26 Yrs Old.always Had a Lot of Back Fat and No but at All! - Chicago, IL

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So I can't believe I'm actually writing a review...

So I can't believe I'm actually writing a review on real so and I have an actual surgery date set with dr. Weiner which is on June 9th. I have been getting my finances in order and going to consultations for nearly a year yet I've been researching this and always wanting it for 5 to 6 years. I kept coming back to Dr Weiner and reading his reviews and looking at his before and afters and after all my consoles I knew that I had a good feeling about this place. Today I had my consult about getting my whole back love handles and upper back liposuction and used for the Brazilian butt lift. I am not doing liposuction on my stomach because as I know it will leave my stomach with a lot of loose hanging skin. I have lost a lot of weight and also had a kid two years ago so I would rather not chance loose skin on my stomach. everybody makes you feel very comfortable there and my consultation was with his very experienced assistant and I will be going back a week or two before my surgery to actually meet the doctor and tell him exactly my expectations and doing all the pre-op testing. their facility is very clean modern and comfortable and this doctor is very experienced and very precise because he uses vaser liposuction. I feel very good about it and I definitely look forward to adding to this review after I get the procedure done I am pretty nervous but excited any tips or tricks for Recovery is very much appreciated! Talk to you guys soon!

2 weeks before my bbl

Well my pre op appointment went eztremely well. It doesnt even seem real yet.Dr Wiener spent nearly two hours with me as I asked him every question I could think of LOL I was really nervous but he made me feel more at ease. My surgery is in a little less than two weeks and I think I am opting to go to the recovery home for at least 24 to 48 hours afterwards because I'm so nervous and I can't tolerate a lot of pain I would like to be in an environment to where Extra Care and pain meds can be given. Will update you guys as soon as I get a chance

Day before surgery! Terrified! Before pics

So I'm feeling so stressed out and horrible. I'm nervous that I won't be able to take the pain after surgery and my iron was also low so I've been taking iron everyday for the last 7 days but not sure if it's going to bring me up to the iron level I should be at. As you'll see in my pics my stomach is pretty big and I basically have a big lump of fat and skin above my butt and there's literally no ass there. I'm looking for a big improvement in my butt but I know my stomach would need a tummy tuck but I don't think I could ever go through with it. So me and my Dr. Agreed to go very aggressive on my back and love handles all the way up to my bra rolls and go light on my stomach as not to leave a huge hanging pouch of skin. I will be up at 5:30 AM tomorrow and taking an uBer to ohare where my Dr is located. I'm so broke I literally don't even have a dollar and all my credit cards are maxed out so I'm under stress and suffering from herniated disks :(...ughhh...it is what it is though!the day is here and I'm getting this surgery!! I purchased an ambulance ride to a rehab house and I will stay there the first 24 hrs which does make me feel a lot calmer knowing I can request pain meds and all!!!! Any encouragement is appriciated!! I'm going to spend the day prepping and resting and trying to get my mind right!!

One more photo of theach back

Ughhh!!! My back area is so huge and my little butt is non existence ughhhh. ....bout to change though!!

I made it through!

Hi all I made it through! It's 10 at night and I got out of surgery at 4 today.wow crazy journey so far! If I diddnt invest in getting an ambulance ride to a rehab for the first day I don't think I could deal. Was very nervous before surgery and I asked them if I would be waking up with pain medication already in my system because I've heard many horror stories on here of women waking up and saying it feels like they are on fire and they assured me that I will have pain medication in my system through the IV. When I woke up I actually didn't feel any pain until I tried to adjust myself into a more comfortable position and the pain started. They gave me fentanyl and then about 20 minutes later they told me the ambulance was there and the EMTs came and lifted me up. In the ambulance I was trying to adjust and get comfortable and the pain started to get bad again after just taking the Fentanyl... When I got to the rehab I was starting to feel the pain and getting very agitated and I was also still shaking from the anaesthesia but they gave me more nausea medication as well as a shot of Dilaudid and two of my Norcos so as you can see I had a lot of pain medication and I mean a lot! After eating something and dozing off for a bit I started feeling a lot better and as of right now I'm confident that when I go home tomorrow around 4 I will be fine with my prescription pain meds and it will definitely be manageable... It was really only that first couple hours. As far as the booty goes I don't really know what to think because my doctor uses the compression garment that holds your butt in the Garment so my butt is not having that huge look that I see in most pics right after surgery which kind of concerns me but I will know tomorrow once he comes and takes it off and inspect my body. So that's basically it for now I'm about to get some rest we'll update you soon

One pic....doesnt really do justice...

