28yo, 5'6, 135lbs, 350cc Moderate Plus - Chicago, IL

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I have been obsessively researching breast...

I have been obsessively researching breast augmentation for weeks now, including poring over everyone's reviews here on RealSelf, so I decided to start up a review of my own. I'M GETTING BOOBIES!!! I have wanted to get a boob job for a few years now, but wasn't confident about financing it until recently.

I had my first consultation two weeks ago with Dr. Lorri Cobbins. I was immediately at ease with her and she spent a good 45 minutes talking to me about what I wanted out of breast augmentation and then she explained how everything would work. She prefers incision under the breast, implant placed under the muscle, both of which I also prefer. She said recovery should be super easy, so I hope she's right about that!

We talked a bit about profile type, and I was pretty deadset on the moderate plus profile before I even walked in the door, so we settled on the 325cc mod+. Now that I have done more research (probably more research than is actually necessary or healthy), I could see myself being happy with a higher profile implant too (I was thinking the 400cc so that the diameter of the implant stays the same), so that is something I'll have to think about more and talk to my doctor about during my pre-op. Any advice on this decision is more than welcome!

My pre-op is November 3 and my surgery is scheduled for November 18 - SO FAR AWAY! :( I'll be counting down the days and just hoping I can keep my boob obsession under control over the next 90 days.

This is what we're working with...

These are my pre-boobs. I honestly don't mind the shape front on, but they are quite small and don't match my broad hips and big booty.

I'm 5'6" and around 135lbs. I don't know my BWD exactly but I think it's around 12-12.5cm. Considering 325cc mod+ or 375-400cc high profile... I'm trying not to stress about size too much and to just trust my PS will make me look proportional.

Lump in breast

Since I'm just obsessing over boobies and surgery, I thought I'd share a detail from my experience so far in case someone else has a similar "issue".

I discovered a lump in one of my breasts a few years ago. I saw my general practitioner, and she was fairly confident that is was just a cyst and that it would resolve itself in time. About a year later, it still had not gone away, so I talked to my OB-GYN about it when I saw her. She confirmed that it was "probably" just a benign cyst. I never got a formal diagnosis, but I was pretty satisfied that as long as it wasn't changing, that it was perfectly harmless.

I brought up the lump to my PS during my consultation and explained the history. She, being the thorough and caring doctor that she is, immediately wrote me a prescription to get a mammogram or ultrasound. When I went to the breast doctor, they decided that a mammogram was unnecessary, but they performed the ultrasound and were finally able to formally diagnose my little buddy. It is a fibrous mass called a fibroadenoma - completely benign - about 2x2x1cms in my right breast.

Thankfully, this won't prevent me from getting my boobs done! I will need to go back in 6 months for another ultrasound just to ensure that it's not growing or changing, but by then I'll have my perky new boobies!!

Anyway, thought I'd share in case anyone else has a similar experience! Good luck to everyone in their boobie journey!

10 weeks from today!!

Not sure how I am possibly going to wait 10 more weeks for boobies!! I've already read just about everything there is to read about breast augmentation online. :P

I went to Victoria's Secret yesterday just to see what size bra I actually wear right now. I have been exclusively wearing bralettes and sports bras for many, many years, so I didn't even know what my bra size was! I know that Victoria's Secret uses vanity sizing and my size there won't match my size elsewhere, but I was just curious! Anyway, the verdict is 32B! I was actually surprised when I tried on the 32A that it was too small! I've posted a pic of a bra with my current tiny-boobed situation. Such a cute bra!

I'm also attaching pics of my boobie idol - her name is Courtney Knox and her boobies are soooo cute!

Thinking of moving up my date...

November is just entirely too far away! I chose the date because it's right before Thanksgiving and my husband & I will be able to take plenty of time off work. But I really don't want to wait that long.

One thing I'm not looking forward to is missing out on jiu jitsu training. I usually train at least 3 days a week, and I am addicted to it!! But I have recently been having an issue with one of my hands and I'm thinking that, if I have to take time off to let my hand heal, then I may as well get the surgery over with and let my hand and my boobs heal at the same time. :P

The only problem then is that we won't be able to take as much time off. I could probably get away with taking like 2 days off - maybe schedule my surgery for a Thursday and plan on returning to work on Monday. Is that too ambitious?? I could probably arrange to work from home for a few days if necessary.

