Salam Feb 7, 2014 1600 cc per side, 55 inches after surgery has dropped and rounded 52 now 4 weeks post op cant wait to fluff

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Hi u guys i'am def new here..... i'am 27...

hi u guys i'am def new here..... i'am 27 yrs old iam 5'7' or a half iam the biggest i've ever been at 213 .i'am going monday march 26,2012 to get my bbl .here in chicago ill. after looking at the other girls i soooooo wanted to go out of state to mia,flo, mexico.....i just don'nt feel like chicago dr's got it unless u getting a dam bobbie job.... so i'am gonna need extra pray. One for everything being o.k. with me before and way after and hopes that its done right.

I've been wanting this done since i was young high school seeing all the big booty girls and they cute azz shapes. don;nt get me wrong i get lot's of compliments and people say i have a nice shape with my clothes on and all my freinds say my butt big but i don;t see it and that's all that matters right? anywho i tryed uploading butt shots but it only let me do one pic so i did the front first then ill switch and do the back k.

The pros r if every thing goes right then ur gonna have a nice big bubble booty. the cons are if it goes wrong u well b unhappy and risk lots of risks of u guys no wat. i just want the best results for wat iam paying and alot of prayer prayer prayer can i get a amen and thank u jesus. Also my doc said he was gonna do like 600-700 1st i called back up there and he was like 700- 800 cc i said i wanted more like a 1000ccc or up he start talking that talk about u don't want ur butt to burst or the fat to die i'am like in my head my booty can handle this. its wide and got some weight on it so i was like i want a drastic change cause i aint paying 9,000 for natural or average cause i got that now. and please excuse the pics but it's hard takeing them with ur phone .

Alright lady's and gents lol.........................

alright lady's and gents lol.............................4 more days to go. everyone please keep me in ur prays, pray that god watch over me an guide my dr. to do it right and make no mistakes and please let me have a speedy recover love yall and god bless........................

Alright lady's we talking hours k ooh shit here we...

alright lady's we talking hours k ooh shit here we go 6:30 am i still need something to sit on any suggestions u guys. if i don't post after its's cause i'am going to a bed and breakfeast center for 24hrs to get mointored after surgery them i'am going to my mom's so i want be back at my place or computer for a couple of days or maybe a week. love u guys ttyl.................................god bless me and all of u :>.....

Okay I'm alive I'll post later

Okay I'm alive I'll post later

Imma add pictures but i gotta do round two iam so...

imma add pictures but i gotta do round two iam so pissed................................. i spent 10,000 dollars.

round 2 feb 13 adventura

Am back just like i said i would be, long story short i convinced my sister to do what she always wanted to do so .I have my partner in crime now we can go out of state like i wanted to the first time. my doctor was ok, it wasn't what i wanted i mean i had butt before he gave me a lil more cushion, but i want it all, and I think salama will do me justice, in gods hands he will anyway. these pictures are the end of 2012 up in too now sep 2013. Am between 5'7-5'8, and am like 220 now like ten or 15 pounds heavier. i went into my first surgery at 210 so i figure this one i'll drop down to 200 even. i 'll look skinny i want look close to 200 for some reason even though this is the healiest i've ever been i carry it well always have. when it came to dealing with weight.

round 2

round 2

round 2

counting the days like it's my first time.

I would just like to give a big thanks to dr. weiner he was a really nice dr. who did make a change with my body , it was just no drastic enough for me. so lady's don't be discouraged with him, even though he is pricey , but i went to quite a few dr's and for me in chicago he was the best out the bunch for me here. I just wanted salama from the beginning ,but like i said i did 'nt want to do it alone ,and now i can get him with my sis going:) I feel like he will give me the results i wanted at first.I truly hope the wait ,and extra money is worth this wait.

Aint this some ish.......Vitamin d level a 9 surgery on feb 13, 2014.

well last week my labs came back , and my dr called , to say my vitamin d level is a 9. WTF........ no wonder i been so tired , and irraited, so am on vit d 50,000 iu d2 (ergo) caps rx twice a week monday and thursday. I go see her on dec 18th. to talk , about this situation, and tell her i'am getting surgery out of state which is a bbl. We well be discussing my labs, which we talked about over the phone. am going to need to know why? this wasn't caught beforein the past. I literally go get blood , and test did about 3 to 4 times a year . they alaways tell me everything is fine, so imma need her to go back in the system so we can figure out when my levels start droping. 2 b or not 2 b so annoyed right now. excuse the typo's, but am wondering is this gonna be safe i mean she said my iron ok , but am gone need proof of that ,plus am go need to no can i still go. smdh.....

