Tummy Tuck on 6/1/12 - Lovin' the flatside, hate my belly button!

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I'm a 34-year old mom of 2 girls, both born...

I'm a 34-year old mom of 2 girls, both born via section. My belly is a travesty to say the least! I'm desperate to have a flat tummy, never had one. I've struggled with my weight most of my life and in the last year or so, I've lost over 60 lbs. Now my tummy is still a mess - hanging bag of fat and skin as I call it.

My TT is schedule for 2 weeks from this Friday - only like 17 days away. I've never been under before and the only surgery I've had were my c sections - those cont right? My doctor does twilight sedation and doesn't think I need to go under general or stay in the hospital after my tummy tuck. How many others have had twilight versus general? I've never had either.

I really want to do this to improve my body and self image. Eventually I'll get laser lipo on my thighs and saddle bags, maybe my bat wings too. I chose to do my tummy tuck 1st b/c it's what bothers me the most.

I am SO incredibly scared, I wont lie. I'm also very, very excited. I'm not scared of the recovery - I recovered from my c sections wonderfully. I'm scared of the anesthesia and of something going wrong during surgery, of having blood clots after or any other complications that might kill me. I know, pretty ridiculous lol. I have 3 friends that have had tummy tucks and all of them with very different stories to tell. I'm fairly certain that it's just like anything else, every single person has a different experience.

Any words of encouragement to get me calm - please share! :)

I'm excited about the doctor I chose, he is really amazing. I have a friend who used him for laser lipo and can't say enough good things about him. Everyone in his office and my surgical coordinator have been so sweet and patient, answering all my questions and talking me off the ledge.

Well, I'm 15 days away and have to pay my whole...

Well, I'm 15 days away and have to pay my whole balance in full tomorrow - GULP! That makes it so real lol! But I'm gonna do it and that's that. My mom already bought her ticket to come and take care of me, so there's really no backing out now.

2 questions for the ladies that have had TTs already:

If you had stretch marks above our belly button - how do they look now? I have a few, but nothing major. I'm curious to know how far up they go to pull it all back down? Does it vary case by case?

Did you need to get any hospital supplies for your recovery? I've seen some people write about getting shower seats and something for their toilets and walkers... is that necessary? I didn't have any of those things for my c sections?

OH! And how much time do I need to take off of...

OH! And how much time do I need to take off of work? My PS said that I really only need a week to recuperate, but I haven't seen ANYONE here say that they were back in total business in a week. I can work from home, so maybe I'll take a full week off and then work from home the second week so I don't have to drive in? Thoughts??

Holy moley --- I'm 8 days away and a week away...

Holy moley --- I'm 8 days away and a week away from my mommy arriving to take care of me. I can't believe fast this is all happening! Of course, I scheduled my TT for 20 days after my consult so I shouldn't be shocked lol.

I'm excited to soon be "on the other side". Still scared, but feeling good.

I went for my pre-op appt with my GP so he could clear me for surgery. He did an EKG and order an xray of my lungs along with the bloodwork just for good measure. He's awesome and wants to be sure that everything was checked just to be sure. All looks well and I'm a healthy young lady (his words lol).

Things to do before surgery:

Clean the house - up and down!
Grocery shop
List of things my mom can do with my kids when they're not with their dad
Schedules for my kids
Fill prescriptions - don't forget Colace or Dulcolax
Special foods - crackers, apple juice, gatorade, jello
Make a drawer in my dresser with clean sweatpants, tanks, big undies, bras ---- for easy access
Gather old towels
Get a shower curtain and plan to layer it under my beat sheets in case of leaking (yuck!)
Get the bucket from the basement and place it next to my bed. For puking or for emptying the drains so I don't have to get up (advice from surgeon).
Move a DVD player from downstairs to upstairs and get movies ready.
Download the rest of the Fifty Shades trilogy to my iPad so I have more the read! Ohhhh la la!

Hmmmmmmmmmmm - what am I missing? I think that's it. Oh yeah, and "remain calm" should be on there!

LOL --- Happy Thursday to you all :) Last time I'll be in my bathing suit this weekend with this inner tube in it with me! Dammit I wish I would've done this back in March so I wouldn't miss a few weekends of pool time!

Adding more before pics in the new bikini I bought...

Adding more before pics in the new bikini I bought last week. Had my pre-op today and got my 'scripts and instructions for pre and post. Also signed this waiver of all these things that can go wrong, etc... it's real! I'm ready!

3 more days. How am I going to sleep?

I had my pre-op with the surgeon yesterday ---...

