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Hello everyone! I'm so glad to have found this...

Hello everyone! I'm so glad to have found this site as not many of my friends (even my bf) are not supportive of my plans in getting a BA. Since HS, I have always thought about BA and always have a love-hate relationship about getting it or not. I am currently an RN and works ED and ICU and always sees all these scary post-op complications from surgeries which made me hate going under the knife. But, I always yearned a nice size breast, admired it and tired of buying extra foams/ gels or whatever else you can put in a bra to make it look big.. because at the end of the day it is still small. Btw, I was a 34A, got pregnant and became 34C/D, lost the pregnancy weight and back to 34A/B. My weight has been a yo-yo because the more weight I have the bigger my breast size is which I liked but then I was fat.. My hesitancies of losing the weight was losing my breast (which goes away first more than anything). Back in 2008 I weighed almost 180lbs++ and I was a 36C.. But I was tired, obese (I'm 5'4") and my overall appearance was just big (sze 14!). I needed to lose the weight and this morning I just weighed myself (138.8lbs) but my breast is back to 34A/B.

After much consideration and that I wanted to lose more weight and not worry about my breast anymore, I have finally decided to get BA and for the last couple of wks I have been obsessing about it here in this website and all the plastic surgeon's website that came highly recommended-- I'm finally doing it and taking the first step... Consultation.

Last night, I barely slept (only 2.5hrs) as I am excited today -- 3 consultations booked with 3 highly recommended PS. Yes, I'm going to 3 of them as I took the first date available and it so happens that here in Chicago, most of the PS consult days are either Tues or Thurs.

My first one is at 0815 then 215 then 4pm. Hopefully, that's enough time between PS. Locations are almost not too far from each other lol...
I will keep my post updated. Hopefully, I will be able to get some support here as I mentioned earlier almost none of my "peeps" don't want me to get it... Thanks!

So... I finally went to my consulation"s" today.....

So... I finally went to my consulation"s" today.. All 3 of them.. here's the verdict:

PS1 - very nice and took the time to speak with me about everything.. The only thing that I did not like is when I asked him if he cuts the pectoral muscle for the submuscular incision and unfortunately he answered Yes... I was hoping for a NO. Although he explained to me why (Dual Plane incision), I have read articles about having the muscle cut that way.. but other than that everything went well... He became #2 on my list.

PS2 - Made me wait an hour from my appt time. Staff did not even bother to check on me while waiting at the room. PS did all the talking - blah blah blah... Did not even gave me the option of Unders. He said that because I have enough flesh for Overs then that is how we should go and he will make it perfect. Felt rushed coz he kept on geting overhead page by his staff... Nah, on to the next one.

PS3- Funny because after such a long day, I never wanted to go to this last one and wanted to cancel because I was already pooped out but because they held my credit card just in case I didn't showed up I went... Lo and behold! He was perfect for me! Explained everything, listened well, took the time! Did not made me wait long either! He had done BA on his staff as well so I was able to see first hand his work! Plus he met my price (although I was over $500 my budget) as the others where way higher... And, he is able to acomodate me next week!!!!!!

I made the decision there and then, booked the appointment and made a dp... Now, I'm home and I felt like did I made the decision too quick? I know that I have been wanting BA done and have been obsessing about it for so long now but now that I have a set date, next week already!!! I felt it is all too soon!!! OMG, I need to calm my nerves and really start getting my mind right for this... I just hope I made the right decision...

My pre-op is on March 15 and the procedure is March 17... Talk about buying some new breast!!! Looking forward to it though... Will post soon for updates..

Btw, I decided on silicone, unders, Rt 410cc Lt 390cc as I am asymmetric so hopefully this will be able to correct it a little... I hope I did not go too big though...

Pre-op (T -2days) So I have been losing sleep...

Pre-op (T -2days)

So I have been losing sleep over these since last week (my consultation). Everything seems so fast yet so slow... I have been counting down on my surgery days but yet I still feel like I made a decision so quick... In any case this is it, I paid in full this morning, went for my pre-op and still undecided on the size but my patient coordinator told me that whatever my first instinct was --go for it...So I'm going for the mod prof, unders, Rt 410, Lt391 Allergan silicone (which was the first one that I like).. Was torn on going the high prof 425-450 but my PS said that since my breast diameter is 13.5 the mod prof is maxed out and would look great so I trust him, his nurse and his very wonderful patient coordinator Alyssa. It is so nice to talk to her (she had it done, same size with same MD) because she had first hand experience and results were amazing! Feel like I could talk to her for hours!!!