I'm going to see a doctor on Monday about my hand, and if there is something wrong with it that will keep me from training, I'm just going to call my PS and reschedule for the earliest available date! I seriously can't wait anymore haha!

What do you guys think? Will I be okay to return to work after four days? How many days did it take for you to feel okay being at work?


I just moved up my date!!! HOLY CRAP, it just got real! I'm now scheduled for Friday, September 30! Which means that mean pre-op appointment is TOMORROW. WHOA.

I just decided that I couldn't wait anymore, and since my hand has been hurting and hampering my jiu jitsu training anyway... why not just do it!?

I have already placed 2-3 orders via Amazon for post-op care. I have already tried out two different kinds of silicone nipple covers - my favorite are the Miss Maisie ones, so comfy and soft and the edges didn't come up even after hours of wearing them. I also bought one of those beautiful Danskin front close plunge neckline sports bra. I purchased a size 34C - I hope that fits after my surgery because I really just guessed what I might wear. I have a couple down pillows and a wedge pillow on the way, along with a zip up jacket, pill boxes, a waist leash for walking my dog, and bendy straws. In short, I'm READY!

I'll post tomorrow after my pre-op to detail what happened. But EEEEEE!! I'm getting boobies!! I can't wait!!

Silicone Nipple Cover Smackdown

My PS advised me to buy silicone nipple covers because she does not prescribe a post-op bra, but mostly because it will help protect my nipples when they become hypersensitive post-op. So, I decided to try a couple different kinds to make sure I found the right ones for me - and I did!!

The first kind I tried were the Boob-Eez (found both pairs on Amazon). These were firmer than expected and didn't really conform to my boob very well. The bottom edge started coming up almost immediately because it was so inflexible. You can see in the pictures that it also sort of flattened my boob out! This might be helpful for women who are having a difficult time concealing their nipples??

The second ones I tried are the clear winners. Miss Maisie silicone nipple covers are soft and supple and conform beautifully to the breast. I actually enjoyed wearing these - they felt like they were sort of hugging the nipple area haha. I love these so much that I immediately purchased 2 more pairs because I know I'll be using these frequently! They say that they're reusable up to 50 times... but we'll see about that.

11 days 'til boobies!!!!

Pre-Op Done!!

Went in today for my pre-op appointment with the surgeon!!

I signed all of the consent forms and paid for the surgery right off the bat. Then my husband and I went in and spoke briefly with my surgeon's assistant. She gave me my prescriptions: norco, Motrin, & the antibiotic. I asked if they ever prescribe anything for nausea because I'm very prone to motion sickness, but she told me that the anesthesiologist actually gives you something for nausea via the IV that's being used for the anesthesia.So, I hope that is the case!

I then retried on the implants that I tried on during my consultation. I still really like how the 325cc mod+ implants looked, but I felt compelled to try on the next size up just to say I had covered all of my options - and I ended up loving it! The difference in size is really so minor, so going with the 350s, if I can, makes the most sense. So 350cc Mod+ it is! OMG I CANNOT WAIT!

Then the surgeon came in and we spent 20-30 minutes talking to her and asking questions. I can tell she's super passionate about what she does - I asked her how she opens up the pocket and her eyes lit up with excitement as she explained it too me. She is very easy to talk to, super straight forward. She thinks that recovery should be a relative breeze - they actually advised me that I could go back to work on Monday after getting my surgery on Friday! I guess we'll find out!

My limitations post-surgery will be: no lifting anything over 10 pounds for the first 4-6 weeks, no cardio for the 2 weeks. Nothing else really - she just advised me to listen to my body and not do anything stupid. :P

Oh my god, you guys. I'm SO. RIDICULOUSLY. EXCITED!!! Next Friday cannot get here soon enough!!

So f**king ready!!

Guys, 6 days is so far away!! I'm definitely in "nesting" mode, as I've heard it called. I've made an embarrassing number of Amazon purchases for boobie supplies. So, I think I'm 100% ready!! And so excited!

