Need Advice from Other Girls Who Have Done Butt Implants. Chicago, IL

I got my implants done about a month and a half...

I got my implants done about a month and a half ago. I got them done in the US and was told it would be 550cc. I am not seeing the results I wanted to achieve. I want reviews from other girls on a good doctor. I want my but to be round and giggly and BIG. I want a doctor who does cohesive gel impants

Girls who have Cohesive Gel buttock implants please comment

I Need advice from someone with cohesive gel implants! Im willing to travel out of town and im willing to come up with the money. Ive heard Dominican Republic and Colombia are one of the top places for this procedure (cohesive gel). My butt is big but I want it much bigger and I want it extra jiggly ????

Any good doctor recomendations?

Looking for a good board certified surgeon who specializes in buttock implants and uses Cohesive gel. Ladies with good experiences please comment ????
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