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I've gotten fillers injected into my tear trough...

I've gotten fillers injected into my tear trough and cheeks before, but now I'm looking for something that's more long term. I'm obsessed with this certain look - high cheek bones paired with a perfect, sharp, defined nose. I've never had a problem with the bridge of my nose, but the tip is really prominent. I mean, Its really not that bad and Icould do a quick fix and use makeup, but I really don't have time to contour my nose everyday. When I went in for my consultation, I asked the doctor is tip rhinoplasty would work, he said no because he's afraid if he made the tip smaller without correcting the bridge , he's afraid it'll come out looking bigger than before. I'm not sure about what size malar implants I'll go with, but I'll probably go really large. I go in for a pre op on Monday and I'll go under the knife on Friday... I'm so excited.

3 days post op

Moderate pain.

Splint off today. 6 day POST OP

Love my nose, I know the tip is going to go down even more but it already looks so perfect, I can only imagine the results 6 months from now.

Before pictures.

Before surgery. Huge difference

Cheek implants & RHINO 2 month POST OP

I'm late with updating you guys on my results, but I have to say this before I say anything - the results 2,3, maybe even four weeks in after getting cheek implants will make you regret your decision. I wanted to ask my doctor about removal, but I didn't want to come off too strong about the results without being fully healed. I woke up every morning looking like a chipmunk with sunken eyes and big cheeks. JUST GIVE IT TIME. First off, I'm only 21 and I rarely see people my age get this procedure but I was just overthinking. I LOVE MY RESULTS NOW.. I'll post them in later updates.

July 16. Almost 1 month post op

Ok, in these photos you can see that I have some swelling, but most of it has subsided (look at previous photos). When people I know tell me that my face has gotten fatter, I lie and tell them that I have a bad tooth so that they'd get out of my business, lol. I had to be strong during the healing process, there are days when I woke up and loved my results, there were days that I woke up and hated my nose and my cheeks. The swelling was up and down and asymmetrical on some days. My nose looked really pointy and curved upward, while my cheeks and jaws were big, I thought I looked like the grinch. Here are photos:

July 30th

Here are pictures of me today, with no edit or filters. I'm 100% more confident about myself than before. My nose and cheeks are perfect.


Hi, here are the results as of now. I go in and see the doctor sometime next month. I really like my results.

Without filters

Without filter. Barely noticeable

Loving my results....




Pics from Cabo & Playa Del Carmen


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