38 Yrs Old, 1st Breast Aug 10 yrs ago (400cc) ......Upgraded to 700cc saline... INFECTION, IMPLANT REMOVED - Chicago, IL

I had my first augmentation 10 years ago, saline...

I had my first augmentation 10 years ago, saline implants over the muscle. I wanted the "fake look". Large, high and round. Wasnt happy with their appearance anymore, after 10 years, they were sagging and became separated. I wanted to go much larger. So I had them redone just over a week ago. I told the doc I wanted huge breasts, to overfill to 800cc. He said they would go into my armpits if he went to 800 and could only fill to 700 so I agreed trusting his expertise. As I am very happy with their appearance now.....I'm still disappointed that he didn't go to 800cc!!!! He also said that 800cc is the max the fda will allow surgeons to fill saline implants to in the US. However, I have done a ton of research and see numerous women with 1000 and above filled implants, especially from Dr Pousti in California! !!??? Any doctors in Chicago area that can confirm or explain, I would greatly appreciate!

What do you think? ??

Still on the fence about whether I should continue my search for a doc that is very experienced with xl implants and internal br

I still don't know whether I am happy with my size. I am now 2 weeks post op and they do look great. My concerns are....regreting not going to a different doc (he did my first augmentation) that would have given me the cc's I was very clear I wanted (800 saline), whether I should continue my search and have once again another surgery to get to the cc's I want.....ARE THERE ANY DOCS IN THE CHICAGOLAND/SUBURBS THAT ARE EXTREMELY EXPERIENCED WITH XL IMPLANTS? IF SO, PLEASE RESPOND WITH YOUR LINK OR ANSWERS TO MY QUESTIONS.

3 weeks out

So, my new implants are 3 weeks today. I have much less pain now and a little more relaxed about moving around, driving over bumps picking things up and walking around with out anything suppoting them. I am so worried after reading so many bad experiences some ladies on here that im being overly cautious. I want them to heal and stay up high and close together. I went to get measured yesterday. ....I'm a 34 DDD before surgery with my 410 implants I was a 34DD. I bought and wore a couple of underwire pushup bras at VS yesterday and wore one for about an hour and a half. When I took it off I noticed tge underwire in the inner parts of my breasts were not completely under but pressing against the bottom parts leaving marks in my skin. I was so worried I f****** something up. Went back to the sports bra today. I am ready to wear them if the underwire wouldn't have done that. Now im scared. Anyone else have this problem? ??

Bikini top

I didn't tie it around but wanted to see how they looked in one of my suits! Love the round fake look!!!

3 weeks out and still having morning boob.

Im still getting morning boob, either its not as bad or im getting used to it. My nipples are very sensitive and sore but otherwise I doing well and I think I am very happy with my results (size) lol

3 weeks! !!!

Stiil feel like I have the old implants

Has anyone else felt this way??? Mentally I feel like Im still walking around with my 400 cc implants. It hasn't registered yet until I look in the mirror or at pics!!!???

4 weeks

Its 4 weeks and I just noticed a couple days ago a small indention on the top of my left breast all of the sudden. When I extend my back, push my chest out it goes away! Wtf!!!! Im freaking out, calling my doc to get in and see him in person. Anyone else had this problem? Im so upset and stressed!!!! :(

4 weeks and noticing an indention on the top of my left...WTF!!

4 weeks, still want 800cc

Well yesterday was 4 weeks and im pretty sure my boobies have settled, swelling is done for the most part and def still stuck on 800cc. I feel like now that the swelling is gone theyre def not as full and thats what I wanted most. I wanted them to look hard, and tight, high and fake. I have not gone without a bra other than showering and checking them each day as I am so worried about sagging but I feel like theyre not standing up as much as they were 2 weeks post op. Idk, ugghhh. Im all over the board psychologically right now. One hour I love love love them and 4 hrs later I'm totally disappointed.