I got my shopping done after. Groceries (lots of fresh fruits and veggies) --not looking forward for the constipation that will be brought about by the Vicodin (my prescribed narc). Picked up my meds (antibx: Keflex; Celebrex 3 pills 2 to take pre-op and 1 post-op; arnica Montana pill and gel; vit. E 32000IU oil for when the scar starts to heal). Brought my sportsbra (danskin) and one surgical bra online which is still to come and a bed with leg lounger as for sleeping on my back (I'm anticipating this would be hard for me to do as I am a side sleeper) and although expensive I hope it is worth it.... I need to sleep!!!!

I have been losing sleep for the last week, thinking and obsessing about this is it driving me "nuts"!!!

I have scheduled myself to be busy tomorrow the whole day so that I will not be obsessing again about my surgery on Friday and instead make it worthwhile. So tomorrow, I have school from 9a-2pm then I am working from 3pm-3am... That should take care of it (gosh I will be so tired day of surgery)... Hopefully its not too busy in the ER..

I'm third case on Friday 3/15 so I'm coming to the clinic at 9am, so I still have 6 hours in between... I'm thinking of working out prior but then again I can't drink water so that's out of the list... I'm hoping to take a quick nap in between those hours if my nerves don't get me lol...

So, countdown is getting near.... T-2days!!!! Will post pics post-op :)

*Frustrated* So... its 4am now and I'm so...

So... its 4am now and I'm so frustrated with my schedule... I'm supposed to be at the clinic tomorrow at 1030am and this afternoon I was informed that I will be move to the last shift... my schedule is now at 730 AT NIGHT!!! Shut the front door!!! I'm so frustrated because I already made arrangements for my transportation, my daughter etc... In addition, I pulled an all-nighter today so that I am able to takeoff schedule later this morning and now they are going to tell me that mine will be the last schedule!!! I'm so frustrated and mad, now I could not even go to sleep more! What should I do? I'm afraid that being the last shift in the schedule the workmanship will not be optimum... I know from a fact working in the healthcare "arena" usually the last case is always "hurried".... I just emailed my patient coordinator and whined via the email... I should get compensated for being bumped to the last sched because of somebody else right? A discount maybe?? Gosh!!! Now I have to fast for the whole day which is hard compared to fasting while asleep.... I wass trying to bepositive and more optimistic about this BA but now with this it is just making it go south... Advice anyone?

*Pst surgery* Finally, the sisters were born! Or...

*Pst surgery*
Finally, the sisters were born! Or should I say placed lol. Have been really groggy, vomitted twice (tmi) as I never had this much narcs and sedation in my life but felt better afterwards.. and yes the ace wrap is indeed wrapping the crap out of my chest... posted fresh pics though... this is 7hrs post op as iave been dead asleep when I got home and my minas cloudy... will see PART this afternoon for ace wrap removal... sorry I'm all swollen includingb belly lol...

Correction for speeling- was initially doing it in...

correction for speeling- was initially doing it in my phone...
Will see PS this afternoon for ace wrap removal.... and my belly is super bloated lol!!!

*Pics Post-Op removal of ace bandage (Time since...

*Pics Post-Op removal of ace bandage (Time since BA- 16 hrs)
Hello ladies! So here are my boobies... I think they are close together but my PS said that that is how mid range/mod + will look like but not to worry as I massage it -- it will look better... Sitting pretty high as it is only 1stday... Can't believe I actually am seeing this. So excited I had the nurse at the clinic take the pictures... There's bruising on the Lt incision... I kinda knew I was going to do that as I know that I bruise very easily. PS said not to worry and cont to take the arnica pills. The assymetry that I had before does not look too bad anymore... Let me know what you think!!! :)

Hey ladies! So day 1 post-op was not too bad. I...