I picked up my prescriptions yesterday - paid something like $2.73 for all three so that made me happy! I have my bed wedge and pillows ready - I'm a back sleeper for the most part anyway, so I'm not too mad about that requirement! I have some bras that should fit after surgery - a very stretchy, soft Coobie and a mort supportive Danskin sports bra. I've already thought about what I'm going to wear the day of surgery (yep) - comfy sweats that are easy to pull on and off, a zip up hoodie, and some slip on shoes. I bought some cough drops and some stool softeners just in case I need them. I ordered a waist leash so that I could take my dog outside hands free - I don't know if I'm going to use this right away, because I'd still need to be able to pull the leash if my silly dog lunged at something.

I actually just went through a purge of all my clothes as well. I got rid of everything I know won't fit me after the op or that I just know I don't want any more. And I also have a pile of shirts and bras that I am not sure will fit, but I'll try on again after surgery at some point.

I am starting to feel some nerves occasionally. I worry they will be too big or too small or that I'll develop capsular contracture.... blah blah blah. I am pretty good at talking myself down from these fears. I mean, it's not causing me to question my decision in any way - I'm absolutely getting these boobs!! Haha! But I just am hoping everything goes as smoothly as possible and that I don't freak myself out. :P

Friday can't come soon enough!! Good healing to all the new boobies out there!


T-minus 25.5 hours now!! I got the call from my PS's assistant that I should arrive at the surgery center at 12:45 tomorrow. That's later than I was expecting and I'm sort of dreading the extra wait time, especially since I can't eat or drink anything, but I am not going to complain about being about to sleep in. Plus, my husband can sleep in and not be a crabby patty. :P

I am seriously ready for this - the wait is killing me! Especially being at work... I have gotten so little work done this week, it's a little pathetic.

I'll update you all after I'm done!! Can't wait for these boobies.

I have boobies!!!

They've arrived! Went in for my surgery at 12:45 today and I just got home now around 5:15. I'll chronicle my surgery day later - the pain is real... Bearable, but real. But I have boobs! And they are already exceeding my expectations.

Surgery Day

I woke up a bit early in anticipation, of course. It sucked not being able to have breakfast or DRINK COFFEE, but I tried to keep myself busy with some video games and web browsing. I took a shower and put in two french braids - I figured they will hold up the best for the next couple days if I don't feel ready to wash or brush my hair.

So, I finally arrived at the surgery center around 12:30. Right away, they had me sign forms and pay the rest of my procedure. Then, they wanted me to take a pregnancy test. Well, that didn't go so well because I was so under hydrated and I had literally peed about 10 minutes before. Furthermore, I realized at that very moment that I had starting MY ******* PERIOD!! Are you serious, uterus?!? Right now?! But the woman at the front desk and my nurse, Emily, were so nice. They got me a pad and then just told me not to worry about the pee test for now. I was eventually able to squeeze a couple drops out for them, so it all worked out.

After I got my period situation sorted, I changed into my gown, socks, and sexy head covering (they let me keep my own undies). Then Emily came in and went over all my info with me and took my vitals and started the IV. I'm not afraid of needles or blood so that was not too bad at all, even though the IV dripped some bloods out at first. Apparently I have very juicy veins, haha.

Then the anesthesiologist, Dr. Belmonte, came in and just covered my allergy history and what his role in the OR would be. I told him I was afraid of being nauseated, and he told me that he puts 3 difference substances in with the anesthetic to prevent nausea, so I was put at ease. I haven't had much queasiness at all, so I guess it worked!

After that, Dr. Cobbins came in (with a big grin on her face, which immediately make me so excited and relaxed). She drew on me and then she let my husband come back to talk to me for a couple minutes before the OR nurse came to get me.

Once the OR nurse came to get me, it was super quick! I laid on the operating table, and they put the compression devices on my legs to keep blood clots from developing. Then Dr. Belmonte started hooking my up to monitors and said he was going to put something in my IV to help me relax... and then I was waking up!!

I was in a fair amount of pain when I woke up - I just felt really tight, not only on my chest, but around my back and neck and down my arms a bit too. I have taken 2 percocet and 800 mg of ibuprofen, so my pain is VERY well managed right now.

My husband is taking absolutely amazing care of me - I am so lucky to have him.

Good healing and happy boobies to all my boobies buddies out there. :)

Already in love!

I seriously already love my new boobs - I had psyched myself out for them to be super deformed and frankenboobie and to not like how they looked for a long time, but I can just tell that they are going to be perfect for me once they settle and soften up. I am so excited!!


I can't describe how happy I am with my result. They are still super tight and firm, but the size is exactly what I wanted. I have zero doubts about my decision so far.

