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Well It basically goes like this! i've always...

Well It basically goes like this! i've always wanted to feel better about myself after losing so much weight i decided i was going to start making myself feel like i always thought who i was suppose to be.. I recently got a bbl done a week & four days ago! Although i love the shape that i got i think i might have to get a revision done when i am healed i hope & pray that my doctor doesnt charge me anything because i simply cannot afford it! i saved $8g in a year and sacrificed so much to start my journey to love the skin im in!!! Hoping & praying everything goes great!!!


Hello ladie's of realself! i am sorta new to this site & barely started reading & looking around! I can't believe how many women who look amazing after getting bbl's like Dr.Perry's patients i think from florida. from beverly hills Dr.Salama from miami i think as well just amazing!!!! i wish i were one of you's!!!! I recieved a bbl two weeks ago today & it's disappointing. its not at all what i expected! I saved so much $ within just one yr & sacrificed all i had to give & i feel like a complete fool!!!!!! i cannot believe this mistake i made! i am a single mother of a four year old boy & a legal guardian of my 14 yr old sister i am 22 yrs old who lives in chicago illinois i spent $8050 & it just slipped through my fingers & went down the drain with the rest of the shit!!!! i cry everyday & every time im on this site! some people are just not that lucky! It alway's happens to the people who have nothing to give but do so much to be happy & still aren't! i never been happy with my body i was very big as a teenager & after giving birth to my son in 2010 i started to excercise & get my life on track i lost over 100 pounds i felt great about that but now about how your body looks after! i need a tummy tuck & breast lift with implants but this is reality & things cost $$$$$$. i decided i was going to start saving to make my body better & to really feel like a complete women! i am so dissapointed i cannot believe this happened to me i was so damn excited to get one procedure down & only have two to go now i feel like i've never even started!!!! Back to square one :,( I hope when my 6 month healing is here that everything will work out & that i get to where i deserve to be!!!!! I thank Dr.William Bruno in hollywood who has greatfully said he will try to help me out when the time comes!!!!! Praying everyday!!!!!!!!!! I do not criticize my surgeon i just wish he captured more of what i wanted!!!!!!

bbl lumps

Hey There!!!! i have a serious question that i need to be answered... my surgeons office says its ok to take off my garment at my two weeks mark is this ok to do?? & my major question i have lumps all over my body my stomach my legs & a few small one's on my arms i've been massaging them twice a day in the shower because the soap helps since it's so soapy & goes over it soothly rather then rough oww! will these lumps go away??? i am terrified

laser for bbl post op healing?????

hello ladies i have a question if anybody knows the answer to! well i haven't been able to keep my post op appointments & i am almost to my 3 weeks mark! the office said that i need to go in for laser for my post op healing that it is very important to come in' what is the laser deal?! how does that work?!?!?! now im freaking out hopefully i heal on good terms!!!! #nervous as hell

second bbl round maybe in july august?!?!?! Hopefully

Hello ladies! well i am officially 3 weeks & 2 days post op bbl..... my butt literally seems like it has shrunk back to it's original size well it looks to me!!!! ahhhhhhhhh bullshit... i can tell its a bit bigger from before surgery but it's just not what i pictured it :( for my one month post op with my PS i am going to discuss with him a revision because i spent waaaaay to much damn money to get disappointed...... i am just praying he doesn't charge me because there's no way in hell that i could afford it i still owe my sister $4000 ah. i am going to wait four months before i do it again i am terrified to go back into the surgery room but i know god & my mother will watch over me & give me a healthy out come! i hope this time around i get the body i always dreamed of!!! # selena quintanilla butt :) she's my biggest role model i envy her....

4 week post op bbl very depressed!!!!!

I am officially 4 weeks post op bbl today! & still not feeling it now that the swelling has gone down dramatically my butt seems to look exactly the same from before. idk maybe it's just me but thats how i feel i hate that i feel this way!!!!!! i mean i can tell my love handles are almost gone thats about it wtf there was certain things that i couldn't wait to see but those things never even happened it looks like i have to different legs because my left hip is alot larger then my right which was my main concern i still have this huge dent in my right butt cheek so it makes it look like i have half a cheek in clothes all of it is very very very noticeable :( when i go in for my one month post op i am hoping hoping hoping that my PS will listen to what i have to say without being judgmental because i am a really shy person & i never want to hurt their feelings or get mad at someone but i am really depressed that my butt hasn't changed not just because of it but just because i really could of used that 8g towards my son & my sister.. Hoping my PS doesnt charge me for a revision because that i could never do i am literally broke as hell!!!!!!

5 weeks post op tomorrow!!

Hola Senoritas! I am officially five weeks tomorrow i am still bummed about my bottom! :( i am sure it's still a bit swollen so i am expecting my butt to shrink a bit more i still haven't sat on my bum at all so i am hoping that will keep it a little plumped.. in fact i still hate that my hips are different & my butt right cheek has that very noticeable dent in it! My fiance is going to come with me to my one month post op to talk to my PS about the revision because i am so scared to get my feelings hurt & i know i will start to cry i am very sensitive!!! i pray i will be able to get it fixed for free or atleast for a thousand! well lets hope & pray!!!!