I had my pre-op with the surgeon yesterday --- that pretty much seals the deal! My surgical coordinator (whom I LOVE) had to run back to their other office, so it was just me and him which was kinda weird. He's SO nice, I feel so comfortable with him. He's proud and happy that I've researched as much as I have and that I know my stuff.

He asked me if I was getting excited and I told him that I was nervous. He asked what I was nervous about and I told him the sedation part. He made me feel so much better. He showed me my lab results and my EKG results and told me things he looks for and what numbers would mean there was a risk, and that my numbers are way lower. He showed me which number showed kidney function and which number showed if I was anemic or not, etc... he said that I was a perfectly healthy 34-year old woman who is going to bounce right back and look great. He also asked me how long I'd been in my current profession and I told him 16 years. He asked me if I was good at my job and if people at my office doubted my work - and I told him that I was great at my job. He said, "good, me too. promise". I just love him!

I needed his calm to help me calm down a bit. If any of you knew me personally you'd wonder how I'm doing this b/c I'm the biggest chicken EVER! LOL

Anyway, to "the other side" I go --- in 2 days!

Welp - tomorrow is the big day and I just cannot...

Welp - tomorrow is the big day and I just cannot believe it. My momma arrived this morning from California on the red eye, bless her little heart. She's just the best.

I have everything ready, I think. All the meds and clothes and drinks and crackers and pill to make me poop - I think I'm good :)

I got an email from my surgical coordinator for my night before check list and on the list is that I can't brush my teeth in the morning --- are they for real!?!?!?! Have they not heard of the dragon!? Is that common? So weird.

To all the ladies having their surgeries today - good luck! And my ladies for tomorrow, we're in this together and we'll see each other on the flat side!

Today is the day, can't believe it. Leaving the...

Today is the day, can't believe it. Leaving the house in about a 1/2 hour, so I'm sitting here thirsty and starving and wanting coffee!! If I can post later to let you all know I'm alive, I will :) good luck to anyone else getting there's today too!

Day of surgery:: BWell, I'm on the other side!...

Day of surgery:: BWell, I'm on the other side! Can't believe it at all lol. Woke from the sedation to EXCRUCIATING pain from the muscle tightening. Worse pain of my life. And very cold. After pain meds and getting home, I'm doing fine. Just my luck there a flipping tornado close by so I had to go to the basement.

Anyway, lots of meds and feeling loopy -- more later.

Why can't I add a freaking picture from my phone?!?!?

Why can't I add a freaking picture from my phone?!?!?

Day 1 post op - sore and my muscles hurt!!!!...

Day 1 post op - sore and my muscles hurt!!!! getting up to pee is the worst! more later :)

Day 2 post op: It's almost 5am and I'm up and on...

Day 2 post op: It's almost 5am and I'm up and on here lol --- anyone else have insomnia? I don't wake up from pain, I just keep waking up every 2-3 hours or so, it's kinda making me crazy!

So, this is getting easier. My MR is still what hurts the most, but starting hurting WAY less late afternoon. I started icing my abs and maybe that's what helped? My drain sites also hurt when they're moved around, so that kinda stinks. My incision doesn't hurt at all yet. Day of surgery SUCKED, but all in all I'm getting better and it's getting easier! Hooray!

Still feeling better and better. Had to take a...

Still feeling better and better. Had to take a break from the binder, it was giving me the serious itches and then it gave me 2 little blisters! Tried to take a shower with my mom's help and a plastic patio chair (lol) in my stand up shower, but I haven't been eating much so I got too faint and had to abort the mission. Maybe tomorrow. Today was bird bath only lol

Ps - sorry my pics are sideways ----- I don't have...

ps - sorry my pics are sideways ----- I don't have the energy to fix them lol

Post Op Day 4--- Still doing well, getting better...

Post Op Day 4--- Still doing well, getting better by the day. I'm sore, but no biggie. Switched from percosets to tylenol yesterday, which is a good sign I think. On Sunday night I took 2 dulcolax to help me go #2 and last night, nothing had happened, so I took 2 more. UM.... well that was a poor choice. Almost immediately I had to run to the potty and I must've went 5 or 6 times during the night last night, including terrible belly aches. It really sucked. TMI alert --- it's not the fact that I had to go urgently and it was um.... loose lol ---- it's wiping that's hard!! And I just want to shower again! But I think I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

My drains are what drive me the most crazy and I have a post op appt tomorrow at 3pm, so I'm hoping to get them out then. Last measurement was 25cc in 26 hours taken last night. So I'm hoping that today will be even less and they can come out. I hate them SO much. It's them that makes it hurt when I get up or have to sit to go to the bathroom, or even pulling my underwear over them UGH.

