39yrs Old, 7yr Old Twin Girls and a 5yr Old Boy - It's Mommy Makeover Time! Chicago, IL

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I have been wanting a mommy makeover for 7 years...

I have been wanting a mommy makeover for 7 years now as my body never recovered from the twin pregnancy and after contemplating and getting my husband onboard...the big day is almost here! April 8th is the bid day...I am very nervous about the recovery and I have the ability to work from home so hoping I can start doing emails within a few days of my MM. Crossing my fingers!

5 more sleeps until my mommy makeover...

Super excited about my mommy makeover however I am nervous about the recovery as I Plan to still work from home on my laptop once I wean off the pain meds...does that seem doable?

Is a recliner with a lift really needed for MM?

For those that had a recliner for your MM...do you highly suggest it? For those that did not have a recliner...do you wish you had a recliner?

2 more sleeps until the Flat side!!

Can't stop thinking about the big day this Friday morning....scared and nervous about the recovery!! Yikes!

Today is the day...see you all on the FLAT SIDE!

The day has come...I am here getting ready for my mommy makeover. See you in a few hours!

Day 1 - Post Oo

Made it through the MM and boy of boy...that thigh lipo is painful post opp. Ouch! It's been tough to stand up as my thighs hurt so bad but fighting through it. So far my nurse...aka mom...is amazing how good my waist looks in by compression garment so I am super excited to post some pictures tomorrow as my first post opp apt with my surgeon.

Pain Pills not working?

OMG...the only thing the pain pills are doing is making me sleep....the Oxycodone has not take the pain away, what should I do? Is there another pain pill that will work? I am going to my appt tomorrow to check in so I hope the dr. Will get me something stronger.


Day 3 Post Op

Post Opp Day 6....still rough!

Had surgery on April 8th so today is post opp day 6....and still extremely sore and in pain after MM with Liposuction. I was able to sleep all night with the help of norcor and going to bed late but the mornings are brutal. I can't even move and so stiff and sore that I have to take a pain pill to feel better and then I need help getting up off the sofa still. I still believe the liposuction has been causing all of this soreness. Luckily I go back to my 1 week post off visit where they will take out my drain so I hope that isn't too painful. I have yet to take another shower and to be honest I have not taken off my CG either as I am too afraid to try to put it back on due to my swelling. No new pictures yet but I hope to take some today at the doctors.

Post Op Day 7.....I can see the light!

Woke up today and for the first time I did not need a pain med to help me. I will not lie, I was very sore and stiff but good to know I can walk more without feeling to light headed and weak. Secondly I am hoping not to have to rely on Pain Meds to get me up each morning. Still have a long way to go and I will post pictures but the liposuction has been the toughest part for me so once I get the strength to takeoff the CG off today for a shower, I hope to upload some current photos. Wish me luck!!

Post Opp Day 7 Pictures

Finally took some pictures...7 days and I am beat up!

Post Opp Day 9 - I can see my waist again!

So Post Opp Day 9 is hear and I have not had 1 pain pill today so that makes me happy. Still lost of bruising and swelling everywhere and lots of swelling in my legs and ankles. I am guessing I need to get off my feet for awhile today and they look exactly like they did after I gave birth to my twins. I am still be very strict and religious on wear my CG unless I am showering as well as my compression socks too. I am still in shock that I finally did this and I do not regret one thing about this journey that I can't wait to buy some new clothes and a 2 piece swimsuit too!! Here are some photos from Post Opp Day 9....the journey continues.

Day 11 Post Op

So No new pictures but still very stiff all over my body and I am ready to get this drain finally taken out this week. Since I am still draining more than 25cc's in 24 hours we are keeping the drain in. At first the drain did not bother me but the more movement I make, the more annoying the drain gets down my by public area. Another few annoying things Ali's that my CG is super tight and I just want to rip this thing off but I know it's a must to keep the swelling down. Secondly, my legs are so dry that the skin is flaking through my CG...yuck! Oh well, I had to vent as I know all will be better soon enough. Thanks for listening and more pictures to come in the next few days.

Post Opp Day 13

Still super sore and stiff on Day 13 post Opp ....and not too mention I over did it yesterday. I still have the drain in too and I am hoping that can come out soon too. I also felt some fluid in my lower back so I plan to go back tomorrow to get that drained by a needle which really isn't that bad and a must. So nothing new as far as photos...I attempted to take a shower today but got lightheaded so bagged that idea so that is holding up any new photos I want to posted. Lol! I'll be back real soon!

