41 Year Old Mom of 2 Starting Isotretenoin Tomorrow! - Chicago, IL

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I've been dealing with acne issues since my...

I've been dealing with acne issues since my college days. It's most recently gotten worse than ever before. I have been on every treatment out there. I had begun blue light therapy with the help of a handheld and had about a week of clearing and my acne is back with a vengeance. I'm very tired of taking an hour in the morning to tend to my skin, including camouflaging it (I'm an attorney and in court and in front of clients all the time). Thankfully, I have a loving husband who seems to focus on other aspects of my appearance but it's very demoralizing. I'm starting a regiment tomorrow of 40 mg a day. I've done a ton of research on side effects and think I'm stocked up but only time (and real experience will tell). Wish me luck on this journey!

One week in

Well, I'm one week into my treatment. The biggest side effects I have seen are my lips are getting dry and my face is peeling a bit, like I've had a sunburn. I am also noticing a little bit more sun sensitivity but I have pale skin so that's nothing new for me. But having read numerous reviews online, I knew to stock up with heavy duty moisturizers. So from that perspective, it's actually going OK. Perhaps the preventative measures helped. I'm also breaking out a bit but I'm noticing that the pimples don't last as long. It's like they're drying up much quicker. For me, the worst part, or one of the worst parts, about having issues with my skin has been how long the pimples would last. I'll keep posting but I'm glad I did this. For now :) thanks for all the words of encouragement!

Has it really worked this fast?

So I've completed 3 weeks of treatment. I can't believe how quickly it seems that this has worked for me. My skin is dry but totally manageable with my products (except my lips...those have been the biggest challenge). I actually love not having oily skin. I can go without washing my face and I don't feel like there's anything lurking beneath the surface because the oil is building up. In these pictures, I'm only wearing a light dusting of translucent powder. I'd be curious to know other people's experiences given that I'm only three weeks in. Is this a honeymoon phase? Well I start breaking out again? Also, if anyone has any suggestions about lips, i'd love to hear. I tried everything – Aquaphor, Vaseline, Dr. Dan's Cordabalm, waxelene. It's not so much my lips, but on the outside of them. They almost feel itchy. I think I'll try and post another three weeks but if anybody has any advice, I'd love to hear!

2 months and counting. So far so good...

So, so, happy I went on Isotretinoin. I think due to my good planning of ways to moisturize my skin and I guess sheer luck, my experience has been awesome. My husband cannot believe how much more confident and happy I am. We have a lake house where you don't wear make up on the weekends and I actually go outside and don't worry about what my skin looks like the daylight. Just wanted to share my moisturizing tips because these have really worked for me. For my face, I use Avene optimal hydrance serum and Avene compensating cream. For my face wash, I use cera ve for dry skin. I also use cera ve cream from my body. For my lips, I have found that Aquaphor works the best. That's after trying waxolene and Dr. Dan's cortibalm. I also spritz mineral water on my face and I only wash my face at night. As far as makeup, I'll use Dior air flash primer which I find to be very moisturizing and then face powder which does not show off flakes. Sometimes in the shower I will exfoliate my face with just a washcloth. This routine has really worked for me. Oh, I also use a special moisturizing bar in shower. I think it is Avene as well. Hope these tips help someone!

It worked!

I finished my eight month regimen last Friday. I couldn't be happier with the results. My skin has been clear and it's the last thing that I think about every day. My husband has said that even my skin on my body feels smoother. As far as side effects, the only things I can really complain about super dry lips and nose bleeds. But other than that, I had no side effects whatsoever. The profits I used also kept my skin hydrated. Great experience, and if I have to go on it again due to my age and area of acne (I've been told that because it's hormonal, you may have to go in for a second treatment ), I would be fine with doing so. Highly recommend!
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