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So I've decided to do it! My procedure is...

So I've decided to do it! My procedure is scheduled for June 28th in Chicago. I'm getting lipo of upper and lower abdomen, and saddlebags on my thighs. I've been doing Weight Watchers and started running and have lost exactly 50 lbs as of today! I'm 5' 9" and I'm at 187 right now. I hope to drop a couple more lbs before the surgery. I'm happy I've lost the weight but there are these couple of areas that still need help! Hopefully I'll be happy with the results! I'll be sure to post my before and after pics.

Surgery is this week!

So my surgery is this week. After much thinking, I've decided to also get my inner thighs done. My thighs are just so big and jiggly! This is gonna cost an extra $1200 but I am hoping I'll be glad I did it. Also, I took my before pics, and here there are. So gross I know! I have lost a lot of weight but looking at these pics, I know I have a ways to go.

Surgery is tomorrow!

Well of course the day I decide to go to downtown Chicago for surgery, the Blackhawks will be having their parade and there will be tons of people! Oh boy...getting excited though! I went to the bank today to get the cashier's check and that made it seem real. I sure hope its worth it. I was going to use the money to remodel the bathroom. Oh well...I'd rather have myself be pretty than the bathroom, lol!

Back home

Well I'm home and resting now. The car ride home was very painful. It took 1.5 hrs with traffic. The outside of my thighs hurt a lot in the car. Now that I am in my bed laying down, I feel soooooo much better. No pain really when I'm laying. When I have to get up for the bathroom, it hurts some but not too bad. I just feel really gross bc my compression garment is soaked! Can't wait till Sunday when I can take it off and shower.

The first night...not having fun

So its the first night and I can't sleep. I slept for two hours, got up to use the bathroom, and can't get back to sleep. I think the pain has gotten a bit worse. My compression garment feels soooo tight. I feel like my organs are all smashed together. I'm developing a big bruise on my side right above the garment. Oh by the way, the doc suggested I do my flanks rather than the inner thighs, so that's what I did, in addition to the abdomen and saddlebags.

I am a little worried bc the last time I got up to use the bathroom, I felt really light headed like I was gonna pass out. Is that normal??

So one positive side effect I noticed is that my face is SUPER clear! I've always had acne issues and redness, but for some reason it is all going away?! Don't know if its the antibiotics or maybe these recovery vitamins, but I need to find out and get more, lol!

Bruising starting

Here's the pic of the bruise forming. garment is so gross! It feels like a cross between a ridiculously tight corset and a wet bathing suit!

Compression garment off...yay!!

Well its the second day of recovery, which means compression garment is off and I got to shower. Felt good! I'm not very mobile tho...still laying around and very sore. The whole area is numb and feels hard to the touch. Nausea is gone tho. I felt light headed after my shower and thought I was gonna pass out. I like my new shape tho...looks good so far.

More day 2 pics

Day 3...feeling slightly better

So I'm feeling less sore today. My stomach and sides feel so numb tho! I have a lot of hard spots, especially in the abdomen. Its tough bending at the waist. I'm walking around some and going up and down stairs fairly well. Feeling constipated tho and only had one bm since surgery. Hopefully it gets better!

Feeling buyer's remorse today

So I feel today that my fat is settling into its old places. Def look worse than day 2. My stomach is starting to bulge out again and saddlebags seem to be sticking out again. Still sore today and not super mobile. I keep thinking of all the other things I could have done with all that money. Hopefully I'll feel differently 3 months from now. I also have the feeling in the back of my mind that maybe I was too big to get lipo? Maybe I'm too large to notice subtle differences that you get from lipo? Also no change in how clothes fact they are slightly tighter.

Got some excercise today...finally!

Well today was the first time I managed to get some decent exercise today. Up to this point, I've just been walking around the house and going up and down the stairs, but this morning I got out to see my running buddies and did 1.5 miles of just walking. It wasn't too bad. Really it only hurts when I bend at the waist, stand up from sitting, getting into and out of the car...stuff like that. My friends said they could notice a difference already, but maybe they were just being nice, lol! I'm still really swollen, and now bloated from my good ol' monthly visitor. On Saturday I go in to see the doc so he can check me out and remove stitches. I have a total of 6 incisions...two right above the pubic area, two in the middle of my lower back, and two just below the butt checks. I noticed he didn't stitch up the ones below the butt checks...that's probably why my compression garment got so funky. The ones in the middle of my lower back are hidden in a tattoo there so you can barely even notice them. He did a pretty good job with that. I hope the ones he left unstitched heal up okay. I will have to ask him when he thinks its a good idea to go back to running. I've been working on my endurance since January and am at the point where I can run a 5K without walking. I'm so worried that the surgery is gonna set me back a lot. I'm afraid to go back to where I was!

