20 Years Old No Kids! Excited and Nervous - Chicago, IL

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I'll be having liposuction of the upper and lower...

I'll be having liposuction of the upper and lower abdomen, back and waist September 12th. I've never had any type of surgery so I'm very excited and happy to be doing this. I've been wanting this for an unimaginably long amount of time. My body is very segmented looking(?) so my stomach fat is very pronounced and kind of hangs over my vag. I've always been self conscious of it and I'm ready to change it!

8 Days! PreOp Was today!

So my preop appointment was today. I had two wonderful nurses Meg & Maria were helping me out and Maria was especially hilarious and kind. Dr. Ross took photos and talked to me for a little bit which was nice. I'm getting more and more excited every day I'm so pumped. They gave me medicines and my prescriptions can't believe I'm so close to the big day!

Can't Believe I Really did it!!

So my procedure was done yesterday and now I'm soo sore and stiff. I'm moving around the house like some sort of creature.
When I first arrived yesterday I was almost In shock of how quickly everything occured. My nurse Megan was very helpful once again. I peed I'm the cup then played on the phone for a bit. Very soon after the anesthesiologist gave me the IV And I'm terrified of needles but he worked well with me. Once the IV was in Dr. Ross came to mark me up and such. Next the anesthesiologist came back in and gave me the anesthetic and I was knocked out instantly. Next time I woke up I was done! I was draining so bad that they changed my first compression garment and gave me a new one. I was kinda loopy.
It was hard to sleep last night I didn't know if I should sleep on my back or side or stomach. I was so uncomfortable.
I'm actually seeing a huge difference in my stomach right now right above my pubic area. But Ross told me not to take the CG off until Sunday. I'm sooo excited. Anyone got tips for sleeping?

this was day 3

I'm really really swollen its crazy. Anyone got tips?
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Ive only seen him for consultation so far. He was very nice to me and very informative. He was completely honest and helpful. I'm really excited!

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