Part 2- Lipo Hips/outer Thighs- Back Flanks - Chicago, IL

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Hi everyone! My TT was 3 months ago and it was a...

Hi everyone! My TT was 3 months ago and it was a great success. There were a few ups and downs but time was needed to see clearer results. Now that the swelling from Lipo of my back and flanks has subsided I can see that I could benefit from a little more Lipo of my back lower flanks. Also I realize I should have gone with my doctors recommendation of Lipo to the hips/outer thighs during my TT procedure.

I have scheduled my appointments and I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for this. I'm freaking out because the Lipo will be done in office with each side of my legs done one day after the other...and...I will be AWAKE. Holy cow! Although I am told that I won't feel pain during the procedure I am still scared and nervous but excited at the same time.

I pray for awesome results and hopefully this will help any of you that is questioning having this procedure done, whether in combination with TT or not.

Left side complete

Hi all,
My appointment was moved up a cpl days so I had the left side done yesterday. I was so nervous! I took 5 valiums and 5 of the other anxiety pills (per nurses orders) prior to the procedure. I needed it because I was going nuts.
Honestly the only pain I felt during the whole process was the numbing shots and the water injections. The actual suctioning part didn't hurt at all. A little uncomfortable, in fact when he did my love handle it tickled a little bit. I don't know why I was so freaked out.
I am a little bruised and pretty sore but nothing to painful, I'm just taking Motrin for pain.
I do hope my saddlebag goes down a little more. I'm hoping it's just swollen and will shrink up more but other than that Dr. G did a great job!
As soon as I walked through the door my daughter guessed the side I had done because she said it was already that obvious.

So Friday I will make the 3hr drive again to do the right side and he is going to fix my belly button. I didn't even ask but he noticed and asked me if I would like it taken care of. I absolutely adore Dr. Galiano. He truly knows best and is a top notch surgeon with an eye for perfection.

Good luck and happy healing!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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