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Hello, I'm 25yo and have 1 child. I'm was fairly...

Hello, I'm 25yo and have 1 child. I'm was fairly thin befor my baby girl (140 and very curvy) but not anymore. I am currently 220,and very depressed. Tomorrow I am having my upper and lower belly done along with my inner thighs . I am very nurvous but from the other review I should be ok. Wish me luck ????

Day of surgery

I get to the clinic and get prepped, dr roberg was very nice. I took a Percocet to stay calm but I was still really nervous. The initial injections of the numbing medicine did sting a bit, however it was tolerable when I told doctor that it hurt he did moved to a different spot. We were getting a little nervous because my lido Max was 5500 and I was getting belly and thighs done they used 4500 on my belly alone and was worried it would not be enough for the thighs. You can feel the vibrations of the suction machine however it doesn't hurt it kind of put you in the mind of a tattoo gun. When we were done with the belly we went for thighs we were running out of Lidocaine solution and used some local but ran out of that too he didn't do as much as he wanted to but he still got a lot out. The surgery took 5 1/2 hours and they were able to get out at 4 Liters of fat in total! I didn't feel much while putting on my garment but when I set up I was really nauseous my belly was starting to hurt a bit but it was still bearable. The ride home was excruciating my boyfriend tryed to miss as many bumps possible but with Chicago roded it was so hard. I was very hungry after surgery so I stopped to get some soup but once I ate it I feel very nauseated . By the time I got home my clothes were soaked from all of the drainage, I try to sit on the sofa but that was a really bad idea so I went to change the pads. It was really difficult getting the garment off and actually changing the pads they didn't give us enough of the tape so we have to improvise until we can get out to a store to get more. I became even more nauseated and in pain while trying to change I was really dizzy and felt like I was going to pass out but got through it. My boyfriend help me get into bed and that's like one of the pain medications that was given to me which was the oxycodone which helped quite a bit. My Mother stayed with me throughout the night getting up to go to the bathroom I really needed her help I couldnt barely get out of bed by myself. I had to use the bathroom every two hours. When the pain mess wore off I was in so much pain my advice take the meds every 2 to 3 hours don't let there be a gap where you don't have anything . I was only able to sleep on my back for that first night but got through it OK.

Post op day 1 & 2

Things are getting a little better my belly is numb which I'm not sure if this is normal or not but kind of scares me. I'm able to get up all by myself and can walk by myself if I walked very slowly. I still have no appetite and when I do try to eat I'm very nauseous. I still take my pain meds every 2 to 3 hours and switch between the Norco and oxycodone. Second night I didn't have to get up to use the restroom as much I am also able to sleep on my side but not for very long there still a lot of tossing and turning. Second day I took off my garment for a little while because it was blood soaked so I wanted it washed getting up is a little bit more difficult without it . I'm using ice to try to get the swelling down a bit not sure if it's working but it is very soothing

1 1/2 post op

At almost 2 months and I feel awesome ???????? my tummy is still a little numb but not not much and there is still some swelling. I do feel like I have a little pouch at the bottom of my stomach and my skin is darker in my stomach area but I have read it will fade over time. I am also using bio oil which I feel helps. i LOVE the way I look is form fitting dresses
Dr Bradford Roberg

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