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On Nov 15th, I had Smart Lipo on my abs and flanks...

On Nov 15th, I had Smart Lipo on my abs and flanks and fat transfer to my butt (BBL) procedure at Dr. Khalifeh's office in Chevy Chase, a couple blocks from Washington DC. It was a wonderful experience with the doctor and the nurses at DC Cosmetics and I am thrilled to see the results the procedure has on my body already.

I think the only way I can show my gratitude is to write a truthful and informative review here to help viewers to make a better decision about the procedure for themselves. I would like to make this post as informative as possible, please ask questions and I will try my best to answer them. I will post before & after pictures when swelling goes down.

A little bit about me: I am 24 years old, Asian heritage, typically wear a size 4, about 5'6. I always have had a little belly and I am self conscious about it all the time. Who doesn't want a well-defined hourglass figure that looks good in a skin-tight pencil skirt?

The total cost of the procedure is 4725, which includes smart lipo on lower and upper abs and flanks, and fat transfer to my butt. Lipo on lower and upper abs is 3500, and the cost on flanks is additional 1750. I paid cash so i get 10% discount, and fat transfer is free.

Can you believe it? Dr. Khalifeh offered to do the fat transfer for free because he said I was so small to begin with, and when you take fat out of a small person, your body will try to compensate by putting on fat somewhere else.

The procedure was painful, it was not easy, but really really worth it. I remember I was able to chat with the doctor in the beginning when the pain was somewhat bearable. He told me his wife is a surgeon too, accomplished family, duh. I asked him if I need a boob job. He said, he didn't pay attention to my breast earlier when he marked my body, because he doesn't look for flaws of people and try to get them fixed. He didn't sell to me about getting breast implants at all, just telling me I will get a lot attention with the implants. lol.

Smart Lipo was a breeze compared to the fat transfer procedure. They take out the fat out of my tummy and processed it to inject it into my butt. I am not sure how much CCs was injected, but there was bottles and bottles of fat mixed with blood got sucked out of tummy. The doctor said I am a pro because I didn't scream or asked to take breaks. Well, I tried my best not to distract him but I was shivering badly because it is painful. Dr said, he hasn't figured out a way to make the fat transfer less painful, and he asked me what kind of pain is it? I said… you probably have to try it yourself to know…

The whole procedure took 3-4 hours, and Georgette and xxx helped me put on a gartment. Georgette is a little doll, and she recently had a fat transfer to her butt too. She looks wonderful in her tight little jeans :) Dr asked Georgette to pick up juice, salad, yogurt, ginger ale for me from whole foods after the procedure, and it was on the house. Again, can't be grateful enough.

xxx and Adrienne helped me to settle in the corporate housing, I basically passed out immediately. I lost a lot of blood, and it was very hard to move around. The pain meds made me nauseous, and I couldn't really eat for a while. Georgette called me the next day and checked on how I was doing. I told her I couldn't eat so she stopped by on a Friday night, and gave me anti-nausea meds and dinner from Whole Foods. Oh man, they are so sweet that I won't be able to go to anywhere else for plastic surgeries in the future.

Oh crap, I just wrote a novel for you guys here. Fast forward to Nov 19th, I am healing beautifully at home and but I still can't really sit down nor drive yet. It is fine because I see people who had BBL take 2 weeks off for recovery. I am seeing more and more of the results each day and I am very happy.

:) I hope it helps make your decisions on Smart Lipo. Happy holidays to you all.

This is the 5th day since my surgery and I have...

This is the 5th day since my surgery and I have tried on a few pencil dresses. I have never thought a procedure can improve my figure in such a significant way. My hourglass figure is beautiful, and I know I'm still swollen like a potato.

I asked Adrienne and she said each cheek is injected 500CCs each, and total fat taken out was 1800CCs. Perfect. I can't wait to see the final result.

Oh, and Ayana is another nurse that helped me during the procedure. She is so sweet and if you guys are taken care of by her, you are in good hands :)

Now my thigh is getting swollen. I hope my thigh wont get big from this procedure.

Now its the 8th day, I feel swelling went down a...

Now its the 8th day, I feel swelling went down a lot and I like how clothes fit me. :) I may do some light cardio workout too.

I am really happy with my result now, its almost 3...

I am really happy with my result now, its almost 3 months. I am thinking to get something else done by the end of the year by Dr.K

Cant wait for bikini time!
Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon

The best on the East Coast :) Professionally, I pick investments for a living, so if I can pick good investments, I should be able to pick a good plastic surgeon for myself, huh? I have been researching on this website since early summer. On the east coast, there are good plastic surgeons on NYC, DC, Atlanta, and of course, Miami-- hot latino culture :) I have talked to several surgeons on Park Ave in NYC and think they are too overpriced for what they have achieved. You are mainly paying for a zip-code if you opt for those docs on the Upper East Side. I also considered Dr. Boutte in Atlanta. Her before and after pics look aggressively different, and her price is very reasonable. But she is very sales-driven and not a certified plastic surgeon. To conclude, Dr. Khalifeh is the best on the East Coast after my 6 months of research and I am happy with his pedigree, professionalism, price, and most importantly, the results he give to his patients. I also find his website incredibly transparent and informative, which gives me additional comfort. I believe plastic surgery is not the place to go for price cutting, so do yourself a favor and choose somebody you can trust. Dr. Khalifeh has accomplished it all. Wharton undergrads, and worked at Morgan Stanley before going to Johns Hopkins for med school. He demands the very best in everything he does, and I can totally see the highest degree of professionalism and skills in his practice. Do you know what else I couldn't believe?? They offered their corporate housing for me to stay for free because I am an out of town patient. I was able to stay in a beautiful, tastefully decorated apartment, one block from the office during my recovery time, and that is totally free of charge. (I had my procedure on Thursday and saw the doctor again on Saturday before I leave. The doctor said, you can stay longer if you want, the next patient wont come until next Wed, so it's all yours.) Gosh, no wonder they voted him as the most compassionate plastic surgeon. :) On the actual day of the procedure, I drove to DC by myself (which is a mistake, you should have somebody to take care of you. I somehow pulled it off, but I deeply regret it.) Procedure is scheduled at 3:00pm, minimal wait-time, very smooth process, professional, clean, and everybody is so sweet. I finally met Adrienne, who has been communicating with me on the phone before I came in. I like the fact that Dr. Khalifeh is very removed from marketing, and Adrienne is pretty much in charge of administratives & communicating with patients in the office.

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