30 Yr Old Mom 5'4" 140 Silicone Overs (Subglandular) and Lipo - Chicago, IL

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I have breastfeed two boys and it has taken a toll...

I have breastfeed two boys and it has taken a toll on the girls. I was on the fence about getting over or unders. Originally agreed for surgery of an anchor lift with unders and lipo. I ended up seeing Dr. Ross who warned me of the possibilities of scaring badly. I have a type of keloided scar after my two c sections. I didn't want to take the chance of having Frankenstein boobies, so I chose the less invasive. I'm worried that I won't have the natural feel that I was looking for with the subglandular position. Now, 400cc's moderate plus is what I think the plan is at this point. Lipo is another scaring thing!!! I'm doing love handles, belly and inner thighs.

The dreaded pics

Lipo area b4

Shit is getting real!

On my way to the office right now! Basically freaking out. Thank god they let me take a Xanax this morning or I would be in full blown panicking mode. I held my 8 1/2 month old pretty much all day yesterday knowing it's gonna be a long time til I can do that! I will post pics soon????


At home finally! I don't have any pain in my breasts but feel every bit from the lipo! The whole car ride home I just kept saying I wish I had only done the breasts. It's so hard when they tell u to not use ur arms but the pain in my legs and belly is beyond painful. I ended up with 425's, which I'm happy about. Trying to stay positive!

Can't really tell yet!

Bandages off!!

It felt so good to get all that junk off. There was a hard foam thing under my binder that was killing me! I actually feel like I can breath now that the girls aren't all wrapped up. Lipo pain still far out weighs any pain from my chest.

To shower or not to shower!?

I am still quite sore, but am dying for a shower! Of course I got my period today too cuz I'm just that awesome. I have tape on my thighs where the lipo was that I want to take off. The dr put me in just a binder. I bought a compression garment that I really want to get it. Probably tonight when the boys are down and the hubby can help me wash my hair!

What to take for pain?

What do u guys recommend once u get off the hard stuff? Tylenol, Motrin, ibproufen???

2nd shower down

All in all I'm still sore but not major pain. When I'm outa bed I'm still pretty slow moving. Sitting hurts, damn you thigh lipo. Boobs don't hurt but still pretty foreign. It freaks me out to even touch them the slightest. Can't wait til they stop scarring me!


I actually vacuumed and washed the floors and picked up the kitchen. Poor hubby can't handle it all! Laundry is pilling up, might be my task for tomorrow. I'm back in bed and exhausted. Time for Tylenol!

Stitches and yard work

I got my stitches out today and was feeling pretty good! Hubby mowed the lawn, which is so my thing! I decided to help out with a little weed wacking and trimming the bushes! I feel really great!! I'm a bit tired tonight after it though! No pain meds today. Still swollen from lipo, but the girls are great!

Shooting pain in breast normal?

I keep getting a shooting pain in my breast every once in a while. It's a sharp pain that doesn't last terrible long big hurts! Anyone else have this???

Bumpy stomach

Ugh....is this normal for the healing process? Will it go away? Did I make the worst mistake doing lipo on my tummy!!?? I tried to capture it in pictures. Good amount of lumps and bumps????

B4 and 6 weeks post pics

Forgot the girls up close!

Disappearing boob

My current problem when I lay down. Not sure wtf is going on. My right boob has always been a little wonky. I have an appt on the 7th to see what they say
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