28 Yr Old Chin Implant With Liposuction

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I have wanted to get my chin done since highschool...

I have wanted to get my chin done since highschool. I had braces but still have an overbite and I was always displeased with my profile. It looks like my chin just slides into my neck. And the view from the front is a little disproportionate. I want to have a strong defined chin. I would like to not have to jut my chin out or contort my face in photos.

So finally after more than 10 years I have the money and courage to do it! I started shopping around plastic surgeons in Chicago. I hit some snags as many consultation fees I felt were exorbitant and being nonrefundable I felt a little pressured to then have to go with that surgeon.

I went to the liposuction cosmetic institute Arlington Heights location and met with Dr. Miniscus (not sure of the spelling). I am a regular patient of Leslie Tchupchken for fillers and botox so I had high hopes for the consult. It didnt go exactly as expected:

They brought me into a consult room in the back and Lilian who is the patient cordinator/liason met with me first. I still cant figure out if she is just extremely efficient or pushy and short tempered. She asked what brought me in and I showed her my profile and she said I would need a chin implant and lipo. She then whisked out of the room and about 20 minutes later I got to meet the Dr.

Dr Miniscus was very cordial and pleasant he asked me what brought me in and I explained what I felt I needed. He didn't have much to say, he didnt really talk me through what we would do or anything about the surgery. His response was basically " yea I see what you mean, we could do that" and then he left. I felt he didn't have the time or didnt care the time to sit and talk with me.

I was left in the room for another 15 min and Lilian came back. She asked me when I was trying to get it done and I told her sooner than later, as this is the slow season at work and I could take time off. She said great how about Thursday (3 days away) and from there it was a whirlwind. She took me into another room and started putting medications in front of me telling me what I would take on the days before and after the surgery. She actually asked me to repeat everything she said and I kind of sat there like a deer in headlights. I felt like I just got steam rolled. I tried to slow it down by asking questions that hadn't been answered, I didn't even know if I was being put to sleep or just using local anesthesia!

She slowed down and she answered questions for me then she was back and forth in the office and came with more medicines and some protein shake, face wash, scar gel etc. Then she told me to go upfront and she gave me some paperwork and I noticed the total was about 300$ more than we had discussed. It was apparently for all the "little extras" she came back with. And the whole time shes kind of running around, her front desk staff is giving eachother dirty looks and making snarky comments about her while im standing there. It was extremely uncomfortable. I ended up leaving without having my surgery scheduled. I told them I had a problem with my care credit. Honestly I just needed to get out of there and have a moment to process everything.

Lilian called me the next day and maybe I just caught her on a bad day because she was very helpful when I was honest about my trepidation and all my questions I still didn't understand.

But the one thing I wasnt understanding is what implant they would be putting in. I did my research and saw people on here who have had it and they talk about the different size implants like small, medium large, you could use. She told me there's no such thing that there is only 2 sizes and he would find out which fit me after he cut me open. This didnt seem right to me. I didn't schedule the surgery yet im going tomorrow to another plastic surgeon for a consultation. I hope it goes better because now im very nervous.

last consultation done, so happy!!!!

Today I met with Dr. Lu out of the Ritacca olastic Surgery center in Vernon Hills. I was immediately out at ease with the kind staff and the establishment was pristine. The Dr. Met with me in own office instead of a treatment room. He sat down on the same side of the desk as me and talked to me very thoroughly of the entire procedure front to back and every single option out there. I cannot tell you how comfortable this made me and how trusting I am in his capabilities. He wasnt trying to sell me anything or pushing me to do more than what I came in for which is what all 3 surgeons prior had done.

We had a pre op and I scheduled my surgery for next Wednesday. Where as before I was uneasy and had a very foreboding feeling, I am now absolutely excited and cannot wait for this.

I will be doing a medium chin implant with lipo. And it was actually cheaper than every other place. His assistant laid everything out for me and I left with a packet with all instructions and information about everything under the sun.

