V Beam for Rosacea - Chicago, IL

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I have had this laser multiple times. It...

I have had this laser multiple times. It definitely gets rid of more pronounced broken capillaries as well as reducing rosacea somewhat (not all the way). I would describe my rosacea as mild persistent- to other people I just look like a have a pink-ish complexion. But for me I've educated myself about the condition and know it can worsen. My father has it bad, although it can be worse in men, Iit makes me a little nervous as he has that swollen, thick nose and thickened skin on his cheeks.

Although it doesn't clear all redness (I perhaps should do a series of three this winter I think) it somehow makes your skin look nicer, calmer, and reduces the itchiness I normally have (I'm always scratching my face when I've gone too long between treatments).

It's best to have the procedure in the Fall, after the sun exposure from the summer has done it's worst. You can't have it when you have any kind of suntan, so you should wear sunscreen religiously before the procedure, and after because the new skin formed is more susceptible to sunburn and can form age spots if you don't watch it. Well basically you should wear sunscreen all the time :)

You probably shouldn't have V-beam and Ulthera close together in time, even though they target different layers of skin, they both generate heat/injury and you wouldn't want to scar. One esthetician told me it's also best to wait 6-8 weeks after dermal fillers before getting V-beam again, as it can break fillers down faster (after the 6-8 weeks, she told me, there is a sac or membrane your body forms around the filler, so it won't break down after that). This is good to know since I see some MDs on here recommending V-beam to eliminate bruises from dermal fillers like Rystalane, which doesn't make sense.

The pain caries. It used to be worse but now is more tolerable, even though I'm on the same strength laser. At it's worst it feels like rubber band being snapped really hard all over your face. They ice you after and sometimes it's hard not to stop throughout the procedure to take breaks. This last time, though, it was very manageable. Maybe my skin is better? Also I used to swell something awful, not so bad that I couldn't go back to work after (I don't really care if I look a little odd in public, keep 'em guessing) but that's something to be aware of. If you are a self-conscious person I would give yourself 2-3 days after where you're not going out much. Elevatign your head at night on extra pillows helps. No motrin or similar for a week before, to reduce potential for bruising. I bruised the first time I did it but not since. Usually the bruise is small and not very noticeable.

For about a month after treatment, my rosacea acts up worse. I flush a lot and my skin looks red and angry. Sometimes I'll feel very hot and my face will get flushed at night. I start to get that "what have I done???" feeling, but then after a month I see improvement. The doctors don't tell you this but I went on a Rosacea message board and saw posts about it, so I think it's common.

This is a laser for light-skinned people and can't be used on olive complexion or darker complexion. The laser selects for redness against a pale background, so not only would it not really do anything to a darker skinned person but may cause hypopigmentation (weird white spots where your natural melanin is removed).

I like the effects. I wonder if it's been helping me not form much wrinkles. Overall my skin looks improved.
Chicago Dermatologist

She's nice and knowledgable. I miss Dr. Sanchez-P who used to work there, but she has a very similar style- smart, personable, equally able to address both cosmetic and medical dermatological concerns. I didn't get much swelling this past treatment and wondered if she wasn't "aggressive" enough (since she took over where Dr. Sanchez left off) but she took a lot of time over the phone to explain the process and explain that they used the same number or more pulses than my last treatment a year ago, so I was satisfied that maybe I just need to have more than one treatment to see the results I want.

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