40 Years Old, 2 Kids and Looking to Upgrade! - Chicago, IL

Hi, Everyone! I am 40 year old mother of two...

Hi, Everyone! I am 40 year old mother of two munchkins--3 and 10 months :) I started off as a 32a (seriously like non-existent!) and I had always wanted to get them done so about 7 years ago I finally did but was nervous that they would be too obvious and I went conservative with 305cc silicone under the muscle. I saw Dr Horn in Chicago. I really liked them but almost immediately I wished I had gone bigger. I had zero cleavage without a pushup/padded bra and to get the look I wanted I found myself never leaving the house without pushups! Fast forward to now and I have breastfed both my munchkins and now my breasts have lost volume and I am beyond ready to get them redone! I am petite (5'4 and 115 pounds) and want to have a natural but full look. I don't want to have to wear a bunch of padding to look like I have boobs and I want cleavage and am hoping to get rid of the big gap I have between my breasts (I can fit like 4 fingers between them!). I have a consult with my old doctor on Saturday(Dr Horn--but I have read a few negative reviews lately and I am not sure about him now) and a consult with a new doc (Dr Patel) this Thursday. I am thinking 350? 375? But I don't want them to be too big. Do you think that would work on my frame? I am hoping for a 32dd when I am done! I am putting a pic of what I look like now (but I think the pic is more flattering than what I actually am). What do you ladies think about size? any suggestions on profile? round or anatomical?

Before pics

Here is what I look like without a bra in a tank top. Even with a BA I look practically flat. It sucks!

With bra

This is what I look like with major push up/padding. I want to look like this--probably a little bigger without a padded bra. How big do you think I need?

Had a consult! 485?

So I had a consult with dr horn today and he recommended at least a 150cc increase to see a difference. I tried on 445 and 485 and I definitely liked the 485 better. I also tried on 525 and the girl thought it would be too wide on me. He recommended natrelle mod plus profile to give me cleavage. What do you all think?

500 or 550???

Holy crap you guys! So I just had another consult and this doc recommended 550 or 500 mentor mod plus. He also wants to do a pocket revision cause he said that they are too far in my armpit and that's why I have such a space between my breasts. I liked the look with sizers of 550 but that seems so big!!! He said it would get me to a 32dd. What do you guys think? I don't know who to go with. Any advice is super appreciated!

Just had my preop!! 450/475!

So I just had my preop appointment!!! Surgery is scheduled for dec 14--I can't wait! So after trying on sizes again we decided on 450/475 mentor mod plus. I'm hoping for a really full D without being over the top so I can still wear all my small and xs tops and little dresses. Dr patel seemed to think this size would give me the opportunity that dress them up or play them down depending on the situation. What do you all think? Anyone have these sizes?? How have you liked it?? Can't wait to hear from you all!

Picking up kids??

So my one year old weighs 20 pounds and wants me to carry her all the time. How long did you go before picking up your kids? I can't go 4-6 weeks?! How do I get her out of her car seat when I take her to school or in and out of her crib? How long did you go? What did you do?

One more week! Still wondering about size!

So I had chosen 450/475 but I'm getting nervous that it will be too big. I don't want to be too big or look too too heavy. Even though I'm petite and a 32a I have a big bwd at about 15 so I have plenty of room but I want to be able to wear all my small and xs tops and not buy new clothes. I'm wondering if I should call my PS and tell him 425/450 instead. I know it's not a huge difference. I just don't know! Thoughts? Suggestions?
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