Restylane-fillers - Chicago, IL

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Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I went to over 20 different doctors over the past 3 years and have talked to many people in the medical community. I also work in the medical community so I am privy to the real story about many of these "well known" plastic surgeons and derms. Unfortunately, they are all just good advertisers. I have had some bad experiences and I am so happy to have found a surgeon I trust and who I truly feel is the best in the field!!!! I do research on everything and when it comes to my body/face, I go above and beyond. I have been to over 20 different plastic surgeons/derms for consults - sometimes paying 100 just for a consult. I cannot say enough about the expertise and care of Dr. Casas. She is hands down different than any other doctor out there. She truly cares about her patients and really takes time to listen to what their goals are and you are not just a number. Cost is obviously something to consider but her prices are always very fair. However, for myself, I would pay top dollar for her because I have never met a doctor who not only cared about the outcome because she wants to make you happy and it is a life long relationship. As we all know, once you start with fillers/procedures, as we all age, you need to find a doctor who is with you and you can TRUST! I had wanted to spend more money on other procedures and she would not do them and explained that it was money wasted and we can do it down the road. I just cannot say enough as to how good she is as a doctor and a person. I have had fillers by 5 other doctors before I found her. She is by far the best injector/surgeon I have met or been to.

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