It's day two and I'm feeling probably about 75% normal. I'm still taking the norcos, but I'm going to start going off of them tonight and tomorrow. The pain hasn't been bad since I've been pretty on top of the pills. I did try to sleep all the way through the night last night without getting up to take a pill, and I woke up around 5am in a considerable amount of pain. This was a new kind of pain - I assume it is the start of the infamous nerve pain. Oh, and my left breast has quite a bit more pain than the right.

My range of motion isn't too bad - my surgeon encouraged me to use full range of motion as soon as possible, so I have been gently stretching my arms overhead about once an hour. I actually find that it decreases some of the tightness and feels rather nice.

I have been icing sporadically. It feels soothing and I think it's helping with some of the swelling.

I'm still sleeping elevated, but I love it! I have this neck pillow in the shape of a rhino which I have named Randy, and Randy has been an absolute lifesaver!! I have been so comfy sleeping at night, I might continue to sleep this way for a while. :)

I am taking one more day off before heading back to work. I honestly probably could go back tomorrow - I'm feeling well enough to sit at a desk for sure - but who doesn't like an extra day off??

So yea, everything is going great! I love my new boobs and my surgeon is a genius! I hope all my boobie buddies out there are doing well! :)

So happy!

I'm back at work today, which sucks, but only as much as working ever sucks. I'm feeling pretty great, physically! My boobs are still tight and firm, but I think they have softened up pretty considerably. I really can't wait to have a bit more cleavage!!!!

No one at work has noticed or said anything about my boobs, which I more or less expected. I think the size of my breasts are perfect and don't scream implants, so I'm glad I'm not attracting a bunch of extra attention. But I LOVE them! I feel so proportionate and sexy - they are perfect.

The pain is mostly gone, except first thing in the morning. They feel more like "mine" every day - I think they will feel 100% a part of me in time. Once I can move them and squish them a little more, I will be over the moon! Can't wait to go shopping!!!!

Happy boobies, ladies!!

Incisions... blech

Here are my "incisions" at day five post-op. The bruising has improved dramatically. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a wee bit scared for these bandages to come off - I have no idea what's going on underneath!! But they are still hanging on strong, so I am hoping that by the time they fall off, the incisions underneath will have healed sufficiently to not weird me out too much. :P

Did anyone else have bandages like mine that were just supposed to fall off on their own? How long do they stay on??

So in love

Got this cute bra at Target! ??

Day 8!

I haven't updated too frequently because, frankly, there hasn't been too much to update. I feel that I saw a lot of progress in the first 3 days or so (which is probably just due to the initial swelling coming down), and now the progress each day is much more subtle. I have very little pain when I'm just at rest, but my breasts are very tender and sensitive to the touch - especially my nipples. Agh, my nipples pretty much constantly feel like they are being rubbed raw and I think it might be the least comfortable part of recovery so far. I really dislike it. I find that keeping them covered is the only way to minimize the rugburn feeling.

Otherwise, feeling about the same as day 2 post op - I still get a little worn down if I walk around or do too much, but I'm feeling pretty back to normal. I am really missing jiu jitsu training. I stopped in at my academy yesterday because my husband also trains there and I was going to meet him, and it just made me miss training and especially my training partners so much. It was really nice to see all my sparring buddies though. Can't wait to get back on the mats!

I'm still a little skeeved out by the incision sites and avoid thinking about it at all costs. I found my recovery instructions and they state that the band-aids will be removed during my first post-op appointment if they haven't fallen off by themselves already. I just feel like my post-op appointment is super late compared to most girls - I'm not seeing my surgeon for the first time until nearly 3 weeks post-op! Everything has been going fine, and I think they are dropping into place nicely, so I'm not too concerned... it's just interesting to see how different each surgeon is in their approach.

But yea, loving them! I'm of course super anxious for the healing process to hurry itself along, but I'm trying to practice patience and just enjoy the journey.

I forgot to add...

My husband loves my new additions! I'm so happy! Of course, I went through with this procedure for myself and only myself, but it was still important for me that my husband was onboard and liked the results - so yay!

I feel bad for him though, because right now they are "look but don't touch" because of how sore and sensitive I am. My nipples especially - ugh! He is dying to play with them, haha, but then again, so am I. ????


