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I've scheduled a Breast Augmentation Surgery in...

I've scheduled a Breast Augmentation Surgery in downtown Chicago with Dr. Lorri Cobbins, MD. I've had the consultation which was really fun and exciting! The Pre Op Visit is scheduled for Jan 9th and Surgery is scheduled for Jan 24th! I can't wait!

I've been reading a lot of people's stories on here and I can't believe what a wealth of information is on this website! What an amazing resource for someone embarking on this journey! Thanks to everyone in the community for sharing your experiences and pictures! I basically had insomnia last night and was awake for hours in bed reading users "reviews" and now I feel so well informed. It's a great feeling going into something like this with a better understanding of what to expect and to have some many helpful tips about how to have the best experience, get the results your want, and get through the recovery. Thank you for everything!

So, anyway, a bit about me:
I'm a 31 year old stay at home mother of 2 girls (aged 2 and 4 years old). I nursed both girls for about 2 years, and now that I'm finally done I'm ready to reclaim my breasts and get them looking good again! I was never blessed with a huge rack, though I always wanted one. Pre-pregnancy I was a 34B. Then, in the early months breastfeeding I had really huge, milk-full breasts, which I kind of loved, although at the time I also had a lot of baby weight to lose and just kind of felt round all over, which was not too sexy. Anyway, the giant boobs didn't stick around that long, even though I nursed my babies for quite a long time. Soon enough they basically deflated and went back to the normal old 34B, except a lot flatter. Not the look I'm going for. ;)

So last month I had a consultation with Dr. Cobbins for a BA. I really clicked with her and I think she really gets what I'm going for and will do a great job. I also love that she's a woman! Based on her measurements I don't need a lift (which I honestly don't think I would get anyway, but phew!) and she thinks the implant will fill my breast out nicely and give me a nice lifted look. I really want to go over the muscle with silicone implants, because I'm very active and strong - I work out everyday, and it will be painful for me to give that up for any longer than I absolutely have to. I also have two kids that I am home with all day everyday and they are wild!! So a quick recovery time is crucial for me. I also feel like I will like the look and it will give me the lift I'm looking for and I have enough breast tissue to pull it off. Does anyone have any advice or experience with over the muscle/sub glandular implants? It seems uncommon on this website.

I'm leaning toward high profile implants in the 350-400cc range. I am going for ample projection, hence the HPs. In terms of size, I'm a little conflicted. I don't want it to be subtle - I mean, I'm having surgery and I want something to show for it! - but I also don't want it to be very obvious to others that I've had my breasts done. I also don't want to look heavier/bigger. At 5'6" and 145 pounds I'm fit, but not at all twiggy. I'm strong and broad shouldered and I like to indulge with food and wine. I've always been self-conscious about my weight and I workout everyday to keep things under control so I'm worried about the BA making me look top heavy or round. Most people won't see me naked after all, but in sweaters and dresses and tee shirts. So I'm confused! I want cleavage, roundness and volume on top. I like the "fake look" but I don't want to be obvious. Am I over thinking this? Do I need to streamline my objectives? Haha.

I'd be happy to hear our insights and advice! I'm so freaking excited about this and I really want to talk about it with someone!! Hope you're all having a great day!

Pre Op Visit

Had my Pre Op visit yesterday and dragged my husband along so he could learn about the process, know what to expect, ask any questions he might have and get a sense of the result with the sizers. Man, he was sooooo uncomfortable!! He has been really supportive of me, but pretty hesitantly. He's concerned about a lot of things....like how long he'll need to step in to help out with the kids, and THE COST (which is kind of coming at a bad -- well let's say an "imperfect" -- time for us, but I really want to do this now and not later for several reasons), and of course potential risks, complications and dissatisfaction. I get it. It's scary. But it's really important to me. He is like "saying the right thing" a lot, which is that he's happy with my body the way it is, which makes me less confident in my decision to do this and my reasons for wanting a BA. No one else will even see my naked breasts except for him! Well, and maybe you all here on RS!!! hehehe! But I've wanted this in way since I was very young and more recently it's been a realistic goal for over a year.

Oh PS. I bought that Natrelle implant sizer kit thing and it is the BIGGEST WASTE OF MONEY. What a dumb box of crap. Seriously....don't even think about it! No two sizers are the same, so you can't tell what a pair would look like and they are filled with water so they are super ripply and they have these uncomfortable ridges along the edges....so basically they are a completely false representation of a real breast implant. And they are all low profile, which no one gets, and have no information about ccs. What's the point??!

Anyway, so I had a great visit with Dr Cobbins! I love her!!! She is so sweet and funny, but also really confident and experienced and I have complete faith in her abilities. We settled on 375cc High Profile Mentor Silicone implants which will be placed OVER the muscle. I'm really happy I have enough natural tissue to get away with overs, because the recovery is really easy comparatively and I should get a pseudo-lift result. Bonus! I can't freaking wait! I was like "oooh yeah!" when I tried the 375s again, it was just like we were meant to be together. :)

We took the before photos....I need to have my hubby take some too so I'll be able to compare, but I don't know if I feel comfortable posting them here. Did any of you have reservations? How did you overcome your concerns? I really want to help other women make their decision, and I know how helpful the before pictures were for me, but obviously I'm coming from a point of shame here (hence the expensive corrective elective surgery!!) And posting pics of my current situation on the internet is basically the least appealing thing I can think of!! hahaha. I don't know if anyone could ever possibly identify me on this site but that would be humiliating!

