Juvederm/Restylane Migration and Reaction - Chicago, IL

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Had HA fillers several times dating from 2/10-3/11...

Had HA fillers several times dating from 2/10-3/11. Resty and Juve. Now (close to 4 years later) having a horrible reaction. Lumpy appearance, inflammation. Drs claim no way there is still filler. Had ultrasound done. The filler is still there and has migrated all over my face. His Stuff last forever and moves! I don't know why the doctors claim this stuff goes away in 6 months. It doesn't. And it DOES migrate. I have the ultrasound proof. All the dr answers saying "you must not have had an ha filler then". There is no way that all of us on the site saying he product lasted so long got duped into having a different filler. I have lot numbers and labels from syringes and have verified them with the companies.
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