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I had cellulaze a couple of days ago. I wanted to...

I had cellulaze a couple of days ago. I wanted to share my experience , because reading  others reviews helped me out with what to expect and basically gave me more information then what the brochures and internet ads tell you.

Here is a background on me...
 I am 34 years old and am in good shape, I happen to have a very big butt, thankfully I  dont mind , what I  do mind is the cellulite. I'm 5'4 & weigh 130 pounds. I eat very healthy and workout religiously 5-6 days a week averaging about  1 1/2 to 2 hrs per day. I do a lil bit of everything, I work out with a trainer once a week, I do yoga, weights, resistance training,and various cardio ,stair master, elliptical, jacobs ladder, and treadmill. 
But If your reading this and considering having cellulaze you know that no matter how much you workout and how well you eat the cellulite is still there. 
So after doing research I decided on doing cellulaze with Dr.stein in Chicago.
As  much of a problem us women have with cellulite , I was shocked to discover there are only 3 doctors in Chicago that do cellulaze. I guess it's still relatively new and not mainstream yet. I decided to go with Dr. Stein because he's the only doctor who actually does the procedure in his Chicago office. The other 2 doctors do the procedure in their  suburban offices. I had absolutely no Interest  in driving out to the suburbs. So my decision was based Solely on location/connivence.

I went in for pre op  5 days before surgery I was  told to 
stop taking my fish oils and to not do any advil, alleve etc. The Dr prescribed a prescription for vitamin k and suggested I start taking that &  arnica tablets starting  3 days before surgery. also I started taking the antibiotic the night before surgery.

Day of surgery 12/31/12
I get to dr. Office at 8:30 I was given percosate,and Xanax and then Dr. Stein  started drawing squares all over my butt and hamstrings. About 40 mins after taking drugs I was being injected with local anasteca, I was expecting the stinging and pain because of what I've read from reviews. But I wasn't expecting what came next, when the Dr started doing the actual cellulaze laser I flinched because it was sooo painful, it was like having bees stinging you along with someone throwing lil  rocks to the backs of your legs and butt. I asked Dr. Stein  if this was normal and he said no that most people don't feel anything. Well I did and it was way worst then I imagined it to be. Luckily i had drugs in me & I was  mellowed out. I also have a pretty high threshold for pain along with a strong and deep desire to have a smooth butt and legs, so I just tried to think of good thoughts and the time went pretty quickly. From the moment the Dr started me to when  I was done and getting dress was about 60 mins. 

I leave doctors office , I was picked up & driven home by my designated driver and quickly go straight to bed once I get home.  I wake up about a hour later very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain along with feeling nausea I eat a bowl of soup &  I take 2 regular strength tylenols and go back to bed for about 3 hours.   I wake up feeling a lil uncomfortable and still a lil sleepy, but I get up and eat and lay on the couch and watch tv. I go back to bed a couple of hours later and sleep for 9 hours that night.

Day after surgery 1/1/13
I wake up feeling pretty good, I'm a lil sore more like tender to the touch. Every time I sit it is very uncomfortable but nothing to bad, comparison to the pain I felt during procedure. I lay around most of the morning and I'm feeling good enough that I decided to go to the gym and walk on the treadmill for 30 mins. Dr stein said to start walking right away.  I get to gym and walked on the treadmill on a incline of 8.5 at a speed of 3.5 for 35 mins. I felt great, I actually felt like I could do more but didn't. I get home take off  pads and bandages and was so curiuos to see how I looked.I don't see any visible reduction or change with cellulite. But I I'm not suppose to see results for at least 3 months. I'm a lil swollen and a lil bruised but not as bad as I expect. I attribute it to the vitamin k and arnica pills. As for leaking & drainage , It wasn't that bad either.  A lil bit of blood and liquid on pads/ bandage.  I showered and then I rubbed arnica cream on my butt and thighs and put my compression garment back on.
I cleaned my house and did things around the house like I normally would.
  I fell no pain other then when I sit. 

2nd day after surgery 1/2/13
  I wake up feeling great. I go see dr stein for my follow up visit he looks at everything says everything is looking good and we talked about why I had so much pain during surgery and he said that not everyone responds quickly or well to local numbing/ anestecia .
 I tell him that I walked on treadmill the day before and that I felt like I could do more. He says I can start working out right away  as long as I feel up to it and that I slow down or stop if I feel any pain. I'm told to keep compression garment  on for 2 weeks.  I scheduled a follow up visit for a month from now.
  I then go to gym and I end up doing 50 mins  of cardio. I did 20 mins of elipticycle and then did 20 mins of fast pace walking on a 15 incline on the treadmill for 20 mins. And then finished off by climbing on the jacobs ladder machine for 10 mins.  I streched a lil and then left gym .I know some of you are probably rolling your eyes right now thinking really?!?   I guess the big difference for me is that I'm doing half the amount of time and about half the intensity of what I would normally would do. I'm just grateful that I feel good enough to even do any working out. I was expecting to be laying around for a week .
  I just wanted people to know how I feel. I read so many reviews about how horribly painful it is, and how the recovery is a long one. I think everyone responds differently . I  only took 2 tylenols after surgery and I feel fine when I stand , walk and even do cardio at gym. Again The only Time I feel discomfort is when I sit. Or when I actually touch my butt and the backs of my thighs other then that it hasn't been bad. 

 I will update if anything changes. Otherwise I will update every 2 weeks and let you know how my progress and recovery is going.  
 I will uploads photos in a couple of days. 

It's now 2 1/2 weeks after my cellulaze procedure...

It's now 2 1/2 weeks after my cellulaze procedure and here is a update..
1 week after procedure I was back to working out with my trainer ,we were both conservative with the very first workout together for fear of me having pain. During and after workout i felt like I could of worked out harder but didn't wanna push my self just in case. The same day I worked out with my trainer I had a lymph draining massage to help me with the little swelling and bruising I had.
About 2 days after my massage my bruises were about 60% faded.
Week 2. I am pretty much back to my normal workouts, my bruising is about 90% gone and I forget that I've had procedure. I'm only reminded when someone pats my butt or when I attempt to jog or run . I can honestly say my recovery has been pretty easy other then not being able to jog or run. I am doing everything I normally do. I have not seen any change in the appearance of my cellulite. But I keep reminding myself that it takes 3 months to see a change and 6-9 months to get optimal Results.

I will update again in 1 month.
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