Hey ladies! So day 1 post-op was not too bad. I have high tolerance for pain and because I was afraid of getting too constipated from the vicodin (which I only took three since coming home from the BA) I started just taking Tylenon 500 mgs and I was fine the whole day.. Although I was afraid that I am getting ahead of myself so last night I took a total of 1 vicodin before going to bed then another one at 1am and another dose at 5am as the boobies get stiff upon getting out of the bed... I purchased those bed lounger, came in yesterday and I am so returning it... Do not buy this product with the leg lounger because they are very uncomfortable. I thought it would help me sleep upright with support but I ended up going back to my stack pillows thus the waking up at 1am and 5am. Has anybody here purchased those pillow incliners? Any comments? In any case while I was up at 1 am I had to loosen up my sportsbra (Hanes, Large) because my PS told me that the band was a little loose and it does not support my Lt breast well so yesterday afternoon I stitched it up to make it tight but it was "caving in" through my stitiches and I think it made my bruising worse. I'm posting a picture of my bruising on both breast (as I easily bruise to everything I kinda expected this for surgery).... So i'm freaking out about possible CC because of this bruise but my PS said not to worry and just continue applying the arnica gel and it will get better. I ordered a few more sports bra online and waiting for them to come... Hopefully, those bra bands are a little better as I feel that these Hanes one are irritating my sutures.. I had to instead place a gauze underneath the incisions to protect it from the band caving in after loosing it up.... I hope this bruise goes away.. Its scaring the crap out of me about CC (again, overthinking...) Otherwise, I'm feeling great this morning. I'm just going to stick to my Tylenol 500mgs in the daytime then Vicodin at night. I'm debating of going to church today... smh

I was so afraid of getting severely constipated so...

I was so afraid of getting severely constipated so last night I took smooth move herbal laxative tea as well as magnesium citrate... Ladies, take note, just take one or the other as they are both quite effective... So day 2 I already had my BM which helped with decreasing a lot of bloating as well... whew! So I have decreased my vicodin intake, only at night prior to going to sleep and during the day I have been fine with Tylenol 500mgs orally. I am thinking of requesting a muscle relaxant probably Flexeril from my PS as it does get that contraction at times -- most especially living in Chicago and going out there in the cold, I felt like my breast were being crushed by my own muscles and it stayed like it for a good minute or so -- not too good. In any case, the massage helped but they felt like rocks most especially this morning. I am attaching new pics for day 3. The Lt has been dropping very nicely but the Rt is still quite up high and when I took the pic it was still contracted - the muscle I mean. Also I took pictures of the healing bruise.. I'm getting worried about that little white thing that I had noticed since the ace wrap removal. For some reason that is where the sharp pinching is coming from -- I hope it is not an infection or some sort coz I always think of the worst.. Bruise + infection = CC and I am praying not to have that.. they don't like right once it happens... I am loving the front view so far... I guess because it is mid-range profile it will not have that projection but it will have the diameter that is why the front view looks good but not so much of the side which I like. I guess, my PS chose well for me after all that back and forth with the HP and mid-range.. :) Can't wait to talk to my PS about what is going on with my sutures though... scary...

*My FTL just came in from the mail!!!* Woot woot!...

*My FTL just came in from the mail!!!*
Woot woot! My FTL seamless wirefree front close bra (FT308) just came in just now and I am so excited to switched my Hanes Sports Bra that I have been wearing for the last two days. So glad it came as the Hanes band were caving in and the material were not friendly to the sutures -- I do not recommend them post-op. But this one... felt like heaven!! Material is so soft, band fits right (don't have to adjust it) and the support is so good compared to the Hanes racerback it was killing my shoulders and upper back! This one I definitely recommend at walmart for only $9.94. I got them in black sze 40 and beige sze 38 for when the swelling subsides. I'm glad I got the bigger sizes as I read from reviews that they ran pretty small and my band size is 30-32. These were perfect!! Just posted a pic wearing the black sze 40! :)

*Day 4* Hi Ladies, So Ijust left my PS clinic...