I really enjoy seeing the changes that have occurred! They are definitely looking better. They are soooo effing sensitive, though - I am really not enjoying that. I hope it doesn't last too long.

They're settling in so nicely!

I love how well my boobies are settling in!! Every day, they are softer and feel more normal! I love it. And they are dropping a bit closer together as they do, which makes me very happy!

I actually was having a few doubts about the size the other day - I felt like they were bigger than what I really wanted. But then my husband told me that they are "quite literally the perfect size" for me, so that made me feel a lot better to hear. And now I couldn't be more stoked.

No one has said anything to me about noticing anything different about me, which is sorta weird. I wonder if they haven't noticed or are just being polite. Fine by me though, I didn't want my boobs to be super attention grabbing or anything.

15 days!

The girls are more than 2 weeks old now!! I love love love them! I still don't feel as though I see a ton of changes happening from day to day, but I'm sure they will do their thing in their own time. They look completely normal and natural in clothes, so I'm not worried about it.

I don't have much pain anymore, just the normal tenderness/sensitivity. They are extremely sensitive on the outside and underneath, and the NIPPLE. Ugh, sometimes when I take my bra off at the end of the day my nipples swell up and feel like they want to jump off my chest! They are so overly sensitive, it's annoying! I have been wearing a bra or light cami 24/7 because they are just too sensitive to leave bare.

My left breast has more pain than the right one. There's a sharp stretching sensation across my nipple when I raise my arm. This was pretty intense during the first week or so, but it's getting better day by day. I can barely feel it when I stretch my arms overhead anymore. However, I DO feel some stretching underneath my incisions which I'm afraid might develop into Mondor's cords. :( I hope not, that sound painful.

Overall, I would re-do this whole experience in a heartbeat, despite the aches and pains. I'm so so happy about my boobies!

I have my first follow-up appointment this Thursday, which means I'll FINALLY see my incisions! I'm both intrigued and terrified. I've accumulated a bit of blood on both of the bandages covering my incisions, so I'm really hoping I didn't do anything to harm my incisions. :\ Did any of you ladies have blood from your incisions between the 1st and 2nd week post-op?

But yea, overall I'm doing great! Just waiting for the drop and fluff fairy to drop by! I walked into a Victoria's Secret today, but have vowed not to buy bras until I'm at least 6 weeks post-op, I'm so excited!!! There are so many ridiculously cute bras, I might go bankrupt. :)

Happy boobies! Hope everyone is doing well!

Three weeks - finally got to see my incisions!

I had my first follow up appointment with my surgeon yesterday. She finally took those icky bandaids off me and let me see the incisions - HOLY CRAP, YOU GUYS. She did a phenomenal job with my incisions! They are of course bumpy from all of the internal stitches, but they are unbelievably neat and clean and straight!! And short!! And they are placed so perfectly in the crease. Absolutely perfect - I couldn't be happier!

She was really pleased at how they are looking and didn't have any concerns or anything. She said I could go back to the gym for cardio, but nothing using my arms. When I go back in four weeks for my follow-up appointment she will clear me for pretty much my normal gym routine since I'll be past that six week mark. I'm honestly sort of dreading going back to the gym - not because of my boobs, but because I just know how out of shape I'm going to feel! And also, I quit my gym that I had been a member of for yeeeeeears and am starting at a whole new gym, which is kind of sad.

I am only motivated to go back to the gym because it will help me get back to jiu jitsu faster. That's really the only reason I ever go to the gym - to just stay in shape enough to not get injured while I'm sparring. Man, I miss jiu jitsu!! My surgeon said it will be another 2-3 months before she'Il clear me to train. :(

But I've been doing so well - I still looooove my boobs. They have a bit to go in terms of drop and fluff but I think they are looking pretty darn good, if I do say so myself. :)

Hmmm... I think that's all the relevant bits. Hope all you ladies are doing well!!

Day 23!

I forgot to mention in my most recent update that I did, in fact, develop a few Mondor's cords. They're pretty small, and are really not nearly as bad as I expected (recurrent theme throughout this process ????). They just feel like minor tugging.

I also found a little stitch that is poking out of one of my incisions. Because I'm terrible about compulsively picking at things on my skin, I decided it was best to keep my incisions covered until they are entirely smooth. So, I came across Mepitac tape, which is just a "flesh" toned silicone adhesive tape. Bonus is that is helps flatten scars!

