Tummy Tuck W/Inner Thigh Lipo - Keeping It Real! Chevy Chase, MD

Okay, I'm scared half to death, but so excited. ...

Okay, I'm scared half to death, but so excited. I've wanted a flat tummy and no fire started between my thighs when I walk since I can remember. I work out hard, have a demanding job and two wonderful kids, but I'm about to turn 40 - its time to do this! Genetics and pregnancy did me no justice, so I'm taking the ride to the flat side. Pictures to come soon. All the best to others taking this ride along with me!!!

My Before Pic

This is tough, but you ladies make it easy. Here's my current picture with 2 months until surgery. My goal is to lose 5-10 pounds before my TT. Wish me luck!
Dr. Singh

Dr. Singh is a calm presence through this journey. Nicolette is my coordinator and she is just awesome. She's super responsive and friendly. I've only met with Dr. Singh once, but his credentials and demeanor have put me at ease. More to come soon.

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