*Day 4*
Hi Ladies, So Ijust left my PS clinic today worried about stuff that I should not be worrying about.. The little white thing that I saw on my Lt breast beside the bruise was just a bubble under the steri strip so no infection there :) Got 2 tabs of flexeril for the just in case my muscle will start contracting the crap out of my silicone (mostly of the Rt breast). But because I have an oral case presentation this Thursday and I know that nerves+ increase heart rate= muscle spasm so I'm taking one prior to my presentation. I just hope that my mind will be focused once the meds kick in lol... I am returning the surgical bra from Marena as my PS said I do not need it (yay! saved $70) but I went to wholefoods and brought me another set of arnica cream and tabs as my PS said I still need to use it as I still have bruising.. and ended up buying other stuff which totaled $70... there goes the savings from the bra.. In any case, I ordered 3 more of the FTLbra FT308 this time large as my PS said that it supports me better than the XL, a little compressed but I'm just going to follow what he thinks is best..

What I have accomplished so far....
I can lift my arms now pass my head but I do not want to push it (just tried), a little pinch on the side but tolerable, can sleep with only 2 pillows now instead of the 4-5 (PS said I can sleep on my side now whichever is comfortable.. will see), feeling a little bit normal but not fully yet, 3lbs away from my initial weight pre-BA, been taking Tylenol only as needed now instead of round the clock every 4hrs assuming when the pain will come, has done some walking (around Whole Foods lol) and hoping to see my bf tonight and spend some quality time (thanks to jilly.bean for some moves *wink wink*) and hoping not to overdo or kill myself in the process lol :)

Day 5 -- ambivalence is setting in For the last 4...

Day 5 -- ambivalence is setting in
For the last 4 days I had been super happy about the decision I made on getting the BA. Last night I planned on spending time with my BF who was against it in the first place but was thinking that once it is there that he will try to understand.... I guess I thought so highly of him that I was wrong. Cried myself to sleep last night second guessing if what I have done was wrong. On my way to his place he called to stop me and told me to just stay at home as he is not ready to see me because of disappointment and wonder on how I could do such a thing. He even added that he is "so turned off" of me at this time, he does not understand why I had to do it. He starts throwing all the negative things that will happen once you get the BA and even threw in my face that I am an RN and should know better (he's an RN too). Further, he said that I did not took into consideration about how he feels about it when I knew that he was against it. The whole conversation was how he feels, the negatives of having BA (e.g. what if we are out and somebody grabs it?, makes a "negative comment", longterm complications? and if i'm trying to attract white guys (btw, he's black) etc. etc.".. First off, who grabs boobs in the street? I have not seen anybody do that in my lifetime (yet). Second, I'm thinking her is scarred from dating someone before with "humungous breast - DDD" and he always gets into fight as his ex-gf always get disrespected. But mine does not look anywhere to a DDD. I told him mine does not look like that if he would just take the time to see it. Third, I do understand long term complications and maintenance (he is thinking financially) and I am ready to face the consequences of my actions. Fourth, what the heck was attracting white men for? I did not get that... so I told him that I did this for me and not for anybody. Not for him nor for any other guys... This made him more mad saying that I'm making decisions that he's not included and if something happens I ask him for help... I think there is a point there but the rest of his thinking to me was just off.. I cried so hard because currently he does not want to see me. I told him I am the same person and my personality does not change with a new pair of boobs. He did not understand that as well. At this time, he refuses to understand why I had to do it and now he is asking for time so he can get a grip of the situation. He made me feel unwanted with my new breast stating that he love for what I have before and now I have done something gravely wrong. He said I am not the old me that he wanted.. like I'm something different.. Now, that I don't understand because my mind and my heart are still the same... I'm ambivalent at this time and that is why I did not took any pics of my boobs today... I'm getting depressed :( I hope in time he will realize why I did it... I do love him but at this time only time will tell for now when he can "forgive me and accept me" ... although I am not asking for forgiveness -- still I said sorry... :((

*Day 7 (1wk already OMG!) update--will post pics...

