63 Yrs. Getting Neck Lift, Mid Face and Upper and Lower Eye Lift - Chicago, IL

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At 63 yrs and weight gain, I am sick of my neck....

At 63 yrs and weight gain, I am sick of my neck. Lost my jaw line. My mouth has fallen and my eyes need a pick up. So after a long 3 years of researching doctors. I visited the man that I believe can do the best job on my eyes, my neck, and the mid face lift.
Dr. Byun was very charming and personable. He told me his history and what procedures he would use if I decided to use his services. I decided on going to Dr. Byun. My procedure is on Nov. 18, 2015. I am not nervous, I am excited and looking forward to being on the other side of this. My friend is picking me up, and watching me for a bit and then I am on my own. I hope I don't fall down and need another surgery!! Lol! Okay I will report back after my experience with this surgery!!

Two days till operation

I'm not worried, as I know I am in excellent hands with Dr. Byun, in Chicago. I am very excited! I cannot wait to see the difference but I know that will be a while.

Getting ready

No NSAIDS like Advil, vitamins, or sleeping pills. But I don't think I will miss them for a few weeks.
I posted new pics so you could see my neck. Also my eye fat between my upper lid and brow has increased over the years. My lower lid does not have any fat or bags, but it gets a bit hollow and there are also wrinkles from under eye drooping.
If you notice between my brows the big vertical line? I hate that thing- it makes me look angry or mean. And jowls are a inherited gift in my family....oh yeah!! Thanks for the unwanted re gifted trait!! Haha!!
Only 2 days to go. Dr. Michael Byun will do a brow muscle cut-not sure what they call it but it smooths your lines on your brow, so I'm hoping the line goes away too!
Neck lift, mid face lift and upper & lower bleph or eyes. And the brow muscles. I should be good to go for 10 years.

Tomorrow is the Big day!!

The next time you see this face hopefully I will be alive and not in too much pain.
I guess the next time you see me I will be different...not sure how yet.

Surgery over

Ok not going to lie, going under General Anesthesia is not easy when you are any age. Took a day to get out of the fuzziness of the General.
Swollen eyes but very little pain so not just taking Acetominicin. I can barely see what I am writing because of swelling.

Ok better tonight!

Still having trouble seeing through these slits that are what is left of my eyes. Took the packing off and the ace bandage & gauze. But took a shower, washed the blood out of my hair. Felt sooo good!!
I packed the clean bandages back on. Still just minimal discomfort and just Acetaminophin. The swelling is the worst.

More pics of swelling

All your help & encouragement!!

I would like to thank everyone for their encouragement, kind words, and help through this!! It really does feel good knowing that this community has been through it or will be. The woman who actually had the same Dr.cheered me on too!
Today I can see better than yesterday and I'm sure that will improve daily. The pressure is better from the pulling. No more leaking or bleeding! I get my stitches out on Wednesday!! And since my son and his family are having 25 ppl for Thanksgiving, I am going to stay here and order it in with friends. There are too many children that I would frighten. Including my own grandchildren!! But I'll have friends here who were kind enough to think of me.

Better everyday....

I have less swelling today, less tightness, less discomfort too. I am just waiting for Wednesday to get the stitches out by my Dr. No infection, everything is going well!
But I think the most remarkable issue in ALL this is the real lack of pain! Other than a bit of pulling or throbbing there was a real absence of pain. When one sees what is involved in this surgery it is impossible to think that there would be no pain, but it's true.
Got to wash my hair today and I am feeling pretty good. I don't want to go out and frighten anyone.

Tomorrow is my first post op appt.

I can't wait!! My bruising is going away thanks Arnica pills and cream. My swelling is disappearing.
I'm still sad about my timing! One week earlier and I could have been at Thanksgiving with my son and grandchildren. So my sweet friend has decided we will have our own Thanksgiving at my place!! That's great!
I will send up a pic of me when I get my stitches out tomorrow. Thank you again for all your support and kind words!! It helps so much!!

Today I got my stitches out...!!!

Yes, 1 week ago today I went under general anesthesia and had an upper & lower bleph, mid face lift and neck lift.
Now I am just swollen and bruised but feeling good. I haven't been in pain since the first day but not much.
My Dr. Is wonderful and caring. His face lit up when I saw him today. He is a very busy guy, but came out of operating to see me. One of his surgical nurses patiently picked out each of my stitches, gently.
I feel less pulled tonight, but the bruising around mouth and under eyes is still there. I took Arnica each day, several times a day, and I drink plenty of water. I lost 6 lbs!! Hope I can keep those off and continue on!! One more week and I can see my grandchildren.
I times this so badly, so no Thanksgiving with the kids.???? but by Christmas they may have a prettier grandma!!