OMG speaking of which, I saw another doctor in Chicago (who shall remain nameless but I did not decide to work with him in the end) who showed me some before and after pictures and I KNEW ONE OF THE WOMEN!! Her face was in the photo!!! What??? So that was awkward.

Anyway, I'm really excited for my BA! I had to reschedule it to the 31st because my babysitter will be out of town the week before. Counting down the days......


I'm totally counting down the hours.....I'm so excited! I still need a zip-front sports bra. I ordered one on amazon, but it was kind of uncomfortable and that just won't do, so I returned it. Any recommendations? A lot of them seem to be sold by cup sizes which confused me because I don't know what size I'll end up being. If I'm to guess should I aim bigger so it's not so tight and confining or go smaller for more binding support? I really don't know... Would totally appreciate any advice!
Also any tips for things to stock up on or last minute preparation? I feel like at the very least I can pass the time tomorrow by staying busy if I have some tasks to accomplish! Eeeeeeeekkkkk!!

Before and after

Deep breath. Before photos taken yesterday at 9:30am. Afters taken yesterday at 4:30pm. What do you think????

First impression

I love them! I am so excited about the size, it's exactly what I wanted but bigger than I was expecting. I'm happily surprised! I don't know what they will look like exactly months from now one the swelling has gone down and they've dropped and fluffed but I think Dr. Cobbins did a great job and I'm beyond satisfied! They are rock hard, really high and tight right now. No bounce at all which is so strange, but I wouldn't be able to handle bouncing anyway. The Percocet is lovely but when it wears off I'm sore and achy and stiff. I'm able to relax and recover this weekend so I'm trying to make the most of that opportunity. Time to go night night....again!

Ice, hydrate, rest, shower

I've been taking it very easy today, which is such a luxury! My dreamboat husband kept the kids occupied all day....he is such a keeper! I have him all day again tomorrow, but then Monday it's back to "normal." Well, kind of. My 2-year-old will be in day care all day and my hubby can drop her off on the way to work, so all I need to do is pick her up in the afternoon. My 4-year-old will need a ride to school, and I'll have to leave the house to do that....which is a daunting thought! I'm just thankful it's down jacket season and I can cover myself up, because these boobies are not ready for prime time! Otherwise I don't really have to do much...
This morning I took a shower (I just have surgical glue so showering is ok) and it was nice, but pretty painful. I couldn't easily wash my hair. I had "morning boob" til about 5:30pm today. I took another shower at 8pm and it was heavenly. I haven't lost my appetite at all, which I guess is good to speed healing and stay strong and not get nauseated from the Percocet. I miss exercising though. Anyone know of little toning exercises I could do before 2 weeks? I really want to stretch. I really don't want to mess up my body though. Gentle gentle gentle....

Fashion Show

Having some fun dressing up the girls in bikini tops, bras, and my go-to lululemon apparel. I live in luon!


Torture! Arg!

But otherwise things are going very well!

Unscrewing the cap off my new pain pills is the worst thing ever, but otherwise I feel great! The new pain pills are Motrin 800 so I can drive and get back to some semblance of normalcy (minus the grueling workouts, which I quite miss). I haven't even had one since 6am and I feel perfectly dandy. Seriously, no pain at all. I even put on some music and did some stretches after I dropped off my daughter at school this afternoon. I called my PS office this morning while my daughter was in her gymnastics class and grilled them about how far I could push myself, because I'm feeling so good. They said I can lie down flat on my back. I don't have to wear a bra at all if I don't want to, even at night, but they recommend a sports bra if I feel like I need support and I definitely can't wear underwire yet. I've been sleeping in a tank with a built in shelf bra, which they said is fine. They said I can lift my arms above my head (stretch) if it feels ok, but don't push it if it hurts. They don't recommend doing massage, but I can touch my breasts and take showers and all that. They said err on the side of caution, but don't be afraid to move. I totally don't want to push my body too far and cause a complication or delay my recovery, but I also want to listen to my body and it feels good to move again....very slow, controlled movements, no weights, no cardio, but it feels amazing to stretch out a bit!

Living in Lululemon

So comfy, supportive and flattering! Love my lulus even more now!
But I really miss working out. :( I feel totally fine most of the time. It's been one week. I'm not taking pain pills except before bedtime (more for swelling and to ensure I get rest), I have little to no pain, I feel strong, I have recovered a pretty wide range of motion (and stretching feels really good!) and I really want to do some light exercises. I don't need intense cardio or weights or anything. I'll talk to Dr Cobbins today and see what she thinks... I still haven't even been carrying my kids, but I'm sure I could. I'll let you know what she says!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cobbins is knowledgeable, professional, and experienced. She is a good listener and is willing and able to work with her patients to help them achieve the results they desire. I haven't had the procedure yet, so I guess time will tell if my impressions are accurate, but she seems like a smart, compassionate and very capable person. I'm excited to work with her!

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