32 Yrs, 170lbs, Size A Tuberous Breast getting 445cc implants with Axillary Breast Tail Removal - Chicago, IL

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This is my year! I'm sick of the breast I have and...

This is my year! I'm sick of the breast I have and am starting my search for a surgeon. The information however, is overwhelming.

I know for a fact the axillary breast tail has got to go! No matter how much weight I lose its always there causing pain. Which is why I rarely wear a bra. I have never had kids, but my breast have NEVER been perky. I want a natural look and am looking into Mod plus profiles. But, do I need a lift? How big should I go? Will this cost more than I can afford?
Here's hoping things work out, and that my journey might help someone with similar issues to mine.

Looking for the right Doctor

I'm still looking for the right Doctor for me. I have read reviews on RS, yelp & health grade. This is not an area of research I'm going to take lightly. There are not many 5 star surgeons in the city of Chicago:-/

Ideal weight Question

I'm wondering if I need to lose weight before I get breast surgery? I know I'm over weight for my height, but would that keep me from having my surgery?

And the journey begins

I have finally narrowed down my list for doctors. My 1st consultation, of four is this Tuesday with Dr. John Kim in Chicago. I'm super excited to get the ball rolling. I feel like it has taken me so long to realize how important this is to me.

I got my Wish Pics & my list of questions all set for my appointment.
I hope I have everything I need. (I'm a overly prepared kinda person)

One down 3 to go

My consultation with Dr. Kim was today, he suggested for the look I want and the lack of actual breast tissue that I would have to get Low or Mod Profile with a max of 350cc. He said he might be able to do 400cc, but isn't very sure it would work since I also would need an anchor lift.

It's a little upsetting that I would have to go so small. I was hoping for no less than 450cc Mod plus. Next consultation is in a few weeks. Let's see what he suggests.

Wish Pics

I'm not a big fan of the "upper pole" fullness. I luv side fullness. Most of these ladies (all from realself) have some type of similarly to my body type. I wonder why the dr suggest such a small ccsize?

2nd consultation done

Met Dr. Weinzweig, his suggestion for me was, 400cc High Profile with a full anchor lift. For the axillary tail he prefers only liposuction.

It's interesting seeing how different surgeons work. I know that picking a doctor is going to be extremely difficult for me.


This is a very difficult journey and I haven't even had the surgery yet! I had a 3rd appointment today, and he flat out said my breast were a mess. He won't do anything that the other doctors would do. He really came off like he was just trying to get as many surgeries from me as possible.

I have seen so many ladies with breast very similar to mine, & many of the ones I follow went with a really high CC size. I know everyone is different & I'm not asking for triple D's, but is it really to much to not want to pay $10k or more to STAY the same size I currently am?!?

This last place really upset me. His bedside manner was off putting & he just flat out hurt my feelings.

Date Set!

Let the OCD preparing begin!! 3 weeks away until the boobs are fixed! I have already ordered the Eden Knows Implants kit, and bigger sport bras. I already own neck, body & back pillows. I just have to get my home set, food pre-made & my mother all set before the big day!

It's weird, I don't feel nervous. A little sad about the cash I'm about to hand over, but no jitters. Maybe it hasn't set in yet.

I like being overly prepared.


I've spent countless hours on RS reading reviews, both good and bad. At, least once in a review a woman will says she is freaking out or having doubts. I always wondered if that would happen to me.... YUP! I'm freaking out! I've been dreaming about this for years, decades, & been planning and researching for over a year. Why am I having doubts?
I've spent all day thinking "what if they look awful?, What if something goes wrong? Did I spend enough time shopping around for doctors?"
I know am over thinking this, but that doesn't mean I'm not worried.

Getting ready

Almost done with my "Must have for surgery" list. My Eden knows implants & Embrace scar strips arrived today. I got my neck & body pillows. Plus, I purchased a few cheap sports bra from Walmart. Now time to clean the house.
Almost time.

I want to thank the ladies that have been so encouraging in my last post! You really help ease my nerves.


Trying on the sports bra. Pretty comfy, should have gotten more. Getting excited! Less than 2 weeks away.

Postponed :'-(

There is a good chance my breast surgery will be pushed back a week or so. :-( I got a kidney infection last week and was put on antibiotics for 5 days. I let my plastic surgeon know about the infection and the medication the ER gave me. They called me yesterday & told me to go back to the ER and get tested to make sure the infection was gone. I did.
Unfortunately, the awful hospital I went to didn't actually test me. They just took a sample & I guess assumed I was fine, because there is no record of any test being done. Which my surgeon wanted to be sure I was healthy enough to have my surgery on Monday morning. I have an appt with my general Doctor on Thursday, but the lab work won't be done in time for Monday.