In other exciting news, I've lost 9 lbs since surgery on Friday - which is awesome. I'm not eating too much but what I am eating is smart, clean, and low sodium. Lots and lots of water.

I'm super sleepy bc I still can't sleep well, especially last night with all the trips to the toilet.

Happy healing to all ! :)

Post op day 5: morning fellow TTers! Not sure why...

Post op day 5: morning fellow TTers! Not sure why I'm so chipper, I can't sleep well to save my soul. It's getting so old. I took 2 Tylenol PMs last night AND a flippin' Valium and still went to sleep after 2:30am. I did have a weird dream about J Lo and told her my secret love of puerto rican men LOL.

I'm feeling great, taking tylenol when I remember. I have a cough that I'd like to get out that I just can't. And my period started today, hooray! at least my toilet explosions are over lol I really do feel almost human again. I spent time downstairs with my kids and my mom last night, which was awesome. My mom was out with my kids and was running late around dinner time, so I ordered some food. I was so embarrassed when I had to answer the door and the delivery guy saw my drains lol oh well

My big issue of the day is can I shower, wash and dry my Afro AND find something to wear that hides my drains to go to the doc?

Anyhoo, off to start my day by getting up and walking around, hoping to shower :) hope everyone has a great day!

Got one drain out today, I guess I'll take that...

Got one drain out today, I guess I'll take that over none :) other one comes out Monday --- ugh

Day 6 post op: Man I feel good... practically back...

Day 6 post op: Man I feel good... practically back to normal except that I get so tired by the end of the day. Yesterday was the highlight of my week, I got to leave the house and see my PS! It was awesome to get fresh air and see different faces than my mom and my kids lol Being out of bed for about 4 1/2 hours made me pretty swollen and sore and I took a nap when I got back. Then my lil sister came to visit me and that made my day, love that kid (well, she's 29 but still).

Today my 9-year old was in her school talent show and I went and it was so great! I bound myself up, hid my drain in my armpit and went with my mom, 2-year old, and ex-husband to be. She did so great, I was so proud. My mom left for the airport to head back to California shortly there after, I miss her terribly already. I could've never, ever done this without her. For anyone with a surgery coming up, you need a person on-hand for at least the 1st 5/6 days to do basically everything for you, and with love lol bc you will be annoying.

So my ex-husband to be took her to the airport and I came home with my 2-year old and was pretty bothered by how untidy my 1st floor was, so I tidied up. I cleaned the kitchen and picked up the living room. I took lots of breaks and made my 2-year old help and I feel great. Maybe I'll regret it later, we'll see - but so far so good.

All in all, this whole thing has been awesome. I feel great, no regrets. Money well spent....... until I get the 1st payment in the mail lol :)

Happy happy to you all.

Partial mommy makeover to get rid of my belly hang...

Partial mommy makeover to get rid of my belly hang after having kids.

Well, it's post op day 7 --- it's been a week and...

Well, it's post op day 7 --- it's been a week and I can't believe it at all. I feel like it was just yesterday I was in panic mode about having the surgery and here I am feeling awesome and with a flat belly that I still can't believe that I have.

This may sound cheesy, but I look at my belly and I actually tear up sometimes and get emotional. I can't believe it's gone and I will no longer have this immense insecurity of my fat apron hanging on me. I'm so thankful and so blessed that I was able to do this. I never thought in a billion years that I'd be able to do something like this, not just bc I'm a wimp but I always thought plastic surgery was for rich people.

I could not have gotten through this without the community here --- reading everyone's stories and seeing everyone live through it and everyone's guts and glory lol. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

I feel great today and I'm off to have coffee with a friend who's going to Korea for a year tomorrow (Army) and then to Toys R Us to get a birthday gift. I'm sure I'll be pretty damn swollen when I get back, but it's going to feel so nice to be human again!

Happy Friday!

Day 8 post op - still doing great. Aside from...

Day 8 post op - still doing great. Aside from lifting things and doing heavy cleaning, I'm back to myself. Man am I swollen by the day's end though. Oh, have I mentioned - I HATE THIS DRAIN?

Happy Saturday! :)

Drain free people, drain free! Can't tell you how...

Drain free people, drain free! Can't tell you how human I feel now! 10 days since my surgery and I'm feeling awesome. When I went to my PS's office today, I met Lushis3117's sister in the waiting room and she had just gone back for her TT. So happy that she went to see my doc, he's so awesome!

Well, today is post op day 12 and I went back to...

Well, today is post op day 12 and I went back to work (desk job) for a full day - hour commute each way. I was a bit swollen and sore by the end of the day, but all and all I feel good and it's good to get back to life.