*Day 7 (1wk already OMG!) update--will post pics soon*
I can't believe it is already 1wk since I had my BA... Time flies when your having fun (mini- staycation lol)... So yesterday I went to school and did my oral case presentation on a patient... I thought my silicones were going to fly right off my chest together with my heart beating so fast during my presentation lol (not fun though).. I'm just glad that was over with.. Then I had to walk 3 blocks to work because I have a computer training for 3 hrs.. The walk probably killed me because it was too cold (Chicago weather) and my pecs continued to contract because of the cold... Then the shooting pain on my Lt side started like someone keeps on stabbing the same side.... Funny when I sit down and take a rest it goes away but everytime I tried to walk yesterday it started... Like my breast was telling me "You better take a sit and relax now or I will stab you in pain harharhar!!!"... Tylenol took care of it though...
So today, I'm supposed be of until next Friday but I got a call from the hospital to do the most easiest job in my whole RN career and still get paid!!! I went in because the job only entails watching a patient on the cardiac monitor.. I thought I was stepping in for somebody in the tele room but no! Literally, one patient, one monitor and I just monitor the monitor as she has an assigned RN to do all the rest (meds, moving etc)-- Sweet!!! So I signed up again for another 12 tomorrow to watch the monitor lol!!!
By the way, I would like to thank everyone again today to those who have been so supportive for the last couple of days because of my emotional drama.. I am not going to spend anymore time emotionally draining myself about my BA and questioning my actions because I am loving them!!! As for him, he just have to deal with it... I'm feeling so much better this morning (more energy and positivity) about myself and the strong women in this online community! You-- We all rock!!! \"/
*Beyoncé background -- who ran this world? GIRLS!*

I'm going to post week one pics soon... As soon as I get off my scrubs lol :)

So... here are the pics for week 1. Sorry about...

So... here are the pics for week 1. Sorry about the crappy kighting, I wasdoing it in my closet lol.. I see the asymmetry is still visible Lt>Rt... They still look nice (to me though :))... Better something than nothing lol

*Wk 9 Never been happier and excited shopping for...

*Wk 9 Never been happier and excited shopping for bra and bikini*

Hey ladies! I know it is too early to go shopping for some bra and bikinis but I saw a lot of good sale today and it is so hard to pass considering that I have been "changed"!!! So I first went to Nordstrom to get a professional fitter to size me... since I am still swollen with my steri strips on I was initially feeling embarrassed when she was placing the tape measure but Gina (the sales rep) was so very nice and accommodating she didn't made me feel any less of a person (unlike my stupid d!cky bf)! She didn't seem to be surprised about my BA (I guess a lot of post BA women come to Nordstrom for a formal professional fitting lol!) So... currently I am a 32DD wowwowow!!! I know it is going to be different once it settles as I have mentioned I am still swollen so I am hoping for a 32D (instead of the C that I initially wanted haha)... In any case, the browsing started... Attached are "some" of the pics that I took while at the dressing rooms... I never felt so happy having to fill them out without worrying what to put in it (silicone inserts and chicken cutlets) without slipping out once I brought them!! I have never felt more confident and more "sexier" in my entire life and for the first time I was strutting to the hall (well not exactly as I still have steri strips on haha)... OMG!!!! the feeling of being a full bodied woman!! So ready for the summer time (although my belly is still all over the place -- its all good lol)

Some of the pics are from aerie, black and white store, charlotte russe... :)

Damn I am loving my boobies!!!! xoxoxoxox

*Day 15* busy, busy, busy I can't believe that 2...

*Day 15* busy, busy, busy
I can't believe that 2 weeks and 1 day had already passed since my BA. It still feels surreal that this had already happened and whenever I see my body -- esp my breast... how I'm loving it!! Been so busy with school and work (now that I am back to work after a long staycation) I can barely catch up with realself lol... So I just took a picture this morning for my wk 2 progress. Took the steri strips off already and since I am a bad scar former (based on my past bruises and scratches) I started putting on scarguard. Will take a picture of the scar sometime. In any case it seems like my Rt breast is still high and the left has dropped really well... Any suggestions on these???

Hello everyone! So to update my 3rd week I am...

Hello everyone! So to update my 3rd week I am getting concerned about my Rt boob. It is still riding very high and the asymmetry is getting more obvious than last week. I have been massaging the Rt>Lt and it does not seem to be helping with the dropping. In addition, the spasms are still there more worse than the Rt so I am freaking out if I am having an early capsular contraction or because I'm Rt hand dominant that I have been extending my pecs too much. I emailed my PS today and will also call his office if this is something to worry about as I have seen other Wk3 pics and they do not look as assymetric as mine although I know that I have asymmetry to start with I just was not expecting to be like this.... I love them but I'm not happy at this time :-(

So I went to see my PS yesterday because of the...