Ladies, I am almost 5 weeks post op, 700cc uhp saline, overs. I wore an underwire bra from VS for an hour the other day. I was "fitted/measured" at the the store and told I was a 34ddd. After an hour of wearing it and trying to adjust it as it wasn't feeling comfortable I finally removed it cause my left breast felt like it was gonna explode. Later that night I started getting really sore. By the middle of the night I had w blankets on shaking uncontrollably from how severe the pain was, giving me the chills. Went to my PS next day he said I reinjured my healing muscle and breast tissue. I am extremely swollen now, not only my whole breast but under my armpit around to my upper back. The pain is knocking tge wind outta me. I can barely walk its so unbearable! !!!!! My doc said I didn't do any damage, I hope to God hes right! !!! But just wanted to let anyone else who is feeling ready to wear underwire PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE PROPERLY MEASURED!!!!! Obviously I was NOT and will be returning my bras to VS. Thankfully there are a few specialty bra stores in my area *chicagoland), so once the swelling goes down and my fear goes away I will check out those stores! I was not in this much pain after my surgery it has been absolutely unbearable! !!

After wearing an underwire bra for 1 hr :(

My left breast is naturally a tad bigger, when the doc filled my implants he put 700cc saline in both and it was still a tad bit larger....not to the point that it drove me nuts or felt I needed revision just for that. But obviously I was not measured properly at VS and this is the result. EXCRUTIATING PAIN AND SWELLING. This pic is 3 days after. Please ladies.....make sure you are measured correctly and if the underwire doesn't feel right. .......TAKE IT OFF SO YOURE NOT EXPERIENCING THIS ABSOLUTE AGONY ; ( ; ( ; (

5 weeks after implant exchange (Infection)!!!!!

Well all, I haven't posted anything for a couple of weeks because I have been through HELL. in my last post I shared my experience with what happened to me after wearing a wire bra.....just about 5 weeks po. Little had I known at that moment it was not swelling due to thr underwire. ....I had an infection tgat happened to come to a head (ultimate flare up)!!!!!
My doc has been absolutely phenomenonal every step of thus horrid nightmare. It was just a freak thing that something got into my incision causing the infection. My left breast swelled up insanely, the pain was ABSOLUTELY UNBEARABLE. I literally wanted to knock myself out because I couldn't take it. The doc put me on Augmentin immediately and we monitored my symptoms for a few days. Then about 3 days after being on the antibiotics I finally started to fall asleep when I noticed a warm feeling coming from under my left breast corner of the incision. I got up and went to the bathroom to look at it. What I'm about to describe it ABSOLUTELY NO exaggeration........I lifted the bottom of my sports bra and it was literally like I turn a sink faucet on yellow fluid (pus) started pouring straight out from the corner of my incision. Not to be gross, but it was a thick stream like if my breast had to pee really bad and was just spray out. I managed to get over the toliet and thank God my fiancé was home so I srarted yelling for him. When he saw whatcwas happening he insisted we're going to the ER immediately. I could not stop the fluid from pissing out. It was the craziest most painful thing ive ever felt or been through. But the good thing was that all the infection was leaving my body. It was about 20 minutes of this going on. When I say the fluid was pissing out/pouring out im not kidding. It wasn't oozing....straight stream just shooting. As I tried to keep pressure once it slowed down and change my close that were covered I managed to call my surgeon. He said let it continue to drain leave gauze on it and come in first thing in the morning for surgery. When I got to him the next morning the swelling had gone down tremendously from all of tge pressure from infection leaving my body thanks to the antibiotics. When he seen my incision wasn't completely opened he was actually relieved and said we're not gonna do surgery, at least not now cause tge antibiotics are doing their job.
So to speed thi gs up I was going to him every 2 days. The pus stopped and my incision was started to get really dry and bleeding a lil when I would change the gauze so I sent him a pic this padt Monday askung if my incision looked ok or if it was splitting. Needless to say ge told me to come in the next morning and was told we had to do surgery rught then and there. The antibiotics worked wonders but the infection broke down my tissue and the sutures. So I had surgery this padt Tuesday, he went in checked everything out cleaned my pocket, did a culture, mafe sure my implant was placed correctly and super extra stitched me back up. So here I am 6 and a half weeks later recovering from tgat surgery and infection but am God willing. ....finally on my road to recovery. I can say ladies without a doubt the pain and fear I've endured the padt couple of weeks has been the worst ever in my 38 yrs. Ive had a child ive had back injury, ive torn my ACL in my knee but nothing has compared to this nightmare. My doc has been an absolute God send and he has complete confidence alllll will ne perfect. So with that being said, please say prayers for my recovery! And I can tell you all I know what I will be grateful for this Thanksgiving. ....my health, healing, doc! Oh another thing I forgot to mention. ...as women we are all on here cause we want to improve something to our bodies. ....one of my biggest fears was that he was gonna have to remove my implant for 6 weeks to make sure that the infection was completely gone but thanks to God the antibiotics knocked it out ! And again we will never know what/how I got something in my incision but I am in law enforcement and the things we are exposed to are beyond! Regular civilians will never understand that so doc def believes it was an environmental freak thing that unfortunately happened :((
I will post some pics soon of my breasts at the worst and how tgey are looking now that tgeyre healing. God bless you all and anyone else who may be going through something like I did. You're in my prayers; )