Stressing Out!

hey ladies! i am 5 weeks post op today and i have to say i cannot stop crying & stressing about my butt! All i can say is that it is NOT FAIR AT ALL! my butt looks exactly the same i know its the same no doubt in my mind everything is the same maybe an inch of fat off my love handles but other then that the same i still have so much fat on my love handles & a lot between my legs & on my back i am seriously feeling so depressed! i hope everything will work out and i get what i deserve.

5 weeks & almost 4 days post op bbl I JUST WANNA GIVE UP!!!!!

hi guys well i don't know what to do anymore! i am so damn depressed i feel like total SHIT i really do.. i can't stop crying not just because i look like i am wearing someone else's leg but just because i feel less then beautiful i am just soaking up pain like rain in the dirt!!! my assssss is so noticeable in jeans'shorts' all of it. my left side off my body leg thigh butt cheek hip is so much bigger then my right it's ridiculous i mean you guy's just don't understand the situation. i keep tellin myself others have it worse others have it worse but i can't help but cry & know how hard i worked towards this procedure & how bad i feel like i've been let down i am always angry now & i take it out on my family & they don't deserve it!! they see my pain & it makes me even more sad to have them see me this way when my four year old tells me come on mom your beautiful & kisses my forhead i break down! because they see the beauty but yet i don't!

2 months post op still disappointed ladies!!!!

hello ladies well i am 2 months post op bbl ill be 3 on june 25th i am still not happy with my results!!! i seriously still haven't sat on my butt at all since i had the surgery if i do it's only 5 minutes at a time or when i am working out & doing stomach work outs!!!! I went in for my post op with my doctor & told him about my concerns he didn't take it badly but he said he wants to see me in 3 months to discuss the revision but idk girlies if i should do a bbl again with him!!! i know he's going to charge me more $$$$ but i most definately cannot afford another doctor at full charge i am trying to save up for a tummy tuck & i just don't have it straight up i am balancing with only $400 savings after giving the doctor $8000 & living pay check to pay check at a four hour job!!! my left hip is still very very larger then my right & now i have this weird pocket of fat between my legs on my right inner thigh :/ ahhhhhhhhhhh & i feel like i have a lot of fat still on my upper back!!! i hope everything goes good when the time comes again! ill try & post pics later when i get the courage too!!! :,(

4 months post op bbl & HATING IT!

Hello ladies of real self well i am four months post op & this fucking blows! EXCUSE my language but i am deeply pissed off.. i hate that i went to Dr.Stein he's a lovely guy but he just didn't do what i paid him for, i know it's not magic but i mean come on, my legs are discolored my left hip & butt cheek is extremely larger then my right which is noticeable in anything i wear & that was my first concern the time going in to the surgery room & now its just the same but even worse i am fairly petite but i have so much fat on my body that this guy could have used! i am mad every day about this crap & he just ruined my dreams i don't even have the energy or money to go any further to reach those dreams! I HATE THIS FEELING........ :(

Feeling bad how can they say that :(

Hello ladies of realself I am having a terrible terrible day :( well I had Brazilian buttlift back in march although I didn't like the results I wanted to start getting other things back in to place after having a child and losing weight so I decided to start looking around & set up a consultation for a tummy tuck & breast lift with implants I called this office that I had previously went to about two years ago because I love his patients results & the lady made me feel terrible like literally sick to my stomach i wanted to ball out & start to cry she said that since I was in before thatll ill have to pay $255 for a consultation which is reasonable & I totally understand but then she said since my previous consultation the doctor feels that I cant meet their expectations!!! I couldn't believe my ears I went totally silent like how can you make someone feel so terrible about themselves we come to you for guidance in improving our bodies to make us feel more feminine then we do now & its like this lady shot me in my face with a sawed off shot gun it was such a blow I am so down right now & I just feel how can someone make another human being feel this horrible about themselves?!?!?!

Sometimes being a woman sucks!!!!!!! Why cant i love myself blah

hello ladies! well where do I start maaaaaaan I so wanna get my boobs & tummy done but its just so darn expensive here in the united states I really love Dr.Bruno results he's such an amazing person he truly listens to you & shows that your wishes & plans are everything to him no matter what you decide I had recently contacted his financial planner & asked how much it would cost for a tummy tuck & breas aug with lift & whats amazing they have discounts if you get them both done together at the same time which is amazing the total for me came out to be about 13G which is a lot a lot & can't find myself to afford it :( :( I hate feeling this way I got my body to a place where working out just isn't cutting it I have had ladies come to me & tell me maybe you should go to the Dominican republic or Tijuana mexico & honestly I am tooooo terrified to leave the states I feel like I will leave & never return they have great great pricing but I just cant find myself to even trust going that way I think id rather pay a lot then to pay a little & not feel comftorable with it uhhhhhhhhhhhh I am tired of hating myself looking in the mirror & not loving what I see specially at my age I am only 22 I look around & get so upset when I wish to be someone else besides myself I love who I am but its not enough why does this hurt so bad?
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Dr.Kenneth Stein has a good personality very nice man & respectful team' i am sure he knows what he is doing buuuuuut just doesn't take the time to do the actually procedure..i feel as it was rushed through since it was very late..... i worked endless hours at work to get this money for this procedure & sacrificed a lot through the year to get to where i wanna be i paid a lot of money for change & i wish that i could see that now!!

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