So I went to see my PS yesterday because of the very obvious asymmetry that is happening. I'm glad it is not early CC....My Rt one is so stubborn and it is still high where he initially placed it while the Lt one had just dropped beautifully (as you can see in the pics). So now, he made me wear this bandeau/strap that is killing my armpits (2 inches wide from Marena) and positioned it higher on the Lt and lower on the Rt to push it down constantly.. It actually feels good while it is pushing down on the Rt (as I feel like it is riding up my chin especially it spasms) but holy cow it is cutting through my armpits and there is no other way but to position it like this so I am wearing a shirt under it... hopefully the Rt one will abide soon and be as lovely as the Lt... Will post pics soon ;-)

Hello Ladies, I hope everyone is doing great......

Hello Ladies,
I hope everyone is doing great... I'm still holding off on the pics until my week6 when I see my PS to see if the asymmetry/lopsidedness had resolved with this stupid bandeau that I want to burn (like right now)... In any case, caution to everyone who wants to attempt doing jumping jacks and steps class... I'm paying the price today as I went all out with working out yesterday (at least 60% of how I work out) as I feel like my muscles has been wasting as I haven't had a good workout done in the last 5 weeks and yesterday I felt better... but since last night it hurts so bad... I was wearing a high performance sports bra and I thought it worked but last night it was terrible. I had to take Alleve+Advil and 2.5mgs Flexeril just to calm my Lt breast down (was feeling worse than the Rt). This morning, they felt like rocks just like the first week OMG.... So ladies, do not do jumping jacks too soon or do more than the boards (no risers) in step class if you do not want to suffer like I did (or maybe you're body will respond differently?). Too much going on this week (my Finals exam) and the girls aren't helping :-(

Hello Ladies! I am entering my almost 6wk post op...

Hello Ladies! I am entering my almost 6wk post op but had the visit sched today (5wks and 4days because of work sched) so anyway, feeling sad as the bandeau did not make any difference on my breast except cave in on my armpits. My PS said that it was worth trying but no point in continuing using it if it is more discomfort... He spent a longer time with me than usual for f/u appointments as he saw the frustration in my face (I probably looked unhappy about the obvious asymmetry and really worried that this is stage I CC)... so he wants me to do a trial of Accolate 20 mgs orally twice a day. It is an asthma medication but it relaxes smooth muscles and according to trials (that I researched before agreeing to do the meds). He also advised me to do aggressive and strong breast displacement (to the point that my silicone is going to pop out of my skin) to loosen up whatever collagen is forming and making it hard to drop in the pocket. Worse comes to worse if I do not respond within 2 months then the possibility of revision should be at hand... but he also said that it may just take time and too early to tell but to just keep an open mind into it...I asked him about my size as well if it will still change or will my Lt one be the size that it is and he said that it will still change and did not advise me to go bra shopping yet... He said wait 3 mos or 2mos to see if the Rt will drop... I was looking forward on getting professionally fitted but I guess not yet as they are uneven. It's funny how the pictures really makes it look super assymetric but in person it does not look like unless you stare into it... I still think that pictures are the best critic although my PS showed my my before and now picture and what a difference it really is (sizewise and asymmetry wise it did improve greatly). Well ladies, you be the judge... Just feeling down that I paid so much for this and not seeing the "happy result".. just with the Lt boob lol!!

I dreaded CC and I honestly believe that this is stage I and I think that he just does not want me to worry about it but I already researched about CC and I definitely look an early one... In any case I will take the meds and hope to see some improvement in the next 2 mos *super crossing my fingers*

Has anyone took Accolate before for CC? I have read in another website about it and they mentioned improvement in 3 mos.... How about here?

*3mos and 2wks update with PICS* -- 32DDD/32F!!!

