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First let me say that overall I love my body. Yet...

First let me say that overall I love my body. Yet I have felt self conscious abt my arms and butt. I can tone my arms in 3 months but adding volume to my butt is not possible at my size. (I would have to gain a lotof weight and I like being a size 6). So as a early bday gift to myself I am having butt augmentation with Dr. Stein. Lipo to abs,flanks,arm,back and inner thigh all added to my hips and buttock. I have almost 3 weeks to heal afterwards. Can anyone share abt their healing? I have a black tie gala 8 days after the surgery!

Pre-op photos

My measurements are 38-32-37...I would like 38-26-42!!!:-)

12 days to go!!!

I had to change my date to the 24th. I'm excited and nervous. I had my pre-procedure doctor appt. It went well and I'm extremely excited!!!

9 days left!

I have nine days left until my surgery and I'm excited. I have had great support from my friends and this site. Thank you sooooo much because I am nervous-lol!

Surgery is Tuesday!

My surgery is Tuesday! I have towels for my bed, pain meds, ice pack, multivitamins, and chicken (etc for protein) and getting pineapple juice. I have a friend and my mom to take care of me for a week. After a week I have to return to 4 day work week. Fortunately little sitting (I'm a clinic rn). My friend is driving and picking me up for work so I can stretch out in the back seat. I'm concerned abt being at work the second week but I'm hoping I can control the pain. I'll post post op pics!!!

i did it

3 dyas post op and still swollen. Waist is 33 like before but I think that's swelling. My ass is 42. I'm walking and climbing stairs (slowly). I'm controlling pain with pills every 4-6hrs. I'm still taking 2vitC 3xday plus mulimvitamin. So far so good


10 day post op appt

My post op appt was awesome. He injected 1100 in hips and buttocks. I have to take pics to show it. I walk a lot for work (I had to go back 6 days post op). My butt gets hard and I am massaging it all day which my dr said is appropritate. I've had 2 massages with one scheduled for this Sunday which help. I also keep taking vit c and b complex with my daily multivitamin. I also bought shea butter that I massage 2x daily on my butt,arms, and tummy. My pain is not bad and almost non-existent. I take Ibuprofen 800mg in am before work preventatively and during the day for the walking. I just started driving to work with a boppy pillow. My butt doesn't touch the seat at all. I still sleep on my tummy and only sit periodically at work for abt 10-15 min a hour if that on the chair backwards. I still wear my garment and will for abt 6 weeks (just a lil longer cuz I'm an overacheiver lol). Hopefully I can sit by oct 19:-)


I was really flat and garment holds some in. I love my results!

A Month out

I am a month post-op. I have no pain, swelling is gone and waist is getting smaller. I'm going to buy a corset to tighten my waist. My butt was at abt 41.5 or 42 after swelling it is a 40. I'm proportionate and can't wait to work out in Dec. This was a start to me having my best shape and keeping it. My surgery cost $8500.


My doctor did not inject anything at my post op visit. He told me at that visit how much he injected during surgery. I hope this clarifies any confusion. Thanks and good luck!
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