35 Y/o Mommy of 2 Getting Implant Revision 420cc - Chicago, IL

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Hi everyone!! I have a little more than a month to...

Hi everyone!! I have a little more than a month to go until my procedure and I am so excited! I had my first implants done in 2004 and was a very small A cup. I went with 250cc saline under the muscle at the time bringing me to a C. After breastfeeding 2 kids I am ready to swap them out and go bigger. I was initially thinking of silicone but after researching more I think I am more comfortable staying with saline. I don't want to have to worry about the MRI'S every few years and the feel of them isn't as concerning as I'm married and my husband is fine with the way I have felt now. I want to be a D but not too large. I decided on moderate profile 390cc implant filled to 420. I posted some pics of my "wish" boobs. I also have a "double bubble" where you can see the ridge of my real breast tissue and the implant itself so getting a capsulorrhaphy to repair the pockets. Has anyone had that done before? I also wasn't sure between high profile or moderate. I don't want the high hard cleavage look so think moderate might be better?

Pre-op appt today

I had my pre-op appointment today and am so excited for my surgery next Friday!! They pricked my finger to check hemoglobin level which was normal and gave me my prescriptions for norco, anti biotic and Celebrex. Also gave me arnica to start taking 4 days before the procedure. I am sticking with saline moderate profile implant, 390 filled to 420 cc with pocket repair to fix the double bubble that has developed since my first BA in 2004. I won't find out my surgery time until the day before. I have all my front zip sports bras ready and a wedge pillow, as well as gel cold packs. I'm planning on taking a week off work and my husband is ready to take care of me the first few days and handle the kids-they're 6 and 3. Can't believe it's only 10 days away!!

Before pics

Finally got the nerve up to post some before pictures. I am 5'5", 138 pounds and started out with 275 cc saline implants. I was a 34 A prior to my first BA in 2004 and have since had and breast fed 2 kids. I'm currently a 30 4C. Having my procedure on Friday removing these implants and getting 390 Natrelle saline filled to 420cc as well as capsulorrhaphy to repair pockets. I want more fullness and cleavage!! So excited and getting more anxious and nervous too. Started taking my arnica yesterday and today felt a little off balance and dizzy. May have been from working out and not drinking enough water? Anyway--will post updates later this week!!

Day 1 post op

It's about 24 since my surgery and it's been a little rough recovering. My procedure went smoothly-got to the surgery center at 6:30am and got checked in. They put in my IV and my husband was able to come back for a little bit. Then my PS came in and marked me. I remember them wheeling me into the OR and the anesthesiologist said they would put something in my IV to relax me. I remember saying "oh yeah I feel that" and the next thing I remember is waking up in recovery and my husband was right there. He said I asked like 5 times how long it took--it was like 3.5 hrs with the pocket repair he had to do. I also was so out of it I was taking about having to go to the gym!! Haha. I recovered for about an hour and then we got to leave. We decided to stay in a hotel since we live about an hour away so we didn't have to drive back and forth for my post-op today. All afternoon yesterday I was really woozy and nauseous. I took my norco every 5 hours or so and took 2 together at first and just 1 after that. It takes the edge off but the tightness and soreness is pretty intense. No sharp pains. Sleeping last night propped up was tough-and once you lay still in one place for a while it's really hard to get up. My husband literally has to put his hands behind my back and lift me. As far as size, Originally we were going with Natrelle moderate profile 390cc filled to 420 but PS said he had to go up to 420 on one and 450 on other to achieve the fullness and cleavage I wanted. I've also been using an ice pack off and on which feels great!

Day 2 pics

Day 3-horrible headache

Day 3 so far has been better pain wise but I have had a splitting headache along with dizziness all day. I decided to transition from the norco to extra strength Tylenol since my pain isn't unbearable. I think the Headache was a side effect of Norco or maybe just coming off the anesthesia still? Has anyone else experienced bad headache? Boobs are starting to feel not as rock hard and swollen today but still very high and tight.

Day 4 post op- loving my recovery bras

Can't say how much I LOVE my compression recovery bras from Brilliant Contours. I got 5 of them since I have to wear them for 3 months because of my pocket repairs. So cute and comfy!! Someone recommended them on here and I would second the recommendation. Janice the owner is super sweet and her customer service goes above and beyond. She even threw in some extra gifts in my package.

Day 5-burning and pins and needles

Aside from off and on burning/nerve pain in my left breast, I am feeling a lot better today. Still feel right like my skin is stretched like crazy.

Greasy hair and zingers

Omg has anyone else noticed their hair is extra oily after surgery? I took my 2nd shower yesterday and even after shampooing it just has this greasy texture. Is this from the anesthesia? I am starting to feel a bit less tightness-have more on the left side. For the last 2 days I've had really bad burning/pins and needles feeling in the left nipple radiating outward toward my side. I've read it's the nerves repairing or from being stretched or something but man it hurts!! I took my first outing yesterday-my husband drove me and my kids to see Zootopia. I didn't feel quite ready to drive myself. It was good to get out but had those zingers going on so was pretty uncomfortable. So far this morning it feels better so hopefully will have a better day. I have to drive my daughter to a spring break camp today and am a little nervous but I've been off norco for 3 days. I'm more just worried about my range of motion-turning the steering wheel.

1 week 2 days post op

Things are getting a lot better now in the last day or two. My left side doesn't feel as tight and I can tell I have dropped a little-more so on the right so far but I'm not concerned as it's still really early. I went back to work which went well-I had to ask a co-worker to lift my bag for me and said I strained my back ;-) excited to go back to the gym later this week for light cardio. I don't see my PS until 6 weeks!! Does anyone think that's weird? I saw him day after surgery.

Bikini top

Was at TJMAxx today and tried a bikini top on for fun! Feel like they're dropping more every day and the tightness I had on the left side is getting so much better!

2 1/2 weeks post op

I feel like I am getting more and more comfortable each day and am loving the Changes I'm starting to see. I hope they drop a bit more to fill out my lower breast area but loving my cleavage and fullness I didn't have before! I can't wait To get sized and wear normal bras-does anyone know when VS semi-annual summer sale is? Hoping it times out with my 3 month post op time frame. I also went back to the gym but so far have only been walking on the treadmill, riding the stationary bike and elliptical with no arms. I've done some squats and lunges-It's so hard to be in the gym and not going full out like I'm used to. I was in the best shape of my life before surgery and am already feeling my stomach and arms getting flabbier ???? but healing right is so important so I'm being patient!

1 month post op

Feeling awesome!! Just have a little lingering soreness on my left side down under the armpit near my bra line but think it's from the extensive pocket repair done. I'm back at the gym only doing moderate cardio and lower body. I have my 6 week appt coming up and hoping to get cleared for upper body weights because my arms are starting to feel flabby!! Lol. All in all loving my cleavage and shape-they're dropping more each day!

5 months post-op

I haven't been on here in a while and wanted to post some updated pictures. I am in love with my new boobs-they have dropped and filled out so nicely and I have no pain or issues at all. The only restriction is no push ups or chest exercises until December because of my pocket repair.
Dr Michael Horn

I chose Dr Horn after meeting with 3 other PS's in the Chicago area. Right away, I knew he was the one I wanted working on me. He was so confident in knowing exactly how to fix a double bubble issue I had with my old implants and knowing what size would look best on me now. While I've read some reviews that his bedside manner isn't the best, I think his expertise and talent supersede what I think is just a shy personality. He was very patient and nice with me and always answered all my questions. He even asked how my husband and I met and talked about his wife a few times. His staff are so sweet and his office is beautiful. I would highly recommend Dr Horn to anyone!

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