36 Years Old, Three Breastfed Children, Happy with my Curves but Not into my Droopy and Lifeless "Girls" - Chicago, IL

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Looking for fuller, bouncy boobs. No more kiddos...

Looking for fuller, bouncy boobs. No more kiddos to be fed and these will be all mine (and husbands). Had a few sizing appointments and doctor said natrelle 345 is a good pick but I've increased the size twice. I was concerned that by stating I wanted a "natural" look that they were guiding me too small. I have broad shoulders and hips so I think I can go bigger without looking too top-heavy. Last sizing I chose the 450 high profile. They will be unders and a lift will be performed (left side is droopier than left too). I can't get a solid understanding of how much difference the moderate versus high will give me. I think I could use some more boost higher on my chest or will the lift be enough? Any input is appreciated! Pre-Op is in a couple weeks.

Pre-Op Complete! 450 HP + Mastopexy 5'2" 135 lbs. 3 breastfed kids

Surgery scheduled for April 7th. Originally selected 355 inspira but went up two sizes after two more sizing appointments and after stalking before and after photos. Photos show 425 sizers since the 450 implant will lose fullness when placed under muscle. 425 is more realistic idea of actual look. Feeling really confident with the size picked. Appointments were easy, comfortable and now the countdown to new girls is on!

Operation complete! 450 HP with lift

Home and resting. Muscle relaxant and pain meds doing there job. Surgery experience was very pleasant. Felt well right after it was complete and now can't wait to see results. Bandage comes off Monday. Will be chilling this weekend. Will post pics and fill review next week.

Day after update...

Welp-once the surgery meds wore off yesterday, I began to feel the incision area throbbing, tension in chest, and back pain. Last nights sleep was fitful-couldn't get comfortable in an upright/angled position. Husband has to pull me up with his arm behind my head and I need his help to de-pants and re-pants for bathroom breaks. Straining to find a comfortable position isn't fun. Keeping up with pain meds and muscle relaxant and antibiotic. Stretching today really helped and I feel somewhat less swollen. I have a bit of a dry cough which is hard to follow through with given the chest sensitivity. Thank heavens for my husbands and family support. It is huge to be able to properly recover. Best of luck to other gals prepping for or recovering from your operations. This will all be worth it-right?!!!! ????

Recovering and sooooo anxious to see the girls!

Keeping up with round the clock meds has been key. Last night was a much better sleep-pillows positioned just right and slept almost upright.
My right breast is more tender and tight than the left. Hoping there isn't a problem with that side. Itching is becoming stronger down middle of cleavage. No bowl movements yet-beginning stool softener today. TMI?!

Much like c-sections, the recovery is getting easier with each passing hour. Counting down to Monday and getting the dressings off! Have a great weekend, RSers!

Another pic-note the bloat! Tummy needs to be cleared!

Definitely getting back to "normal"

Had a great night sleep! Much less tension and pain is manageable. Still taking round of antibiotic, muscle relaxant, and pain med. Hoping to reduce pain meds throughout the next day. Itching under the ace bandage is outweighing any pain. Range of motion is greatly improving with stretching. Cleavage is sitting high up for now. Super anxious to get bandage off tomorrow and see the results. And take a SHOWER!!! ????

The Big Reveal....Drumroll...brrrrmmmmmm

Bandages came off finally! At follow up appointment this afternoon, nurse removed the wrap and trimmed the peeling corners of the strips by the nipple lift. She said there are a couple blisters-which were stinging prior to bandages coming off-so after showering, I q-tipped them with vitamin e oil and Put the new pads on with the post-op bra nurse supplied. Feels so much better now that I've showered and am freshened up! The new girls are sitting up pretty high-not time for fluffing yet but patience is a virtue. Focused for now on resting and healing. Bloat is diminishing thanks to dulcolax and lots of water. Still can't hold baby girl-she's one-and the older boys are happy with grandparents entertaining them. Wil enjoy the help because soon I'll be back on the clock 24-7, right? Hope all RSers are doing well!

Taking kiddos to school

Last 24 hours have been easily
managed with Motrin. Still some stinging around incision areas. Some itching under the bra tightness. So glad that I'm feeling well and able to drive around. Can't hold baby girl but family is happy to spoil her. Took kiddos to school and wore my Lulu black cover up wrap so the girls were kept under wraps. Straightened my hair and put on some makeup. Whoop whoop! Hope all RSers are feeling well today!!!

Come on, Gravity!

Greetings-after being offline a bit and enjoying the gorgeous weather! Last appt. resulted in getting a compression band. The girls need to drop so I'm wearing it at home mainly. Also was instructed to press down on them like a beast when I'm just sitting around-which with kiddos is basically, umm, never. But I'm trying to work it in throughout the day!

Nipple incisions are healing well. Cuts are Lightning up and sensation is gradually returning. My left implant insision is a bit tender-maybe because I'm left-handed and use that side more?? Consequently that implant seems to be dropping faster than the right.

Pretty much feeling back to normal-no Motrin the last two days. Back to my beloved occasional vodka soda ha!

Only annoying thing is to be limited in my lifting and mobility. Desperate to garden and work out in the yard-is that weird?!

Just got back to lifting up baby girl and was well-advised to do a full body squat down and lift. Working the booty!

So this week the name of the game is to work on getting these new beauties to DROP!


Yay boobs! Healing is coming along. Some odd sensations here and there as tissue gets back to normal (much like the pain tinges from c-sextion recovery). When I get cool and have a the chills, the girls feel more sensitive. Nothing major. Pretty happy with the healing process. Felt great to have steri strips peel off and be able to gently soap and begin the scar away silicone strips. That's the only topical treatment I'm using at this point.

They seems to be falling more each day. Sooo happy with size. Can still wear most of my old clothes since I've never really had a tight fitting wardrobe. Mainly tees and jeans. None of my bras fit but most of my bra-tanks do. They just show some cleavage now! I grabbed a D/DD bikini top today at store. Interested to see if it'll fit?!

3+ month post-op; Super quick update

Feeling great! Love the new girls big time!!!! So so happy! Pics aren't best shots but wanted to do a quick photo update. No regrets-fully satisfied!

Excellent, professional, no drama experience. From the first appointment to yesterday's post-op, the experience was pleasant and non-threatening. Doctor and staff were receptive to my implant wishes. I'm a mom of three breastfed kids with defaulted chest and wanted to go bigger (than before kids) without being obscene. My first consult was when I met the doctor and had my first measurement with sizing recommendations. My husband was with me. I appreciated that Dr. Bull and Margo guided me conservatively initially. I had not done much research on actual sizes until after the first appt. I joined real self and stalked enough before and after photos that after two more sizing appointments, my initial consult number of 350 inspira became 450 natrelle style 20. The periariolar lift would correct the sag. Surgery day was nerve wracking. 8am schedule. Kendall Pointe is very unassuming from the outside but the actual experience as a patient is top-notch. Nurses were pleasant, my nerves were calmed by the surgery room nurse (forget his name) who could sense my nerves and made some jokes and gave me reassurance. A couple breaths of the oxygen mask and it seemed like 1 minute later, I was headed into recovery. I think 20 minutes later I was walking to the car with my husband (the exit door is right by the recovery room so you make a quick get away). The care there was wonderful. Dr. Bull performed a lovely lift and enhancement. I really envisioned a "classy boob job" so if such a thing exists, I'm confident he made it happen. I know my new additions will give me the confidence to enjoy intimacy with a renewed self-confidence that only surgery could give me. Highly recommend Dr. Bull and the augmentation with lift experience.

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