I am just so so happy. And I cannot wait for Wednesday. If anyone has had this procedure before and has any tips for post opp recovery, please let me know!!! Thank you!!!

Local anesthesia for chin implant and lipo

Im going to be doing local anesthesia for the chin implant and lipo. I'm very nervous to be awake during it mostly because I don't know how it will feel . Can anyone share their stories with me? What was it like?

Surgery is 5 days away!!

Surgery is 5 days away! I cannot wait for these photos to be the "before photos"!!

Has anyone done the local anesthesia with chin implant or lipo? Im really nervous, could you tell me about your experience?

2 days before surgery and my thought process on doing it all alone

I went out and stocked up on everything I would need during my recovery or "staycation" as I like to call it!

Got all soft foods, my pillow, books,etc. Did about 5 loads of laundry, absolutely everything needs to be clean when I get home!

I have also started taking Bromelain on the recommendation of many of you and other surgery sites. It's supposed to help with both swelling and inflammation. I ordered Arnica Montana as well but it won't be delivered until tomorrow, it's supposed to help alot with the bruising.

I take a daily womans supplement and vitamin C as well so hopefully this will all help positively with the healing.

Now onto my support system. I have chosen to not share with any of my family that I'm getting this surgery. Im one of 5 girls and from a very large italian family so it would be an extremely big to-do and honestly its less stressful to not have to deal with any of their opinions. I've gotten veneers, fillers and botox and I already know their take on plastic surgery so why beat a dead horse? My closest friends I have however shared this with and they have been overwhelmingly supportive. There wasnt even a question when I brought it up, they were so enthusiastic about it, it made me feel not quite so alone. And of course I wont be alone completely during the healing, ill have my 2 dogs to keep me company.

I have already planned on not leaving home for about 7-10 days which in my life its actually not uncommon for my family to not see me for that so it should be fine (ive always lead a very eccentric lifestyle and my work schedule is never set so it works). Now if I haven't healed well and im noticeably swollen and bruised the lie im going with is that I slipped on the ice and had stitches (I pat myself on the back for that one, im a klutz and its Chicago winter so helloooo)

And thats all for this post, now back to stalking Everyone's recovery stories on here

Today's the big day!!

Got here at 630 my nurse Emily has been sweet. Waiting on the doctor. Just got vallium and a norco. Surgery starts in 15 min. Hopefully it kicks in im officially nervous!! But so ready! Let's do this!

Just got out of surgery

Everything up until the actual surgery was great. They did local anesthesia and I FELT IT ALL. I was shaking so hard during the lipo which they did first that the doctor was yelling at my to calm down, alot easier said than done when im feeling the sharp pain everytime he moved whatever the lipo tube was. He then did the implant, I didnt feel the cut but he kept scraping the bone and It was a constant sharp pain that had me shaking and crying. I felt when he out the implant in and he kept pressing it down so hard I felt it all. The right side was ghe worst. I felt the stitches. It was honestly just awful. When he said he was done he just left and I.broke down on the table.

His bedside manner left MUCH to be desired. I never saw him again. He left before I was even wheeled to recovery. The nice nurse.emily sat with me and tried to calm me down but I was crying uncontrollably. It was honestly a horrific experience.

Im home now and feel much more relaxed. I took one norco but I still feel deep pain in my chin.

Im not.sorry I did it though. Im actually very excited to see it. I.just which I had been fully sedated. Im going to rest because I feel absolutely worn out.

1 day post op

Last we left on this saga was on a very sour note. Id like to update everybody that.I have actually been doing really good! I slept through almost all the night thanks to the pain meds. I woke up this.morning had some oatmeal and later a banana chocolate shake. Ive been taking arnica montana, Centrum women's one a day, bromelain with quercetain, and vitamin C. And ALOT of Gatorade!

