27yr Old...mother of 4!! Chicago, IL looking for Lipo/BBL

I'm hoping to find a great surgeon with a...

I'm hoping to find a great surgeon with a reasonable price! Lol I've been stalking this site for awhile now...I can't wait to get this procedure done!! I'm not sure if I want it done here in Chicago or if I want to go to the DR?!? I've been hearing so many stories that the docs out here won't give you that vixen booty lol so I'm leaning more towards DR!!

Pre Op

Laaawwdddd looking at these pics scare me lol I'm so self contious with the way my body looks.... as you can see I didn't post a pic yet of my butt because this was traumatizing enough lol


I know I should be a little more realistic lol BUT I can't help but dream right?!?! Lol

Up reading reviews

Now I'm starting to think I should get a tummy tuck :/ my only issue is having time off from work!!! One week is all I can take!


I'm so EXCITED!! I madey deposits TODAY!!! Can't wait to have my surgery!!! :)))))
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