Post Op Day 14 - Drain Finally Removed!

I feel like a new person after that drain was removed today! That darn drain did not bother me until a few days ago and for some strange reason every step or movement I made, let's just say that drain in my Pubic area felt irritated. Anyway, drain is gone but I will go back in a few days to make sure there is no more fluid to drain from me as I seem to keep showing up with more fluids in my lower back. Oh well, no big deal if you take care of it. Anyway, finally feel like I can see the light...and I hope to really take it easy this weekend so I can heal faster. Still super happy with my results, steri strips also got removed today and starting with silicone gel for the scaring so hope to get this scaring under control and vanished within the next weeks/month. Onward we go to the healing process!

Post Op Day 15 - more pictures!

Today so far has been a good day...things are Getting easier but still stiff when I wake up and my stomach feels so right when I try to stand very straight. The shower seemed so much easier without that darn drain so happy to really enjoy the shower today! Anyway, here are some current photos without the steri strips as its time to start getting those scars to heal but not too shabby on day 15 post op. That's it folks for today!

Bought a bikini....post op day 16!

I could not resist buying a bikini today while at target and of course I buy a D/DD...good lord my GIRLS look big. Yikes...a little nervous they look so big but I guess I am not use to them being so perky and higher Han my old sagging breasts. Anyway...excited to try it on so here is the photo of the top only as the bottoms did not really fit that well.

Post Op Day 19 - Still Tight...tender and sore.

So far so good with my recovering. I have been able to finally get out and about and it feels great! I guess I did have cabin fever these past 18 days and trying to get back to a regular schedule but still taking things slow. I will try to post some more pictures but I am so happy with my results so far!

3 Weeks Post Op Today!!

I can't believe it's been 3 weeks now since making it to the flat side! Hands down it was all worth it. I am still very stiff when I wake up and my stomach is still super tight so trying to take it easy still. I finally weighed myself yesterday for the first time and I am down 8lbs from the morning of my surgery. Yahoo! I only have about 5 more LBS. to go to hit my goal weight so trying to stay focused with this new body of mine. I call this MM an investment so I need to be strong and really take care of this new body. Thanks for all your support out there and more updates to follow as I heal.

4 Weeks Post Op - love my MM!!

It's been a little over 4 weeks now since my mommy makeover...and SO HAPPY with my results far! Here are some updated photos as of today.

What's next? Cool Sculpting on Inner thighs?

Now that my MM was a success...I wish I had gotten lipo on my inner thighs and my big calves. Is this the start of how cosmetic surgery addiction starts. lol! Anybody out there have success with cool sculpting on the inner thighs?

6 weeks post op Today. Whoot-Whoot!

So today is officially 6 weeks post op and feeling great! Still super stoked with my results and could not be any happier with my experience with Dr. Turowski and his team! I can't wait to continue to heal and get back to 100% feeling completely normal. No new photos to post today but always happy to answer any questions for those on my experience. Now what's next? Lol!

Yoga Pants and NO MUFFIN TOP!

Loved this Compression Garment

I had this in black and I enjoyed the zipper in the front.

Attempted to jog today....was not a pretty sight at 6 weeks post op!

So I attempted to start jogging today and it was nice not to have a jiggly belly but my thighs and booty didn't really want to cooperate and everything jiggled since I haven't worked out in at least 8-10 weeks. My jogging was more of a speed walking ...hoping it will get easier as I try to get my lower body active again. Frustrated but I know I have to be patient! Thanks for letting me vent!

2 Month Anniversary of MM!

It has been 2 months since my MM and I am so happy with my results!! Let's just say I was a little scared to wear a bikini since I haven't wore one in MANY MANY years so it was a little scary to expose myself to the world my new body however it had to be done. Haha! It's amazing to finally feel good about your body when I have been so hard on myself and self conscious that I hated by body but not anymore. This experience has been worth every penny and yes it was a tough recovery but I would do it all over again. Here is a quick snapshot of my tummy! I cal is my new ART WORK!!

Still Loving my MM!!

Best decision I ever made and I still can't figure out why I waited so long for the MM!

8 Months Post-Op - Whoop-Whoop!

A little over 8 Months post-op and still SO HAPPY with my Mommy Makeover. Here is a quick snap shot of my stomach...still fly and finally getting my muscles stronger.
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