LOTS of people noticed and I found myself telling some people the truth, bc honestly I'm proud of what I did. I did tell some people that I had hernia surgery and that's why I was out lol. I have an ex that works at my company, I don't typically see him often which is good b.c it's awkward for him. After I saw him he IMed me to tell me how "stunning" I look and how obvious my amazing weight loss was and that I took his breath away. I promptly vomited on my desk, but loved the compliments! lol

I also had 2 people tell me today that I was "glowing" - love it! Feeling awesome and confident and SOOOO flippin' happy that I did this!

Happy healing to everyone :)

2 weeks post op - feeling awesome, but tired of...

2 weeks post op - feeling awesome, but tired of feeling tight and swollen! I won't complain, bc I'm lovin' how I look in clothes :) I miss the pool too!

I've decided that I definitely need to get laser lipo on my flanks, saddle bags and inner thighs to match my belly. My daughter told me today "your belly looks awesome mom - but your legs and your butt don't match" LOL --- gotta love the honesty of children! But she's right, they don't. Especially my flanks and saddle bags. Well, hoping to pay off my TT by the end of the year (I financed it) and then I'll do my legs soon after that. Anyone had laser/smart lipo NOT as part of their TT?

I like how I look in clothes A LOT and even in my bra and panties. But naked, it's disproportionate. I'll also work out once it's allowed and get off what I can.

I am TERRIFIED of gaining my belly back!!! I'm really trying to be very careful what I eat! I want to start exercising soon and working on my legs and toning my arms. I'm a thick girl and I love my curves and my big butt, but I need to match everything up now for when I'm naked lol

Happy Friday and happy healing my friends!!

Well I will be 3 weeks post op on Friday - 2 more...

Well I will be 3 weeks post op on Friday - 2 more days... so I guess that makes me 19 dpo? My update - I don't have one really. I feel awesome! :) I feel tight and I get a little swollen. My incision is cloing up nicely even though I have a weird little flat of skin on one side where the incision starts. I'm eager to get in the pool with my kids on the weekends! I"m headed to Fl 2 weeks from today and will be getting in the pool then for sure!

Happy healing to you all!

Well today I"m officially 4 weeks post op and I...

Well today I"m officially 4 weeks post op and I just can't believe how quickly time has gone by. I'm feeling awesome and have been for quite sometime. I love my new look, the few new pieces of clothes I've purchased, the comments and compliments, and just overall how damn happy I am with the decision that I made to get this done for myself.

As a single mom of 2, going through her 2nd divorce (ugh) - I needed this is more ways that I could ever find words to explain. I had self confidence before - even at over 200 pounds I'd walk into a room with my head high and a smile on my face. But with my blubber gut gone, I feel reborn. As corny as it sounds, it has changed my life so much. To be able to look in the mirror and only hate my legs is new! LOL

For anyone who hasn't had their tucks yet --- you can do it! Don't let anyone talk you out of it and don't feel guilty. YOU are worth it! As speaking on behalf of the wimps of the world, it was not that bad at all. My 2 c-sections were way worse to recover from. You'll be in pain, you'll be sore, you'll need help and the drains suck. But I'd do it again in a second if I had to go back.

Happy Friday and happy juice all around! :) It's payday and I've promised myself that I'm buying myself 1 new clingy summer dress every payday, maybe 2!! MUAH!

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted anything...

Well, it's been awhile since I've posted anything new here --- so hello ladies! I hope everyone who's on the flatside is recovering well and enjoying bikinis this summer like me! Anyone who's due for the TT soon, good luck and congrats!

So this Friday, I'll be 8 weeks post op. I'm still over the moon with my results and so happy with my decision to have the surgery.

Now, with that said - I hate my damn belly button. My belly is pulled so tight that my belly button looks tight too. My sister-in-law told me it looks like a vagina - which really pissed me off and made me super self conscious about it. The round scar that goes around it is bright red in comparison to the rest of my skin (looks like the color of my incision scar too). I've been using scar cream just on my belly button and it doesn't seem to be making a difference.

I went to Fl on vacation and wore a bikini anytime I was in the sun and had people ask me what was wrong with my belly button. UGH! I told some people "nothing" and others that I'd had surgery, but not what kind. I EFFING hate it! When I stand up - it stretches into like a vertical line, pulled tight. When I'm sitting it's not too bad - but the red ring around it makes me crazy.

Not sure that anything can be done about it though - the shape and size are the shape and size. I assume the scar will lighten, but that ring around it will always be there, right?
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

Best doc, best staff. Period. Dr. Singh and his staff are exceptional. From the 1st meeting all the way through, they treat you with grace and individual care that is second to none. The end result of my full tummy tuck is better than I could've ever expected. I would recommend them with 100% confidence to anyone.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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