decided on making the incision and pocket from the outside, under my chin. He said he will fit both the medium and large sized implants and decide which is more aesthetically pleasing with my facial structure. Both sizes also have wings to help with projection for creating a stronger jawline.

All in all, I am very excited for my surgery which is in just two weeks. Any advice, suggestions, stories, or a time machine (since I am terribly impatient) would be much appreciated!

Three Days Away!

So I am three days away from the big day. I am really getting more and more excited, but also getting the slightest bit of nerves. I am just worrying about what I will look like after, will I heal well, will it be the outcome that I have wanted and hoped for all these years of waiting?

I am confident my surgeon knows what I want and will deliver a great end result, but there is still that little bit of fear that I will be let down or underwhelmed by the surgery. I have really built up a lot of expectation after seeing pictures and hearing stories from other people! Also, since I am having both a rhinoplasty and a chin augmentation, I expect to see significant change in my facial structure.

I have filled all my pre-op and post-op medications and went to the store to get the necessities for my recovery time, so now I am just counting down the hours! I will update on the day of surgery and during my recovery. Wish me luck!
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