I'm so sad :-(

I can't believe this is finally happening

2 Days Away! I'm excited, but trying not to think about it to much. Been keeping myself super busy all week cleaning the house & cooking meals to make my husband job of taking care of me easier.

I had some Lab work done, full check up & my kidney infection is cleared and I am good to go. :-)
I know it's gonna hit me tmw.
Hope Everyone is healing beautifully!

Longest Day

I can't believe this is my last day with these breast. I'm trying to keep my cool and not think about it to much.
Decided to give myself a mani pedi & a hair treatment. Since I'm not going to be able to do that in awhile. Plus, I'm gonna have to basically sterilized myself tmw.
Ahhhhh I can't believe this!!! So Excited!
I promise to post after pics as soon as I can see straight.

Let the healing begin

I'm surprised at how well everything is feeling.
I arrived at my appt early & was extremely calm. After waiting an hour I got my IV the doctor made his marks, I blinked and had boobs. Well, that's how it felt to me. Lol

The pressure is real. Feels like someone is sitting on me.
Pain, not terrible for all that was done.
I still don't know how many CC's I got but the doctor said it wouldn't be less than 425cc. He just wanted to see what my body could hold.
The drive back was awful!! Chicago is always under construction & I could feel every bump & pothole.

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty good & hope all of you are as well!

Sleep, shower, how I miss u!

I've been able to get use to the sleeping situation, but last night I rolled over on my side & almost fell of the couch. Lol!
These baby wipe baths suck. Other than that, I'm good. I tried to not take any pain meds yesterday, but the sharp pain had me give in. I'm only taking them when I feel pain coming on.
I'm dying to look at them! They don't feel or look big at all. I hope I get to be the size D I wanted.


Let the Boob Greed begin

Today was my 1st Post-Op appt, and for the 1st time I got to see the new additions.

It might be me, but they look the same. :-/ just bruised and swollen. My husband keeps telling me they look good, especially for 1 week old. I'm already planning on the budget for a bigger size. What do you ladies think?

The pain of getting all those bandages removed was the most pain I've felt in this whole week! I even got dizzy & lightheaded.
Plus side: I GOT TO SHOWER! It's a small thing, but it felt great! The Dr allowed me to start using my sport bra, since the surgical bra was causing irritation.


I've noticed that every time I shower I get lightheaded and dizzy. Have any of you had the same issue??

Tmw my husband returns to work and I'm on my own. I have no worries, I feel good. My biggest issue happens when I shower, and the bra. I never fit into bras so I rarely wore them. So, wearing a sports bra all day and night is a bit of a bother. Not that I plan on removing it until my doctor says I can.
Hope all are well!

Update pics

I ordered a few bras on Amazon, since I only got 2 before my surgery & need to alternative while I wash them.

I'm not happy. The bands are super tight (the reason I'm not wearing the surgical bra) but the cups are big. The same problem I always had before my surgery. I'm trying to stay positive. Like Dayne Dayne said in one of my previous post, it takes 3-4 wks for them to fall & they r never going to be perfect.

I feel blue :-(

I hope this is normal

I had some trouble removing my sterile strips. Yesterday I was able to remove the last of it, & noticed that where the strip was I had a mark that was lightly bleeding and felt like a burn mark.

Sucker hurts! When I showered I took pics & sent them to my dr. I'm not to concerned. The mark isn't where the dr cut, it's beside it so I'm guessing it's was the adhesive from the strip that aggravated my skin.

Happy Healing, to all the Lovelies on RS!

Incision pic

The pics I tried to post yesterday.

Progress Pics

This is taking forever. My right is still swollen, and my left dropped so quickly I popped a stitch.

I think they look so ugly. They look small on my body & the breast tail is obviously still there. This sucks

1 month post-op

I've been cleared to start working out, and to start massaging.
I took Mousepunch's advice and discussed with my doctor about a redo since I'm very happy. He said I still have to wait about a year, but if I'm still not happy with my size he would be able to go in there and go bigger since by then the skin will be able to hold a bigger implant.

About the breast tail, he went with Doctor reply... "Lose more Fat" :-/
It's like only 1 dr believed me when I told them they developed before my breast with I only weighed 92lbs.

Anyway, back to planning and saving for another pair of surgeries.
Hope you're all healing and doing well!

If u think ur breast look bad...

Just look at my pics


Spitting stitches are a pain! In my research I have never heard anyone talk about "spitting", yet every week or so my boobs spit another stitch out. My doctor told me to go ahead and just trim them. Anyway, my popped stitch on the left side is starting to close, but I haven't been cleared to use my Embrace strips yet.

My doctor has said to let them heal (about 8mths) before he can schedule me for a re-do. I know this isn't the final size, but I currently am measuring 42b . Before I was 40a :-/ Sarcastic yay!

Hope you are happy with your results!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

So Far he is the nicest surgeon I've meet. Extremely professional and easy to talk to.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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