Have any of you lady's experienced any similar problems or know someone who had surgery esp bbl with level 9 vitamin d or arou

I guess only time well tell

Went to the Dr. hemo 12.6 ,and that was before the vitamins yes lord.

I'am happy about that i will be getting blood work again at the end of jan. Me and my dr. discussed that with the EKG , and what ever else. So HOpefully with vitamins it get's better, also i want my bobbies did too , but i don't think salama do combos .I just want it all at once . Knowing the first bbl was tough idk how i would do the boobies , and that , but we want what we want lol.


I wasn't gonna post , but i gotta vent .well i took my ekg on dec. 31st 2013. On jan 2, 2014 i took it to my dr. she said she could'nt clear me. my vitals looked good on it but the words(stats) on the side were off. i looked on line. typed in the (stat) info about the wording in with the vitals, and tons of people had pretty much the same readings , and their dr. said they were ok. I guess mine don't want no problems . which is cool i can respect the extra care, but at the same time it's stressful. what type of ish is this .My dr. said if i was getting anything ,but general from the readings i'd be cool, but since am getting general going under i gotta get cleared by the specialist. SAY WHAT...... mind you i've been put under before twice, for comestic and uncomestic reasons:) but this is a new pcp dr. I just got at the end of the summer, and i never had and ekg for any other surgery so idk. I went , and took another EKG on jan.2,2014 . The same day I left my dr. office in that hospital, and i get the results tomorrow jan 7 , 2014 from a specialist that is going report to my dr.This shit is bannas just when i was setting easy about salama now this . If GOD want it to happen it will so we shall see what are father has in store for me later gators.

As they say am cleared, and it's bout to be showtime at ESP on 2-13-2014 .

well well i will be updating 1month pre up pictures later today ladies , and then the exerciseing begins. i was dabating on losing weight , but in the beginning nancy said it was cool if i wanted to i did'nt have too, but might as well . cause the only thing i plan on losing after is the swelling not fat . not that i can control it , but am just saying.

Try N on different clothes so you guys can see the before results.... 1-30-2014

This be that type of shit i don't like..

I'am just ready to get this over with .extremely irritated cause i never wanted to go by myself. life happens though. I went from going with my sister to now going by myself. Nancy pissed me off so did jewels they need to get there shit together . i really don't care who reads or see's this. I had to come out of extra money cause of miscommunications on there part . so many things happen n . This shit got me thinking to do or not to do, but i guess since i came this fair i might as well continue. imma just pray that god bless me to have a healthy safe surgery , and recovery. my pray's are with you upcoming ladies as well.

realistic expectations ummmm..... Maybe.

I don't have any whis pictures on here , but truth be told i want my body bangin like "DELICIOUS". from flavor of love. She got hips , and ass for days she ain't the only one , but i really like her body.

Just had to vent real quick in the paragraph before.

I like to keep things in , and too myself that's why i don't post much, but am just sad my sister isn't going, amongst other things.

4 weeks post op

I tried up dating from my phone , but it was giving me major issues so i had to wait to i got to my computer to update. I arrive in Miami Feb 6, 2014 picked up by driver Justin. surgery was the next day on the 7th. I got to the surgery center about 11:00 am . Didn't see salama still about a little after 12:00 pm . wasn't nervous i was ready to get it over with. didn't bring any wish pictures or tell him no amount of cc's it didn't matter all i said was i wanted a bubble' heart every thing else was up to him.I also got my arms done also which he said was good cause he said he needed the arm fat. cause the scare tissue had him sweating he said it was bad. i did not take any thing for swelling , because we were to receive arnica included, and i didn't receive them from his office the day before , and i was swollen really bad . I had them my first surgery from my DR. office took one the day before morning of surgery and a couple days later had no swelling what so ever . I truly believe the pills would have helped me this go round also we live , and learn. I returned back to the rehab house about 6:30 pm. I stayed at the recover house which was cool unto one of the staff got on my dam nerves. I was gonna have to have some words with her , but my roomie put me at ease thanks girl. I tried to post from my phone a million times esp the first night but i was so in and, out of sleep i honestly don't know what happened to the review. soon as i got to the house i was up walking laughing like it was three four days in. I got in and out the bed with no help even for having arms did i felt fine they couldn't believe how good i was doing besides the swelling. I received 1600 per side. they said it was huge it was massive even salama kept saying that thing is big all the girls in the office when i would go for my appointments said the girls in the house kept talking bout how big mine looked. another girl said i could afford to sit down , and loose some ass lol they was all cool though. The plane ride was 3 and a half hours i stood for bout 2 something hours on and off then sit the rest my plane was super packed. I also had to stop taking that c- medication because i got c- diff before i left , and was prescribed another antibiotic i was so tired of them dam pills . i swear i was going to the bathroom 5-6 times a day that was no fun. especially since my flight was at 7:00 am and a hr before Justin arrived i literally went to the bathroom like 4 times i thought i was gonna have am still not 100% , but everyday and week is a step closer to normal i hope i wish. sorry this review all over the place , but trying to squeeze all my knowledge into one day , and fast, so work with me ladies and gents.


