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Like everyone else here I've always hated my nose...

Like everyone else here I've always hated my nose and can't wait to have it fixed. There's always been things that I've wanted in the same price range that make me guilty for even thinking about it, like to travel or get a better car, but I just feel like having a rhinoplasty would lift a huge weight off my shoulder since it's something I know I've always was going to get and have wanted it as soon as I possibly can get it. I've had a rhinoplasty consultation before a few years ago, but I wasn't ready to pay for it. Now I've saved up everything I can and I booked a consultation with Dr. Shah after doing tons of research. I just got back a few hours ago and and now I just have to figure out insurance, since I have a deviated septum they told me that they'll cover part of the surgery. I also have a little saving to do, since I want some back up money and don't want to be absolutely broke when I'm done lol. I also need to make sure I have money for prescriptions and things for recovery.

Another problem I have is telling my boyfriend. His family took me in so I live with them and share a room with him. A long time ago, he said he would break up with me if I got any plastic surgery, but he's also changed a lot since then so I have no idea what his reaction will be. I'm thinking about passing it off as mostly a medical thing, but I really have no idea how to bring it up! I'm scared because there's no way I can escape him if things go badly. I'm just really hoping he'll understand that this is something I need..... same with my parents. They turned me down the first time, but this time I'll be paying for it myself.

I'll post pictures later, they said they'll be sending me my morphs soon.

picture time

these are the morphs Dr Shah made for me

more consultations, more opinions

Although I'm happy with Dr. Shah, I want to get more opinions first before I take the plunge. Unfortunately I couldn't find many reviews with pictures for Chicago rhinoplasty, so I had to judge on before and afters. I made a consultation with Dr. Moynihan for the 29th and am thinking about making one for Mustoe. Does anyone have any recommendations??


still deciding

I talked with Karin about my insurance, she was really helpful and responded quickly by email and phone. Now that insurance is settled, I just need to schedule a date but I'm still hesitant due to money and the boyfriend.

I told my boyfriend that I need a septoplasty for my breathing and at first he didn't like the idea of changing my nose but then he said if its for my breathing, then to go for it. I want to be honest though... argh

I've been playing with photoshop to convince myself that the money is worth it lol


Although I have about $4000 saved up, I really don't like the idea of being completely broke after surgery...

I'm thinking about using my savings bonds that my mom is holding for me. I only have about $2000 for them, so I'm not really sure if it would be better to hold onto them or go ahead and use them for the surgery. I would talk to my mom about it but if she knew what I was using it for, she'd be against it.

taking selfies is so weird

Added a front view and another side view. I never take selfies because I'm ashamed of how I look so this is so weird haha

Doctor's side view

Last picture was too small

alright alright alright alright

I tried getting my worst angles. Hopefully it's close to what the doctor can give me!!

Agh..... this is such a big decision

I'm finally ready!! Just a couple more paychecks and i should be good to go, besides getting contacts because I'm blind as heck. I'm a very frugal person and have never had this much money before, so it's just coming to terms with losing everything I've saved up.

starting to get depressed

I don't have enough money anymore because I had to buy a new car since my old one was breaking down. I feel like everyone around me has such a small nose and that mine breaks my face so much. I feel ugly and like there's nothing I can do.
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