Infection (5 weeks after surgery)

I feel like I am finally on the road to recovery after the random infection I got in my left breast 5 weeks after implant exchange to 700cc saline from 400cc.....Heres a few pics of my breast at the height of the infection and now that im healing after dr had to do another surgery to make sure everything inside was ok, clear and resuture my incision with more since the infection broke down my tissue and stitches. :(
Thank God he didn't have to remove my implant for 6 weeks! !!!!

incision after doc had to go back in

Thank God for my doc, he saved me from having my implant removed for weeks. We caught it in time before it spread like wildfire throughout my breast / implant. He put me on Augmentin immediately. By the time I had to have emergency surgery due to the infection breaking down my tissue and sutures the meds cleared my infection.

Before and After pics!

Before- 410cc saline implants mod profile overs
After - 700cc saline implants hp overs

updated my profile, added new photos

Had some bumps in my recovery. Tomorrow will be 7 weeks and I pray when I see my doc tomorrow he will say all looks good and I can be released back to work. Everything was going along so smoothly and outta nowhere, 5 weeks post op I get an infection in my incision, had to have emergency surgery but thank God my surgeon treated me aggressively and the right way. Put me on Augmentin immediately, and saved me from having my implant removed for 6 to 8 weeks! !!!!

Some fun pics....

Still healing from the surgery I had to my incision thank God my doc saved my implant so I'm still swollen on lefty and the girls are not even yet. Lefty still a bit higher and tighter but I am so in love with them.....I had to take a couple pics to remind me of summer. It is cold and pouring here so at least I'm not losing out on summer time while I heal. But wet t shirt contests this summer. ...HERE I COME, LOL ;)

new updates posted

New updates, pics posted today....still healing.


