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My surgery is tomorrow. I'm kind of a wreck, kind...

My surgery is tomorrow. I'm kind of a wreck, kind of calm.. It's a little weird to be both but that's me, always somewhere in the middle.

Getting to this point was really easy for me. I went to my doctor and explained to her what I wanted and she referred me to Northwestern Hospital, so I made an appiontment that day and was in to see my surgeon soon after. He put together the necessary paperwork and sent it off to Aetna, and received an approval about a month later, far sooner than the initial projection and without any fuss. I'm sure it's because I already have a history of severe spine issues.

I'm currently a 44H (possibly larger) and I'm actually hoping to get down to a C. I honestly would rather be too small than too large, I don't want to feel like this anymore..


I put this in the wrong category and I can' tdelete it

Day 1

I spent the night at the hospital last night, deciding I'd rather be there than at home. They ended up grafting my nipples due to how large I was before but I guess I'm OK with it.

Sore today, just got a cab home and got the poor cats fed and now I don't really know what to do until my sister arrives. I think I'm supposed to take the bandage off though and just go around in a t-shirt. I also have to empty my drains. Yuck.

Day 2 post op

My skin is right across my chest but nothing is overly painful. I just want this part to be over with! My muscles are sore, in my neck and back and abs, I'm guessing from having to compensate and perhaps from the way they put my arms during surgery but at least I can feel my fingers today.

I wish I had taken a pre op picture so you could see just how much they took off but I am practically concave now. And I'm all right with that!

Day.. 4?

I'm tired from the medications but otherwise fine. We went for a walk yesterday and my mom was here today and was gushing about how my posture has improved and that I'm able to stand up straight and tall and I'm not hunched. My sister found two electrodes on my back that I didn't know were there which was kind of funny but I wouldn't let her take them off until my mom confirmed what they were, since I couldn't see.

Tomorrow I go back to work because I just work a desk job though I may not stay all day. I'll probably get worn out partway through the day and come home but of course that will go away with time. I was remarking today how if I don't want to I really don't ever have to wear a bra again. There's no droop whatsoever! But if I do decide I need one I can just go get a $5 bra at Walmart and be done and that's just so amazing.

Getting nervous..

Since I was given a Pico bandage I was given strict instructions not to change it until I see the doctor but well,l it's getting gross down there. Some yellow fluid is showing through the clear adhesive and I don't know if this is normal but EVERYTHING itches. I know healing itches but I don't know if I'm at the point where I should be. How do I know if my nipples are going to make it through the transplant? They look kind of purple, of what I can see of them under the bolster. My appointment is Thursday but I'm really wondering if I should insist on going in tomorrow cuz I'm half in panic mode. I've taken every medication on schedule and that includes antibiotics so I hope I haven't done something else to mess myself up.


Back to work!

I really really wanted to go back to work on Monday and I'm a little disappointed in myself that I didn't but I'm back today and everything is fine. I'm tired of course and I couldn't put shoes on this morning so it's a good thing I had some flats and I have to go get my hair washed today because I can't do that either but at least we HAVE these things. People are really surprised by just how small I got but now that I'm kind of used to little boobies I keep seeing everything else as now being disproportionately large, so it looks like I have some new goals!

1st post op visit

Oh wow it feels good to be free of the bandages and drains. Everything looks really good minus some wetness where the pico bandage failed but even that isn't too bad. The nipples are alive so far, he said it would take another week to know for sure how they fare so for now it's Be Nice to the Nips an do my best to take care of them. I'd live some tips, Google wasn't terribly helpful.

I won't have much scarring. Dr Galiano is very very good.

Ladies and gents..

It doesn't seem to get discussed much beforehand bUT please, do not forget to take care of your insides while recovering on the outside. I ignored the fact that I had not needed to pass a bowel movement and now after being up all night with severe cramps, a whole lot of struggling, throwing up and finally using a suppository I'm crawling back into bed for the rest of the day.

A couple weeks later..

Stitches came out Monday, still some infection but it's getting better according to the doctor (despite it looking super nasty) and now I just have to keep bandages on the nipples while they heal up on their own.

Something to consider though when you're having yours done.. the way my nipples were removed and grafted like they sometimes have to do, the doctor said that while the areole looks like it will live, the nipple itself always dies. I cried. I'd never really considered myself attached to them but the idea that something I'd always been attached to wouldn't be there anymore, it hit me emotionally in a way I didn't think possible. So now I don't really know what they'll look like and I'm sure it won't be that bad, but they still won't be quite the same..

On a happier note, I had a pleasant surprise eating out for the first time since the surgery when I didn't have to lean over myself just to eat, and I didn't leave with food all over my shirt. That was pretty nice and my boss laughed at me pretty good for being so happy about it.

So, I'll never regret doing it, but when you do, be sure to stop and really consider what you might gain AND lose and be at peace with that before you go in.

My boobs aaaaaaaaaaache

So I think this is the part I've seen talked about where the breasts 'ping' constantly due to healing inside. It's not excruciating by any means but boy is it distracting and irritating and I just needed to whine a moment.

In other news I'm still fighting infection on both sides but the scabs look like they're starting to come away already so hopefully I'll get past this part soon, I'm tired of having to tape myself up every day. I'm NOT tired of not needing a bra though. I don't think I'll ever be upset if I never wear a bra again.

Someone finally noticed!

Hahah it's funny but someone just walked into my office and asked, "Did you lose a bunch of weight? You look so good!"

I'm so pleased right now. :>

I still have a few big scabs, and the undersides just do not want to heal up, but otherwise I'm feeling good and I've been given the clearance to exercise as long as I have a sports bra, but I don't want to wear a new bra just to ick it up. Sigh. HEAL DAMN YOU!
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Such beautiful work!!! I cannot be more pleased with Dr Galiano and his staff who have been incredibly kind about taking a moment to reassure me when I'm afraid.

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