Oh, and happy 4th of July to those of you in the U.S.!!!

One week down...many more to go

So here are my one week pics. So far, the results are meh. My thighs still look like they are sticking out a lot. And it seems like there's still a lot of pudge in my upper abdomen. I've also developed a new bruise right above the pubic area. It is bright red! I thought I'm supposed to be healing, not making new bruises! Clothes are still not fitting any better. Right before surgery, I bought a size 12 white capri pants (which I was really excited about) that I could just barely button up. I tried them on today, and I can barely get them past my thighs. Not good. I thought clothes are supposed to be fitting better after a week...yarghhh!

So I'm gonna sign off for negativity won't be good for anyone!

Sorry but I don't want to keep going on about how much my results suck, but they really do. I had a Weight Watchers meeting today and I lost a whopping 0.2 lbs!!! BFD! I still have mega rolls and jumbo saddlebags. My attitude is in the garbage and I have a check up with the doctor today. I know already that its gonna suck and I'll be yelling and crying at him the whole time. I really don't want to go...I've been crying all morning. I wish I would have never done this and remodeled the bathroom instead!!!!

Getting worse looking...will it ever get better?

Thanks everyone for your nice comments and sharing your stories. Sounds like I'm not the only one who is frustrated. The check up I had on Saturday was pretty uneventful. The doc said its hard to see results now, and that I can get a revision later (which is not free) if I don't like the results. As you can see from my pics, it has been a downward spiral since I took off my garment on day 2. My upper abdomen is really pudgy, my lower abdomen is weirdly flat and hard, and I have a new fat roll that developed just above the pubic area. I asked the doc what is up with that. He said it is all the fluid and dead fat settling there. I hope it goes away soon cuz it looks so weird because it rests so low on the tummy. As far as pain goes, its not much of an issue. I was able to run 1 mile and walk 1 mile on Saturday. Trying to build back up to where I was before. I'm wearing my spanx everyday even tho the doc said I didn't have to. Some people are talking about getting massages, so I asked the doc about that too, and he said I shouldn't get them because I would be too sore and its still healing. Who knows?! Well at least I went back to work today, so that is helping to keep my mind off of how gross I look!

Upper abdomen is a problem

So my recovery is moving along. Bruising is almost gone. I feel as if my lower abdomen and saddlebags are just now starting to go down, very so slightly. But my upper abdomen is still so pudgy! It sticks out further than my lower abdomen, and it doesn't seem to be swollen, just fatty. It is keeping me from wearing tighter shirts. You can see from my pics how much it sticks out still. No cute clothes for me yet :(

3 weeks

So it is almost been 3 weeks since surgery. I would say that I have just started noticing results this week. I am happiest with my saddlebags. They are not as small as I'd like yet, but they are a lot better. Because they went down, my shape is better and you don't notice that dent in my hips as much. Not so thrilled with the tummy. Its still pretty full and you can still see rolls if I wear a tight shirt. I'm already resigned to the fact I'll need a revision. Also, the texture of my skin is not good. It seems dimpled, wrinkly, just not smooth. For some reason I notice my stretch marks a lot more now. Has anyone out there had any success with their stretch marks? I'm wondering if there's creams that actually work, or some kind of laser treatment??

Oh and one other good thing this week is that I noticed some weight loss...4 lbs! Was happy about that. I'm at about 179 right now and would like to lose another 20. Still got work to do!

One month since surgery

So today marks one month since I had surgery. Really not much has changed in the last week. I feel like I am fully recovered and have no pain while running. I still notice some hard spots in my abdomen. I am still not happy with the upper abdomen tho...lots of pudge there. Its seems like no fat was sucked out of there at all. Still can't wear tight shirts because of a roll there. So all in all, not super thrilled. I mean, I know I look better than before I had surgery...but $6K better? No I don't think so.

Few more pics to show disgusting abdomen

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