I thought i was gonna have to cancel my flight cause my stomach was so fucked up. i was nervous , and literally shit n myself.

would i do it again

idk am not cool not being able to sit for six weeks. the recovery process was way eraser though this go round i still you . did it improve yes , but some dents just don't want to go . Am gone see what gym life is all about, and i cant wait to I fluff . ooh after surgery my ass was 55 inch before surgery it was about 49 inches, now it's bout 51-52 inches maybe fluffing will bring it back up to 55 who knows only time will tell . In all salama was super cool he was joking with me i was joking back i had no worries. his staff was cool but honestly they communication skills suck. they need to get they shit together cause they cost me more money in the end, but besides that they some laid back chicks. would i fucked with salama in the future probably i had no issues with him. I dream of titty's , so he might be a candidate i ain't got to worry bout sitting on my ass so i could possibly be down. possibly do a revision on these dents too only the future can tell overall for now am cool with my results at this point in time besides the dents that appeared week 2-3. my family think my ass look ridiculous everyone who's seen it is like that shit look fake. it already was big now it's just a better version of it use to be self. i went out with my sister last weekend , and she was like a guy asked her is that her ass is it real, she said yea he said to her stand up let me see yours she said no need to cause mine flat like a pancake , but hers real , i was lol . i was use to it before , but now i guess it look even more fake all well i like it , and that's all that matter. still next time god bless and good nite see you guys 6 weeks post.

Thanks ladies

I would just like to say thank you all . I don't post to often , but i well try my best to keep you guys informed. I do know that this surgery is a process , and like you all i was geeting those bbl blues too. what's one day perfect can be inperfect the next,and i am to , and do have realistic expectations, but very much appreciated .I well be hit n the gym tomorrow for the first time , and well be back at six weeks post with tummy , arms and booty shots . enjoy and god bless. ooh yea ladies a one of the girls order a role thing to sit on i guess when your in a car it's royal blue , and firm sorry don't know the name .it was to long for her seat. she must have ordered the lond one so she cut it in half for me and her , and that's what i use to sit on when i sit since day one on the toliet trust , and believe ass never touches toliet you feel no pressure it's great! I wish i could upload a picture , but my phone is act n up well try though.

sorry for the lateness.

Will officially update my 6month post op later with pictures . God bless ladies.


Surgery 2/2014 salama The dents are real once again lol.






photos posted 7 months post op

Hi ladies well as you can see i still have dents and flat areas, one side seem slightly bigger. Hope these photos help enjoy and b safe.

still no fluff still at 52' instead of 55'

Hopefully it will fluff , and get more rounded.

arm photo

This is what i have it's hard to take one when u holding the camera will try again later.

alomonte is the doc......It's that time again

time for me to balance the rest of me.. i will be going to the "DR" with my sister. still can't believe am doing it ,but can u say i finally got a buddy. :) I new that i would be getting surgery again. I just never thought it would be in the DR.. though, but when my sister set her date , and asked wats up with me i said what the hell why not. it was gonna get did either way here in the states by myself so why not go , and be buddy up.. i will be getting a ba with lift,and tt with lipo on march 25,2015 photos coming soon. keep me , and my sister , and all the realself family in your prays. i will continue to do the same. GOD BLESS AND HAVE A GREAT DAY.

well there very good people but app. mean nuthing i mean both times i went for both consultations i waited and hr or more other then the time there cool. and everything cost with them but they say perfection is money so don't be cheap i hope that saying pertaining to this chick is the way i have a five year old who' the love of my life with his bad azz lol...........................

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