I didnt touch my head wrap or the gauze even to look gor 24 hours, I didn't want to see it!!! But today I peeked and I know its puffy but im not freaking out oddly enough. There really isnt any bruising (fingers crossed hopefully cuz of the arnica) im just swollen and stuff and where the stitches are definitely hurt when the pain meds start to wear off. I am concerned that all the purple marker the surgeon made is still over my chin and neck and I have no idea when im allowed to shower our anything (the doctor just wrote "no baths" nothing else)

They also had me leave with these 2 inch thick gauze like things in the wrap and I just took one out.because trying to.ice it was impossible it was so thick. I hope that doesn't do anything bad.

And the word of advice I have for everyone is GET STRAWS!!!!!! I didn't think about it when I was stocking supplies but they are so so so so.needed!!

Thats all ive got for now. Watching american.idol and im.probably gonna take another pain pill in a little and sleep.

48 hours post op. Took the strap off

48 hours post op, I took the strap off just to peek, its already back on! I'm surprised with how VERY little bruising there is. It is really swollen and all the purple marker is still on from the surgeon. I don't know if im allowed to wash it, ill have to call later to find out.
I feel like the chin looks very very bulbous which makes me nervous. But I know its only the second day and I need to give it time. I do like the profile a little more but don't think the chin projects enough from the side.

Well see how things heal tho!

Still taking all vitamins, meds and supplements. Not too much pain but its very very stuff in the neck and sore. Will probably switch to just regular tylenol since the pain isn't that bad tho.

3 day post op before and afters

Needed to do some.before and afters for myself.because im so swollen I dont really think I see much of a difference. Bruising really is so so minimal but it hurts to even touch my neck. I wanted to wipe off the purple marker atleast but it hurt so bad so thats a no go for now

Post op blues

Well the post op blues have definitely kicked it. So im gonna rant.

I'm sick of this head brace, and it itches. Sleeping isn't comfortable no matter what I do. My neck has an odd numb sensation but then also hurts at the same time. I want to.shower and wash my hair. I want to chew something, no more soft food. I want to wear makeup and do my hair and feel pretty again and not like shrek.

Thats my rant. I know it will be worth it in the end but its hard in the mean time

Hate looking at myself

I hate looking at the side by sides. I feel like there is hardly any difference and I wish he had done the large implant.

Stitches out

Thank you to everyone for your kind words and encouragement as I had a really hard couple days mentally. I went to the doctor today and got my stitches out. I put on a little makeup today and took some selfies after. I think.It's starting to look better. And im.happy with the medium.

Happy happy and happier

Its 8 days since my surgery and I CANNOT believe how well I look! I truly think anyone having surgeries need to take arnica montana, I didnt have a single bruise! Taking a womans one a day, lots of vitamin C and Quercetin with Bromelain has really advanced my healing process. And of course, plenty of fluids!!

I do have a lisp and I talk funny. Where they did the lipo is very very tight and a little lumpy which im told will go away.

Thanks so much for this community that has helped me through this more than you will ever know!!

Liposuction problems

Besides the tightness I realize I have some bumps and hardness and at the bottom of my neck I have a ring of fat with an ugly crease. Does this go away or did he just not go.far down.enough on my back with the lipo


Still have tightness. And I talk with a lisp which is driving me nuts. Hopefully that goes away soon. Does anyone know anything that helps with that? But besides that im really happy. I hated my profile but never realized how disproportionate the front looked too so I am extremely happy with my elongated face!!!

Almost 3 weeks

Almost 3 weeks since the procedure. I think im.happy about it. I dont think it's a huge difference, I cant see a WHOLE lot of change. But I suppose my face looks better.

My concerns are how.awful my lisp is and I look like a weirdo smiling still. I can't wait for that to go away (I hope it does pleeeeeaaassssee)

And my neck is still tight, although not as much. I cant put my head all the way back and when I do it even at a 20 degree angle all the skin gets limpy and bumpy. Looks like an old ladies bottom. In still wearing the garment every night and im.putting bio.oil on it for the scar part.

I dont know im.kind of down. I just dont know how to feel
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