350cc shaped textured implants. So happy - Chicago, IL

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Starts next week. I am extremely anxious, excited...

Starts next week. I am extremely anxious, excited , nervous, scared, etc. This is something that I have been wanting for about five years now. I'm not too sure what to expect within this consultation but I hope that everything goes smoothly. The problem that I'm dealing with right now is telling other people in my life that I am going through this. I know that I don't have to necessarily tell everyone but I want to tell the ones close to me. I'm sure many of you have gone through this issue where some may be judgmental about this procedure. This site has definitely helped me find the courage to start talking about this. It took a few times for your my boyfriend to agree and now I just have to talk to my parents. I'm going to go through this regardless but the support is definitely needed right now. Wish me luck!

April 8th!!!!

I have officially chosen a surgery date... April 8th!

I am so extremely excited to have my surgery and I can't believe that it will be here in only a month.

Before I was having trouble telling the people in my life .... But now that my parents and boyfriend all know and are supportive of me.. It makes things so much easier

My consult was good. As of right now I chose 350 cc shaped implants. It was so interesting trying sizes on to see what my body will look like.

Pictures coming soon!!!

Wish boobs


This is extremely hard for me to post, as I am sure it is for most of us on this site. But I know for me it has been very helpful following all of these journeys

My shoulders are very wide and broad and my chest just doesn't fill it up. I've been struggling with this issue for so long and I feel as the older I get .. The worse it gets for me. I feel like I have a child's body.

So now I finally was able to save up the money and I'm at the right point In my life to do so... With much support from the people I love.

I am going for 350 cc tear drop silicone mentor implants

29 More days !!!! Can't wait !!!!


I woke up today and I felt extremely nervous about the pain for my surgery. I don't know why this fear all of a sudden started to happen but I'm sure once I go through it that the pain is going to be worth it. I think because I stayed up late watching videos on YouTube that a kind of scared me but all I know is that I have 25 days left and I am ready for it to be over with!

I will be visiting Jamaica a month and a half after so I can't wait to wear bikinis and dresses.


So I went to my pre op appointment and I was so excited when I left the door. I can't believe that in ten days (April 8) at 3:30 I will have breast implants !!!!!! I paid the whole surgery in full which is nice that I no longer have any worries about saving up for this and also I can enjoy them fully knowing they are paid for hehe.

I decided on 350 cc mentor shaped implants sub muscular through the nipple. The people that work in the office were extremely helpful when making my choice and I trust that my surgeon has chose the best implant for my body.

I already set a date with my sister to go bikini shopping a few weeks after :) that's when i will be screaming with joy.

Good luck to the April ladies :)!!


Starting to load my bedside basket with necessities for Friday (5 days away)
Trying to think what else I need so I can run to the store again this week.

4/8!!!!!!!! <3

Today is the day !

I am scheduled for 330 appointment. I can't wait till it's all over and I'm back at home. I'm so excited! But also sad that this is the last time I could sleep on my stomach for a while ;)

I've been wanting this for over 6 years. I can't believe today is the day

Good luck to everyone else who is going under soon/ have already gone under.

Next update I'll have boobs!!! :))))

My boogies are done!

It's all done!

I arrived there one hour early before my scheduled time and found out that the prior surgery was going over time so me and my sister had to wait a little while before I was admitted in. I was so hungry and thirsty since I didn't eat all day. Once I got in my nerves were insane and I was shaking

After all the extra paperwork that I needed to complete I was walked right into the operation room . What was nice was that the bed was heated along with the covers. The room was extremely cold so having this was very nice. The anesthesiologist then gave me something to calm my nerves. He started askin me what I do for a living and next thing you know I was waking up strapped in a bandage which is so tight. That's really all that hurts right now because it's so tight and I can't really breathe. Other than that I have a pain pump and it seems to be doing it's job

I go in tomorrow morning to get the bandage off. At that time I'll take pictures.

I'm going to nap now. I will update when I am not as loopy

Pain pump

Here they are !!!! Day after surgery

Day 2

I'm bruised and swollen but I LOVE THEM. So much. I think they are exactly what I wanted and in time will only get better :)

So so so so happy

4/11 (day 4)


Morning boob sucks I wake up and they feel super tight and high and then slowly they release the tightness as I wake up.
Also I have random burning pains throughout the day but I guess that's normal as well.
Other then that it's going amazing !

Also I am starting to ween off my pain killers by switching to extra strength tylonel.

I tried on a few of my summer clothes and I was so so so happy.
I am so glad i did this and I'm really happy with the size as well. Very proportionate to me.

Can't wait till they soften up!

One week update !!!

Happy one week old to my girls :)
I am so happy and beyond words about them. I wouldn't have changed this experience for anything and I would definitely do it again.

Everyday they are getting softer which is exciting considering the first 4 days they felt like rocks on my chest. Now they are starting to feel like real boobs. I can move them and squish a little

The problem in currently having is my back hurts a lot now and my posture has suffered, which I hear is normal and will be corrected overtime. But I feel like i am hunching over.

I can't wait until the bandages come off (one more week) because I don't want to look at them anymore lol!

Shooting pains are lessening also by the day I don't experience them as often

I mean this recovery was so much easier then I thought it would be! My doctor did an amazing job.

Two week scars

Hello everyone!

It is officially two weeks since my surgery. I was instructed that I could take off my Steri-Strips today. They said that using baby oil helps and it definitely did...It came off very easily. It's crazy to think that it's already been two weeks!
I'm so ready to get back into working out. It's driving me crazy!!!!

Also just a quick update. My left is definitely dropping faster then my right. It's noticeable to me lol!

So here's the scars thus far ..
I was very surprised to see how good they look. I'm not sure what I was expecting.

19 day post op

They get softer by the day
The morning boob is there still but it's bare able.

I love them !

4 month update

Hello! I'm in shock that it has already been 4 months exactly. My boobs are so amazing I love them so much. I do not regret this decision one bit.

I'll give you a little update.
They are very soft now. The bottom is still stretching out as I JUST got a stretch mark!!! You can tell in the left side of the picture. That's okay though I rather that then small boobs any day.
The right boob is still a little bit higher then the left but in time it should drop.

I am working out vigorously still as that had not changed.
My Scarring is healing nicely. I'm very happy that I went through the areola. Sensation is 100% still there.

I purchased the extended warranty just incase something happens, I wanted to be covered. It was only 200$ extra which is fine.

Hope everyone is healing well... And if you are on the fence about having this procedure... Do it!!!! You will feel so much more confident. Trust me ladies ??

1 year post op

It's been one year since I had my Breast augmentation from dr turowski. This truly was one of the best decisions i've ever made. My confidence has completely changed for the better. My clothes fit me and I no longer feel a need to wear padded bras. Which is allllllll I wanted. :) I know it sounds cliche to say all of this but truly if you are on the rocks about it because you are nervous of what others will think or say, don't be.... and go get them done!!!! I was so so nervous to tell people and now it is honestly no big deal. People get over things so easily and no one even talks about it . I am very happy with how great dr turowski was. He knows what he is doing, he is honest and realistic about the outcome and I never felt pressure to do anything. If I ever need to get them re done in the future after I finish having kids I know I will be going to him.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

I had such an amazing experience at new horizon center. The girls at the front desk, my nurse Tiffany, coordinator Cece, and Dr Turowski, always made me feel like I was in such great hands. They were always very professional, accommodating and helpful. Never once did I feel that I was being pressured into anything, even at the free consultation. The results show that Dr Turowski excels at what he does. I would go back to him in a heart beat. Thank u so much!

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