Hello ladies! I have been MIA for a long time as I wanted to wait until I am finished with my Accolate medication because of my RT breast asymmetry. I am bad at taking medications so I have been missing days that I haven't taken so I still have a few more weeks left to finish it but in any case I am updating my review. There is some difference now from a few months ago about the asymmetry, it is getting better but the Rt is still high and still a little tight but not to the point of a bad CC. Every now and then I get a "nagging ache" from the Rt breast mostly on the outer part but massaging helps. My PS said that it might be because it is still dropping whereas the Lt side is just absolutely great. My Lt is soft and perfect. Although with that being said, it feels weird when I do arms and chest exercises as well as laying on my chest (when I went to get a massage, sun tanning). I guess that is a price to pay about having a "foreign material" in my body. It is livable though. I just couldn't imagine getting a bigger implant and how uncomfortable that would feel laying on your chest or working out. I am very happy with my size and I am glad that my PS made a wise decision about placing a mod prof vs a high prof because I can make it look small or big without looking too fake. I am so happy that VS was also having a semi-annual sale and went crazy shopping now that my PS gave me a go signal to go bra shopping and wear underwire (as it has been 3 mos). Although I still wear my "granny bra" as they are comfortable even at sleep as I am used to it now 24/7. It is funny how our body can adjust once we get used to it so now I feel weird if I am not wearing a bra.

Oh and yeah... I couldn't believe it but I'm measured 32DDD (Victoria Secret and Nordstrom) and 32F (Intimacy) which are sister sizes. I initially wanted a C pre-op and then hoped for a D after the procedure (because of boob envy) but ended up D3!!! It's funny they don't look huge but like I mentioned earlier it can look huge depending on what I wear and still can hide it if I need to ;-) soooo happy!!!

So that's it so far. Feel free to comment and compare if my Rt is definitely dropping from the last few months. Hope the rest of you ladies are healing well and for those who are contemplating BA, good luck!! :-)

Anybody doing any pull-ups???

Hello ladies!! So i'm back to my workout regimen now and feeling great... extreme workouts that it... One question though, I am having a hard time doing pull-ups. I feel like my silicone is going to pop out my chest as the muscles/ ligaments are going to get pulled/ ripped... I was attempting to do one yesterday and it felt really funny just extending my arms up and when I placed my weight on it to hang myself, I could not pull myself up because of the very weird sensation in my chest so I just gave up ;-(... Anybody else feeling like this? I'm post op 4 mos almost so I thought that I should be okay but I felt so scared to pull myself up... Any thoughts? Fellow crossfitters out there???

So I rode the roller coasters.. 4 months post op

Went to cedar point over the weekend and rode the coasters. Was initially hesitant as I had this terrible image in my head that the ladies will get squished to death and I will be in pain.. but lo and behold!! they served as cushions and they didn't even hurry at all!!! ha! my bf was trading me that they were going to fly off on different directions lol!!! they don't feel too weird either when I'm laying on it compared last month.. feels like it's beginning to be really part of me as months pass by... Will set another appointment with my PS as I have finally finished taking my " drop and fluff" meds... Will post pics soon.. hope all you ladies are doing awesome!!!

Post-op 5 mos - PS recommends CAPSULOTOMY ;-(

Hello Ladies! So I went for my 5th month post op f/u today (supposed to have f/u last month but got busy) and my Rt breast had not dropped much different from the last time I posted pics. PS spent a longer time than usual comparing pics from the last few months until today and after careful consideration he offered to have a revision with capsulotomy. I was bummed to hear that after all the displacement massages and even taking the Accolate drug it did not made much of a difference in having the Rt breast dropped. In fact, I told him that I'm always getting intermittent nagging aches on the Rt side whereas the Lt is always fine and dandy. I'm not to excited about going under the knife (again) too soon so I asked him if we could wait for one more month and see what happens. The good thing is that he said the it will not cost me anything this time around as he wanted me to be happy. I felt assured and happy when he said to call him if there is anything else that he can do then he would.. Just really bummed out as I do not want to go through the whole recovery process again now that I'm starting to feel being back to myself.... Any opinions? Has anyone ever went to get a capsulotomy? ;-(

POD#1 Revision Rt breast --- back to counting 1

Wow! Time flies by and I have been so busy with work, school and everything else that I have forgotten to update my breast plans... Well, I went and did it anyway. So yesterday I had the revision surgery for my Rt breast. In the consent it was either a capsulotomy or capsulectomy whichever will be fit once Dr. Horn "opens me up" as well as implant exchange as there was the issue of the Rt one being small although it was initially calculated with his 3D computer that it was only a difference of 20 cc we opted to go higher. Also, it helped a lot illiciting opinions from MDs here in this website about implant size exchange and most of them recommended at least a 50-100 cc increase to make it comparable with the Lt. I went conservatively and chose the next implant size which is 459 still the same mod prof with Natrelle silicone.