Haven't been on here for a while for good reason. I got an infection on my left incision 5 weeks after implant exchange to 700cc from 400cc , both saline over the muscle. Everything was going along just fine in my recovery and outta nowhere this infection hit me and turned my life upside down. We caught it in time before it spread throughout my whole breast. My doc performed the first surgery to try and save me from having to have it removed on November 14th.....at that time he went in , did a culture checked everything, cleaned me out and needed to reinforce my sutures because tge infection broke down my stitches and my breast tissue severely. I continued my antibiotics and was on bed rest, told me not to use my arm as much as possible. I followed everything he told me to do. I was even taking bird baths to keep my steri strips as dry as possible. Well.....on December 6th I went in for another check up and at that point doc gave me the news I was dreading and praying so hard not to hear!!!!! When he removed my steri strips my whole incision basically split all the way across and he said my implant was exposed. We had no choice and must remove thr implant immediately. As any woman would. ...I lost it! I broke down crying, had a full blown anxiety attack (I have severe anxiety) and just couldn't stop crying. I demanded my doc go get my fiancé from the waiting room RIGHT NOW......my doc insisted that it was not something either one of us wanted to see as my implant was literally visible. So the nurse put gauze , they brought my fiancé in and told him what was going on and that surgery needed to be done now.......my doc doesn't do surgery on Tuesdays so he had to call his team in for me. Doc explained to me that he did everything he could to save this from happening but because my incision and tissue was so weak from the infection and then of course the weight of my 700cc saline putting pressure on everything it just wasn't strong enough to stay closed and heal properly.
I understand, even though I was devastated and freaking out....I understood it had to be done. So, to speed things up, I had my implant removed, doc says we will replace it in 8 to 10 weeks, 12 tops and I will be good as new. This happened this past Tuesday, as I write this today is Sunday. I finally got the courage to look, touch myself and take a real shower by myself last night. I didn't lose it like I thought I would. I did tear up and I feel very weird and uncomfortable but doc gave me a sizer to wear in my bra until lefty is replaced. Its jyst been through so much trauma the last month or so that I'm still in pain, cant push , pull raise my arm completely, twist, turn.....I have some healing to do now before I even try to play around with the sizer. I just need to allow for no poking prodding for a lil while. I dont return back to work until after the first of the year so I have time. I am just trying to stay positive, cause thered light at the end of this tunnel. I just had a setback but in a couple months I'll be ready to start shopping for new bikinis! Im grateful we caught it before it got in my blood stream etc.
Im feeling kinda sad this morning but I know that im gonna have my moments and have my ups and downs.......again im jyst grateful for my health, my doc, my fiancé, son, family and friends and all of there tremendous support through this. So for any ladies out there that may be going through something similar, I say to you......stay strong, remember all that you have to be grateful for and just know its a minor setback, its for the best for our health and we will be good as new in no time!!!!!!
Merry Christmas and God bless ;)


Ijust over a week ago after my doc did everything he could, we had no choice but to remove my left implant due to an infection that developed on the end of my incision (outer side, closest to my armpit). It was just too traumatized and weak to stay closed. And of course my implant was causing constant pressure even when I was put on bed rest and was literally only getting up and walking to use the restroom and take bird baths. When I look at myself in thr mirror I wanna cry but I got the courage to take a pic of myself the other day. Omg!!!! Its much worse to look at the picture and see what a tremendous difference there is. I feel like a f*****freak :"""(((
My doc gave me an insert so I went to kohl's the other day to try and find bras that will work and conceal the implant insert as much as possible. I got lucky and found a style of sports bra that hooks in the back, and is high impact. It also comes up higher in the front cleavage area so I bought 2 for now and I must say, it really does make my insert look even to my right boobie pretty damn good. Im still recovering from all the trauma so my incision is still extremely tender and sore. Im glad I have time off of work to heal but knowing that I can look normal when I go back to work gives me a little relief. My doc said we'll be able to replace lefty in February, the end of the month the latest. So please anyone that has read my story , please keep me in your prayers! !!! My boobies were awesome! Exactly what I wanted,. I felt so friggin sexy and then this happened. ......omg, the shock, devastation, toll it has taken on my mind and body has really been HELL.. For the most part im pretty proud of myself for being as positive as ive been. I have my moments of anger, sadness, depression but I know this is temporary and knowing that definitely helps pick me up. I am just so grateful that we caught it before it got into my blood stream! !! Im very grateful for the amaing amount of support I have! !!! Im not ready to post a pic of myself with one breast yet.....maybe I will be when the day comes to have lefty replaced. But I want to show anyone who may be going through the same a couple of pics of how well my insert looks in place of nothing right now. I have actually met a friend for life of realself that is going through the exact same thing right now. She has been a tremendous support for me and I hope I have for her as well! !!!! Theres light at the end of the tunnel and I'll still have time to get ready for bikini season when I have lefty replaced. So for now I'm focused on healing and when doc says its ok I will jyst get my anger and energy out at the gym so I'm good and ready come February! !!!! Merry Christmas to all you beautiful women on Realself......I pray for you all!!!!! ?????