Day after Thanksgiving. Day 8 post op

Okay! So after eating a bit more than usual and really trying to keep the sodium levels low except in the gravy which would be awful, I have a little more swelling today. I wish it would go away!!
Last night when my friend was looking at my face she noticed a bump on the side. Turns out my mole (life long former beauty mark now a pigment less bump) was pulled up during surgery. Looks awful. But maybe when all this swelling goes down Dr. Byun can just remove it!
Oh geez just anxious to be normal again so I can see my grandchildren!!! Oh well hopefully now they will have a younger looking grandma!!

Yesterday I went out.

I am a Realtor. So yesterday was the first day I have gone out working, just wore some sunglasses and a hat. My client new that I had surgery and she has too so she got it.
I put a little bit of cover up on but other than a few bruises to cover, I was passable! Some people that know me, didn't recognize me at first but I do still have quite a lot of swelling at the temples. My neck has swollen spots and my scalp and ears don't have a lot of feeling in them. I think another week and I should be much better!
I have to go into the office today, so that should be interesting, and I do get to take my grandson to see a play on Friday? Love you all!! You got me through this!!
Thank you!!!

A few more photos today!

I finally styled my hair put on some cover up and lipstick.

A little bit day by day

Considering it's been 15 days...I feel good. Low energy still. Because so much of my energy is in the healing process.

Today more swollen than yesterday.

Frustrated!! The only thing keeping me from going to parties, and a social life is this swelling. I am so tired of it. Yesterday was not as bad as today. I am not consuming any salt. Just trying to reduce.

Better but still pulled eyes

I am better but my eyes are still being pulled horizontally, giving me an Asian appearance. My cheekbones are still swollen badly, so my skin is shiny there.
But it's been 3 weeks tomorrow, so I'm not complaining. Liking my neck.

Cover-up, mascara...and 3 weeks today.

I have a date to see my grandson's Christmas play, so a little mascara and cover up and out the door today!!
My under eyes, and cheek bones still very swollen. But a girls gotta go out! I hate the feeling of putting make up on a face with no sense of feeling. I can't feel my ears or my scalp! I know....patience!!!
Tomorrow is my 2nd post op appt. with Dr. Byun.

One more pic

Saw Dr. Byun today!!

I got to see my fabulous Dr. Byun today!!! He is so good. He is one of the pioneers of the upwards and pulling facelift. He cuts very little skin but works on the muscle and pulls it up, not back. (Like the wind blown look) Dr. Byun came up with this 20 years ago as a medical student. They thought he was crazy and now this is the best way. You should ask your Dr. if he uses this technique.
When I showed my grandson my face he said "you look new,Mimi!". Does it get any better than this??
Dr. Byun gave me a shot of Botox today. He said I was using my chin too much for expression and it would pull down my cheeks!! So it is frozen with Boyox now.

Oh something else!!!

I was getting in the elevator at Dr. Byun's office with my sunglasses on and this woman was getting off. She says "I know you! From your posts!" Lol!! A shout out to Patricia!!!!

3 1/2 weeks post op.

Still swollen! But I'm trying to be patient.
Got out today. The parking valet asked me what happened to me!! Lol! I said I had work done. He didn't know what that meant, he looked puzzled. So I said "eyes...work...you know" so it was funny!
Anyway more of the same today. Can't really wear make up yet because my eyes can't handle it. And my face is still dead so to put things on it feels strange. But more happy every day!

Still swollen. Incognito!!

Today I said hello to someone I know on the elevator. He said, "do I know you?"!!
I said "It's me!" And he said "Oh I didn't even know you!" I told him my eyes were terribly swollen due to an operation!! Lol. I am still so darn swollen through the eyes. I am not eating any salt or Asian food. But it really hasn't kept the swelling at bay. Has anyone out there ever experienced acupuncture to stop swelling? I may go to see my acupuncturist and see if they can help me.
Thank you for all the kind and uplifting comments!! You are all the best support!!

4 1/2 weeks Post op

WooHoo I can wear some eye make-up!! I will say putting on concealer & make up and it is like putting lotion on your foot when it's asleep. Feels so weird. But gotta do it.
I am still swollen some days better than others. Today pretty good! I know I will like it when the process is through. Just waiting!!!