Just snapped this myself.....dont think.it does justice but if youve seen my before pic this is a huge upgrade!! Lol

24 hrs post op

Well it's been exactly the 25 hrs since I've been out of surgery and today has been hell.my stomach is so painful and bruised I can't lay on it without extreme pain my butt also feels like it's on fire and feels very tight my lower back is also excruciating. I've been taking Dilaudid and Norco around the clock does not touch the pain.I can barely get out of bed or walk my whole body is one big bruise. Kind of bummed out about the shape of my butt which is no fault of dr. Weiner's because he did advise me that I had a lot of skin and fat above my butt there for my waist would not become tiny but it's just a very round long rectangular shape and I really hope it changes for the better I will add a pic but overall the pain today has been almost unbearable

Going on 48 hrs soon! A new pic!

Well im still in alot of pain. Still at the rehab and begging to stay another night. Just need the funds.I've been getting up and walking alot more. My whole body is a bruise. Can't wait til I hit the 5 day mark and hopefully get some relief.

A little past 2 days post op!!

I can finally get in and out of bed pretty easily all by myself I also have been doing a lot of walking and my butt and hips have been feeling like they are loosening up. I'm now starting to get some pain control with medication and overall it's easier for me to move. I will be finally going home tomorrow around around 1 in the afternoon thank God!!

So far it has been worth it I'm just hoping the shape of my butt will round out and drop a bit and that I don't lose too much volume.

Just under 72 hr post op

Feeling so much better! Still afraid to take off garment cuz it's a weird sensation plus I am squeamish to see bruises.. I might try to take it off later tonight or tomorrow for a shower. I'm still don't know what to think about the shape of my butt so far seems like I have a lot of swelling in my waist which is preventing from me having that round look in my butt. Other than that my abdomen is sore from the binder and from laying on my stomach and I'm a little stiff in general but feeling great compared to the last two days

4 days post op

Having a friend come over tonight to help me take garment off and shower


Well was kinda bummed out when I got out of my garment last night. As I've said my butt is a bit of a bigger version of my weird shaped butt. And as for my stomach I know I have excess skin so we agreed to do a small amount of lipo on the stomach because I don't think I will ever do tt so I diddnt want it too deflated. It is definetly hanging more than it was before. At this point my butt looks pretty good in a pencil skirt but it doesn't look that great in a sundress or panties or anything like that and my stomach as of now is worse I know there may be swelling and skin tightness needs to occur but overall I don't know at this point :/ :/

Before and after a as of now....Not thrilled

So here is to before and after that I put together and I'm really not thrilled. And let me just say that me and the doctor did talk about that above my butt having loose skin as well as fat and I knew that my waist would not become small because of the excess skin. But I was letting him know that my whole goal was to basically have my back transition smoothly into a butt with no high lump at the top area before my butt which seem to be possible. From the back I do like the fact that my back is smoother and from the back there is an illusion of a butt but as you can see from the profile it's hideous with no nice curve in the butt because there's a lump at the top and then it kind of goes in yes it is Fuller than it was but my butt is also going to shrink 30% so I'm just really frustrated my whole body feels like a bruise I can't even do anything and I feel like I put myself through a lot and I'm so broke and to see the results so far are making me pretty upset

Just the same pic with captions

Extra depressed today:(

So I tried on more of my clothes and they look the same :( with the exception of a pencil skirts which show a bigger version of my weird shaped butt which is more workable. But if I'm going to pay $10,000 be in excruciating pain and now I have to get back to work ASAP because I'm in bed yet I can't do it because I have a physical job I feel like I did it for nothing. I was expecting a nice yet not too massive result and it's even below my expectations. As I said I did not set my expectations very high because we had talked about a body lift or a tummy talk which I cannot afford that kind of down time money and pain. Yet I was still under the impression that I would have some sort of thing resembling an ass. I just don't even know :( :(

Post op appointment

So I went today and explained my disappointment. the nurse is adamant that the bump above my butt is swelling. Not buying that. I barely have swelling at all anywhere so why only there? It feels the same and not like edema. For a fact the bump won't disappear and my butt won't suddenly inflate to a nice round butt. So I'm over it and done. I've changed my review to not worth it. I'm sick with grief,regret and anger. I'm living on a credit card with rent comming,in deep debt and unable to get back anytime soon to work because my job is physical. Good bye realself.
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