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I am currently looking to enhance my butt...

I am currently looking to enhance my butt dramatically; dramatically because I have little to none lol... Overall I'm looking for a nice, round, full behind. My plan is to have this procedure done no later than May '14. I'm not looking for cheap but reasonable pricing. I would rather have something local so that I have the help I need. I;m lost as there are so many options, I need help... Please help..

The first step to a new ME!!!

So.. After researching, I have decided to take the first step and email Dr. Yily. I need her in my life.. Hoping she get's back to me as fast as I am thinking about it. Until then LIVE LAUGH LOVE BIG BUTTS... MUAH

Got my Quote

SOOOOO, I got my quote from Dr. Yily.. She added a tummy tuck and advised me that with the lipo I will most likely have some over-lapping skin so the tummy tuck would be best.. With lipo on tummy, flanks, waist, breast lift and bbl, I thought a tummy tuck would be pushing it. IDK something to think about, I have until April. So on with loosing these extra pounds, so I can be extra right for my new body!!! Until next time, Live, Laugh, Love BIG BUTTS

So much to do!!!!

Hello, Sistahs, Sorry have not updated in a while but I have kept close eye on the things my Sistahs are up too. After chatting with Yily, changing my mind, adding things and asking every questions I could; I am now ready to start preparing. I made my list tonight on all things needed plus some extra stuff. My only problem is I can't find a Recovery House. I want to get everything in order. I have about 6 months but I want the ball to roll smoothly. So far I have seen Yasmin Recovery House on airbnd.com. I will say I am pretty bougie but ghetto as well. I want some where that is great, clean, neat, people are nice and I can be comfortable. I seen one place before but fail to get the info and now that I am looking I can't find the post. Please help ladies. Until next time Live Laugh Love Big Butts.
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