Healing well 7 weeks post op

Hi everyone. My journey is probably not most people journey. I don't have a pituitary gland, so my healing is slower, and I don't have much adrenaline. It translates to extra swelling, and lots and of stares. I don't mind the stares at all but I am frankly fed up with the swelling under my right eye, so this week, I decided to finally go to Lymphatic Massage. Oh I could see a huge difference before I came in and when I left. I learned how to do it, but it works better if someone else does it. So back again today. And my 3 rd follow up appointment is today. I can't wait!
I think my eyes are a little bit bigger, and I love my neck! So I am fairly sure I just look like a better version of myself.

A little bit better.

I can see the swelling going down, the scars are getting smaller and receding into my skin. My neck is a little more swollen. I went to see the doctor this week and he said I have to wear an ace bandage around my head a few hours a day to reduce the swelling in my chin. It helped a little bit. It's a little bit at a time. If done in office without going under, I guess it is a lot faster. So my friend is having it done this week. I hope I have inspired others.
I think my doctor did a great job of doing my eyes, so I don't have that hollowed out look. I look like me but a bit better, I think.

2 1/2 months post op.

Hi everyone! I hope everybody is doing well so far in 2016! I am doing fine. I like my results, but still a ways to go. I noticed my eye was sagging a little on my right side. I decided to go straight to the source....Dr. Byun! And glad I did. He gave me a little trick to get it to go back up. I was getting dry eye, and it was frustrating. I could wear make up! Holy $&!?! So Dr. Byun soothed my worries.it is still from swelling on my right side. The left side is fine. The right side still swollen after 5 appointments with a lymphatic massage expert, who is amazing. He says I have a lymph blockage, and that is why it won't drain.
But over all I am happy with the results. I will keep everyone in the loop while the results still keep changing. Dr. Byun said my fave would be 30% smaller by 6 months!

Swelling way down. Feeling better.

Hi! Ok it's been 3+ months and I am coming along nicely. My swelling is way down. Some days it acts up a little. And there is still a little pocket of something like liquid or fat under my chin, but some days it is not as puffy.
My right eye is pulled down a tiny bit...hopefully from swelling, but if not the Dr. can revise it. I am pleased with the results.
My hair is growing back a bit-you get hair loss from anesthesia according to my hair dresser.
So that should be better. I have taken to wearing that hair extension that has an invisible monofilament band. Undetectable to the eye, until my hair grows back.
Oh, and all this weepy eye and itchy eye problem I had was conjunctivitis which is quite common after eye surgery. Not a huge deal but irritating.
I'm down in the sun and fun now, protecting my face from the sun.
Thanks, and I'll report back next month!

A few better photos

I decided I would put up a couple more pics today.
Have to tell you that since I'm single I have had a few guys tell me I don't look 63. It feels good.

Another month.

The eyes are better. I am not swollen any more, I am a little concerned my right eye is still drooping in the far lower outside corner. I will ask the Dr. all about it next week.

Another pic

Four Months and a few days post op

First I want to thank my PS sisters and brothers for all their amazingly kind advice and generous comments through out this process!! You boosted my resolve and helped with you advice & comments! Thank you!! I am finally feeling normal most days! Very little tightness, and numbness left. Unless I eat Chinese or salty food. I like the results. Need maybe a tiny revision under my chin on the right side but maybe it's still slightly swollen, we'll see. Love you all!!

5 1/2 months later

Hi everyone!! I love seeing everyone's stories!! Thank you all for your wonderful comments. My swelling is minimal in my cheekbones. So, I saw Dr. Byun yesterday and told him my concerns then I showed him this rectangular shaped spot under my chin that feels like a pocket of fat. Dr. Byun said it may be liquid build up or scar tissue, or maybe fat...so he gave me the fat dissolving injections which may help. Dr. Byun said he will make sure it is all gone and work to make any revisions to his work. He is the kind of Dr. everyone should have. Caring, a perfectionist, and takes responsibility for his work! I adore him and his fabulous staff, client liaisons Jessica and Nicole and James, his surgical nurse. A wonderful staff!

Over 6 months now!

My visit with Dr. Byun yesterday was a look see on the progress of everything. He continues to take care of his patients. He injected more of the fat dissolving injectible under the right side of my chin. A little pocket was still there but he is taking care of it.
I had a little Juvaderm injected along the edge of my upper lip to rid myself of those fine lines. I am very pleased with all the results!! I wish I would have made the decision to do this 2-3 years ago. It has given me most of my self confidence back.

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