So I have a funny story that happened to me today......my maintenance man came to my door earlier today. Without thinking I open the door and start talking to him for a good 5 minutes. All of the sudden I see his eyes go down to my chest and quickly back up to my eyes. At that point I realized. ....HELLO, you're standing there talking to this MAN with ONE HUGE BOOBIE and lefty Has nothing but a nipple, LMAO. I slowly to be less obvious at that point acted like I was getting cold and started hiding behind my door. Omg, I can't believe I didn't even think twice before I opened my door. I'm still healing so walking around my house with the insert is not necessary. My fiancé and son love me unconditionally. .....I'm glad I can laugh about it. I'll be good as new in a couple of months so I have that to look forward to. Things could be so much worse. I'm definitely grateful for all my blessings???????


Had a doc appt yesterday with my surgeon and all looks good its been a week and a half since my left implant had to be removed after I developed an infection on my incision. Im doing well other than my incision still being sore and tender but the doc said thats normal since it went through so much trauma. .....initial implant exchange, then when he tried to save it he went in did a culture, cleaned me out and resutured me and then of course, the explant. So its gonna take some time for the painz to subside but I still have a couple weeks off before I return to work which will give me time to heal before I start sporting my insert. He also said we will schedule the surgery to put it back in 5 weeks from the next time I see him which is the first week of January. .....my bday is March 1st and he said, we will have it back in before then!!!!! Yay! !! That will be a great bday present and this time I'm going to allow myself more recovery time before I go back to work. Being in law enforcement, we are exposed to EVERYTHING imaginable (which is where we suspect bacteria got into my incision). I went back to work just a few days after thinking I was good enough to. But I was constantly readjusting and checking them every chance I got. of course I was careful and washed my hands constantly but , it happened and as I have previously said, I'm grateful for catching it when we did and all of the support and blessings I have.
Good luck, God bless and wish any of you gurls that have recently had surgery. ....I wish u a fast, problem free recovery ;)


So after 4 long months I had my doc appt the other day and surgery date has been set, YAY!!!
I will be getting both breasts redone, rather than just the left. After alot of thought and consideration im gonna go down to 600cc saline, over the muscle again but change the profile from high to ultra high. I have to go with my gut after the HELL I went through and going a bit smaller is what its telling me to do.
April 12th is the day!!!!!
Anyone that has been following my story, please keep me in your prayers!
Thank you


Heres a pic of how I've been living the past 4mths! Word of wisdom. .....always go with your gut. Dont ever dismiss your inner voice!
April 12th cant come soon enough! !!!

4th Surgery

On October 3rd, 2016 I had implant exchange from 410 mod plus saline overs to 700cc saline overs. Developed infection on Nov 4th. Nov 14th, second surgery, doc tried to save implant in left breast. Dec 6th, doc had no choice but to remove it in order to heal properly. Feb 2017 incision opened again due to superficial infection. FINALLY. .....APRIL 12TH I am getting not one but both implants replaced. Im gonna go down to 600cc saline, changing to uhp and will go over the muscle again. I hope and pray this is the end of my nightmare and beginning of a new me! Even though I went through some of the worst pain both physically and mentally these past few months, it has changed me in such positive ways the only thing I can say is that everything happens for a reason and always, always listen to your gut, your inner voice. I dismissed that quite a bit back in October and learned alot of life altering lessons! !!!!
God bless all of you gorgeous girls out there! I can't wait to be able to post a positive review with brand new boobies in a couple of weeks! !!!!!
Dr Roman

Dr Roman is without a doubt the best doctor in my eyes. He is a phenomenal surgeon, compassionate, kind, patient, understanding, comforting, smart great sense of humor and personality. With everything I've been through with this simple implant exchange that I happened to have a freak thing happen to me. This man always made me feel better and confident after talking to him. He was always honest and didn't sugar coat anything but did it with such compassion and genuine concern. He knew what bad anxiety I have an knew exactly how to make sure I felt better and completely informed through every step of the bumpy road we had. And on top of that ......he did an amazing job on my breasts. They are smokin hot....once my swelling goes down from my complication I will finally be able to show off the phenomenal job he did on my boobies. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for my health, my family, my beautiful breasts and Dr Roman for getting me through this infection and saving me from going 6 weeks without one breast. DR ROMAN V (LIPO & COSMETIC INSTITUTE) IN MY EYES IS THE BEST SURGEON IN CHICAGOLAND AREA ;)

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