I'm more obsessed with my new additions with each passing day!! Hope all my boobie buddies are doing well!

Happy Halloween!

I was just playing around with skull makeup and snapped this pic. Cleavage - yay!!!


Two Month Update!

Hello all you boob-iful ladies! I hope everyone is doing well and loving their boobies!! I have not updated you all in what feels like forever!! I think that's a good thing though -- I have very little to update on when everything has gone SO SMOOTHLY!

I just uploaded a bunch of random pics from the last few weeks - I am so so so obsessed with my boobs. I especially love the cleavage that I can create - so exciting!! I never ever was able to create cleavage before.

I went in for my "six week" follow-up last week, and my PS told me I should be wearing around a 32D or maybe a 34C! Seems about right, I purchased a few bras from Victoria's Secrect - 32D was too small in most of the styles but 34D and 32DD seem to be pretty perfect! So happy. She mentioned that my boobs will likely stay about where they are - they didn't have to do much dropping or fluffing, so I got pretty lucky there!

I have not gotten back into my workout routine yet, but I have been doing a bit of cardio and just yesterday I did a somewhat normal back and shoulder workout. Everything felt pretty normal, except lat pull-down where I could definitely feel the pecs trying to do some of the work. But I was pleased with how normal it felt to do everything else. I think I'll go back to the gym today and try do some some squats, lunges, deadlifts, etc...

I really can't wait to get back to jiu jitsu, but I'm going to give that at least one more month to be safe. My husband would like for me to wait until like March of next year, but I really don't know if I can wait that long - I'm going nuts!! I actually have been dealing with a little bit of depression (a recurring problem) that I think is 90% due to a lack of physical activity. I'm really hoping that getting back into a bit of a routine will help with that. I've also been experiencing terrible neck- and headaches due to my pecs being tight and my back muscles being overstretched, so hopefully getting back to the gym will help with that as well.

My incisions are healing up perfectly. I don't ever really think about them because they are so well hidden in the creases. I have not been doing anything to encourage them to fade or anything - I'm just trusting that time will do it's thing. It one less thing that I have to worry about remembering every day.

I'm like 99% used to having boobs at this point. Sometimes, I'll pull on a shirt I haven't worn since the surgery or something and I'll be like, "Holy whoa, these are big!" but most of the time, I just think that they are perfect and make my proportions exactly what I wanted!

I went and got a massage for the first time since my surgery and everything was great! I've seen that some women have trouble laying comfortably on their stomachs, but I don't have any issues with that, thankfully! My husband is also learning that he doesn't have to be as gentle with them anymore. :P I have to say, the skin underneath my breasts and my nipples are still pretty sensitive - not nearly as bad as around the 2 week mark, but still more sensitive than beforehand. I do hope that subsides a bit over time.

Hmmm... what else? I don't know that there is anything else to update! Boobs are finally not 99% of my thinking process everyday! I still think about them often, and I absolutely love my own pair, but it's not a constant obsession like it was in the weeks leading up to the surgery. I much prefer it that way! :P

I hope everyone else is doing well! To those of you who are still on the fence about getting the surgery, do it! Of course, do your research and make sure you trust your doctor, but as long as you have a good surgeon, the process will be easier than you every could have expected!
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Cobbins is an impeccable doctor. She was patient and thorough with my husband and I in explaining the procedure and setting my expectations. She was straightforward and answered each of our questions with a knowledgable response. I was especially pleased that I had chosen Dr. Cobbins when I discovered that her methodologies regarding breast augmentation are supported by the most recent research on breast augmentation - this tells me that she stays up-to-date on her skills and adjusts her practice where necessary. The day of surgery is one filled with nerves and anxiety if you're a breast augmentation patient - but when Dr. Cobbins walked into the room on the day of my procedure with a big grin on her face, I was immediately put at ease. Her confidence gave me confidence. And the procedure was an absolute breeze. One moment I was lying on the operating table and the next minute I was waking up with new boobs! Recovery has been easier, by far, than expected. I was completely mobile the same day of surgery. By day 2 post-op, I washed and braided my hair in 2 french braids. I'm now 12 days post-op and I feel about 95% back to my normal self! My boobs are already settling and softening, and they feel like a part of me. TL;DR Dr. Cobbins is an amazing plastic surgeon! I HIGHLY recommend seeing her!!

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