The surgery - it was not as bad as the first one few hours post op as I wasn't heavily vomiting and nauseated when I woke up. I informed the anaesthesiologist of how "lightweight" I am when it comes to narcs and to take it easy so I do not have too much side effects. His plan was to continuously medicate with me Zofran throughout the procedure while still keeping me painless and he did! Also, I was glad that my procedure was early at 9am instead of the last time 9pm so I didn't have to fast for soooo long so maybe that helped too. As soon as I got home I was feeling awesome and didn't feel a thing and maybe I overdid...

First day post op- I have been awake since 3am as my stitches hurt more than my boob. I guess I am not feeling the "morning boob" yet as I am heavily compressed with the band which will be taken off today at lunch time (going back to the office) but my incision site is a combination of "burn, pull, sharp.. aaarrhh". the vicodin would help but only to make me fall asleep. I wonder what did Dr. Horn ended up doing as I search in youtube (and caution on that as watching the surgery might have triggered something psychological in me) and saw the manipulation if it was a capsulectomy etc... plus I did went a size bigger although not too big I'm wondering if that is was causing the pull as well... I will definitely find out later and update you guys of the post op pic removal of the bandages.

Happy healing to those who are on the other side of the boobie fence and good luck to those who are about too!!! Later :-)

Pic for breast revision first 24 hrs...

Here's the pic... not sure why it did not upload earlier

Bandage removal POD #1

Alright ladies, so the unveiling for the second time has been done. The final operation was a Rt breast capsulectomy as Dr. horn states that there was some mild capsular contraction although it was not very hard and he had to make a bigger pocket to accommodate the silicone hence, the incision had to be a little longer than the old one thus, the pain... It is all in the lower part where the stitch was and probably where most of the manipulation was done. At least I am able to move with the Lt. I think they look better than the first one... what do you think?

Wk#1 post capsulectomy and implant exchange Rt

I hope everyone is doing well here at realself! So here I am post op week 1 after going back 7mos my initial BA date. The first 2 days post op was not as easy as I thought. I was getting so much pain from the incision site although I was able to handle the "morning boob" but this time around I had to definitely take the 2 vicodin tabs every 4-6hrs as was prescribed compared to my initial BA which was more tolerable (as far as incision site but not the morning boob).. However, after 2 days, everything was almost back to normal. I did not told my BF about the revision as I know he would have another "#fit/#selfish moment/#he will never understand" moment so when I saw him Friday we were able to go to dinner and have sex (TMI) without any problem. I was scared that he would find out as I would be afraid to move about however, I just told him that I was not feeling too well and not to do anything chest-related so we took it easy (TMI again). But, all in all, I could not believe that it was not painful at all... like I did not have the revision! I was also able to sleep on my back without pillow elevation 2nd day post op and on my Lt side 4rth day post op. Laying on my Rt side was not too bad but only for a few minutes. As soon as the narcs wore off, I was able to drive my car Monday morning (which was 5 days post op) although using the Lt arm/hand more than the Rt as I am afraid of pulling anything. I am able to go back to work a week after which was yesterday without any problem at all. I guess because there was the pocket already that is why the recovery time is faster however the incision site still bugs me every now and then. I am able to lift my hands above my head and started massaging it already although I may have massaged to aggressively last night as sometime after the massage I felt a numbing tingling pain in the outer Rt side of the breast like "what the heck!!!"-- ice compressed helped but I had to take 1gm of tylenol.

So, in the pics, the Rt still looks high and swollen... I am hoping that it will descend in time as Dr. Horn did open up a little more pocket for descent although it is 20 more cc from the last implant. But if it does not then, I will just take this as it is but crossing my fingers... massage, massage, massage.


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