Asymmetry After Upper Blepharoplasty (Asian Male)

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I did the surgery to achieve double upper eyelids...

I did the surgery to achieve double upper eyelids and bring appearance of both eyes as symmetrical as possible due to one having more fatty tissue than the other.

I am an Asian male and had upper blepharoplasty performed in October of 2009. It has been approximately 11 weeks and the asymmetry that was discernibly apparent from the beginning after post-op is still present albeit to a lesser degree. I understand that there is always going to be some minor asymmetry, however, I believe my situation is quite conspicious from a glance. I have orbital dystopia and, pre-op, my right upper eyelid had more fat/skin so my eyes were never symmetric.

The goal of the surgery was to create the double upper eyelids as well as to get the eyes closer to size for the best symmetry possible and this was all discussed with my doctor. He stated that he performed a slightly different incision on the right upper eyelid versus the left one so I can only suspect this has partly to do with the post-op asymmetry .

I'm looking for a second opinion on how my progress is and if I will need a revision or if it's still too early to tell. I understand 6-12 months is the preferred healing duration but most, if not all, of the swelling has subsided with minor soreness in the muscles still remaining. As you will see, my right eyelid is turning out very well but the left one still has a higher crease and even the eyelashes sprout up higher. Every time I look in the mirror I think of those cars with the pop-up headlights and one of them is broken.

Both my doctor and I were dissatisfied with the...

Both my doctor and I were dissatisfied with the outcome of the surgery after letting a year pass for full recovery. The incision on my left eyelid was made too high compared to the right resulting in larger looking fold on the left and 2 distinct looking eyelids. We agreed to perform a revision where he would loosen the incision on the left eyelid to allow more skin to fold down. A month and a half has passed since the revision and the asymmetry is even worse than before. I am displeased with the level of experience and expertise with this doctor. Although he is very professional and courteous, he seems to have trouble with correcting existing asymmetries by compensating accordingly with surgical technique.

In response to another member I am writing another...

In response to another member I am writing another update.

End of July 2012, I consulted with Dr. Allen Putterman in Chicago. The entire consultation process was so impressive and a night and day difference in attention to detail compared to my initial surgeon's visits. Dr Putterman's assistant took careful measurements in millimeters, I repeat in millimeters, and documented everything down on a postcard. Then Dr Putterman evaluated my eyelids in more detail taking photos with 3 different cameras. He commented that sometimes he gets different results depending on the camera/lens thus likes to make sure he gets all perspectives.

He stated there is a clear and definite disparity between the left and right eyelids. Unfortunately, he also told me what I didn't want to hear. That attempts to make my left, larger folded eye similar to the right would be very tricky (using fat grafting or other methods) with hit or miss results and that it would be safer and with higher positive results to make the right eyelid the same as the left. If I wanted to try to correct the left eyelid, he suggested first using a filler to see what the result might be as it is temporary.

At this time I have not made a decision yet. I am unhappy with my left, larger eyelid and to have the right just as large would not be the permanent result I wish to have. I plan on speaking with Dr. Putterman again early next year to discuss further as I believe both eyelids need revisions since they are so different from one another now.

I wish I had the positive outcomes that many Asians seems to have with this type of surgery but if you ever run into a surgeon who says "trust me, you're going to like the results, or, you're going to feel much better"...take it with skepticism and keep consulting with other doctors until you are 100% confident.
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

Very easy to get along with, professional, and wants to make sure you're happy with this work, however, expertise and experience for corrective surgery is questionable.

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