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I am 5'8 and weigh 165. I am also the only one in...

I am 5'8 and weigh 165. I am also the only one in my family with no boobs ha! I’m looking to get HP Mentor silicone through the nipples on July 3. What a treat for Independence Day! That’s no coincidence btw ;).....

I’ve wanted this for so long but as a mom of three I could never just have a few thousand dollars to spend on myself. I went to one doctor and although he was called the "Best of Baltimore" I just didn't feel completely comfortable with him. I also felt like the sizers made me look fat (at the time I was about 185#) so I decided to wait a bit more and work on weight loss and saving money...

I’ve been a lurker on this site for a few months now and have made the decision to do this now I’m so excited! I went for my first consult with a new surgeon and he spent a lot of time informing me of my options and outcomes. I have some sag but he said because I’m willing to go big that will help a lot. My incision will be through the nipple and I’m going btwn 500-525 cc. He seems conservative but I am more than willing to go bigger since I hear that a lot of women wish they had in fact gone bigger. My biggest concern is that everything is nice and even and I want my nipples to look nice afterwards. My nipples are pretty big but I still don’t know how they are going to fit that huge silicone balloon in there ouch!

So I took the plunge and set a due date of July 3rd with a pre-op appt for June 25 where we discuss final size and other details and payment. He recommended Arnica Montana for bruising. He also said I would have drains for two days to help with swelling. He described how to empty the drains which sounds kinda gross but I kept a straight face ha! They will go in thru my nipples. He also said he will prescribe me an antibiotic since I have small children who bring home everything from daycare/school. He also mentioned washing with an antibiotic soap the night before and morning of surgery.

My mom will be down here to help me for about a week after the surgery and after that I’m kinda on my own. The good news is that the kids are in camp during the day and I have about 2 months of vacation time that I am using to heal after the procedure. I have been on this site non stop since I made this decision!

Im trying to add some pictures...hope this works

More pics

more pics?

still getting the hang of this picture posting thing...i think i have it now. im going in for my preop tomorrow afternoon and i have a few questions about stitches, scaring and most important the whole capsular contraction thing which has me more worried than anything else....I know its no help scaring the crap outta myself for the next week but im really obsessing over the many things that can go wrong because it seems to happen randomly! At the same time i really want this and its now or never...

Hope everyone is healing up and doing well! Anyone else with a due date the first week of July?

Pre-Op went really well!

So we decided on 550 moderate profile plus with a texture from Sientra. And its def gonna be July 3 with drains coming out July 5th. Is this really happening?! I have a care credit which is paying for half and im paying the other half out of pocket upfront. Ive been prescribed Valium, Percocet and an antibiotic.Im ready! He took some before pics which just were kinda hard to look at lol! And I also got my blood work done too. I brought my recovery bra with me to be sure I got the right thing….its a white danskin zip up sports bra from walmart less than $12 and they said its perfectly fine. I wear a size 36B right now (pre-op) and I bought it in a 36D since that’s the size im looking for. He gave mo a lot of info about what to do and not do like stay away from pet waste, aspirin, strenuous labor and lifting, and alcohol during recovery. He also said start the Arnica and antibiotic 3 days before surgery. Im gonna stay close to home because I don’t want anything to happen between not and next week! Im so ready!

Going with smooth 550cc, not textured...

That will be a 550CC moderate profile plus for me, not the textured one. And ive been reading about pain killers cause constipation. I plan on keeping on top of my medication so i will add a laxative to my recovery bag. Ive started cleaning up and preparing the house for some down time. Ive also bagged up alot of my bras, many still had tags on them and ALL are padded yikes! My XOXO bras really are my favorites and im looking forward to replacing them asap! I was a little shocked at how much padding i was willing to wear to look like i have boobies! I lost some weight recently and some of the bras look so damn cup-empty....and secretly I havent bought a new bra in a long while cause I knew this Ms New Boobie day was coming...

Cleaning and Grocery Shopping...

Ive been very busy today! Ive started cleaning the house because I know I will miss at least a week of cleaning while recovering. I started with the fridge because thats where I plan on keeping my recovery foods since I also dont plan on grocery shopping for at least a week. I will start on laundry tomorrow but I gotta say the fridge looks nice and brand new when its been washed down and scrubbed really good.

Also Ive been working on making my 2.5 yr old a lot less dependent on me picking him up everywhere we go. So he has been doing a lot more climbing into his own careseat, climbing (with my help) in and out the tub, and climbing on and off the dining room chair for mealtime. He is catching on fast so clearly i should have been doing this a long time ago!

My mom will only be here to help me for 4 days and then i will have to manage on my own with my boys. Im concerned as there is a limit on the weight we can lift for like a month! What if someone gets hurt and has to be carried to the doc? Both boys go to camp during the day and have to be driven there so I have to drive them to camp will I be able to drive? yikes what have I gotten myself really excited but there is no one nearby me to help me right now (my family lives 4 hrs from me). Im hoping im one of the lucky few that recover quick but honestly ive read people on here that still feel like shit weeks after the surgery.

So far the plan is to cook plenty of ready to heat meals that i can just heat and serve (lasagna, baked ziti, baked chicken, soup, grilled chkn breast, mac n cheese etc) I will need at least 5 of these kind of meals and I can stretch leftovers for 2 days) plenty water, milk and juice for the boys, snacks, crackers, home-made, pre-made sandwiches the kids and just grab and eat, cereal, fresh fruit and veggies. I hear alot of good things about pineapple during recovery.....

I picked up small ziplock bags cuz i hear the last thing i wanna do is struggle with a pill bottle. Im hearing that straws are a savior too but is that because lifting a cup is painful? Wow if I cant even lift a cup i know im in trouble with a two year old ha!

I want to pick up aint-bacterial soap as recommended by my PS but im not sure which kind: like Dial antibacterial soap in a nice smelling flavor? or something more medicinal like something from a pharmacy? did anyone buy any special soap pre-op and if so what kind?

I havent filled my scripts yet-waiting for my new insurance card to come in the mail but if it dosent get here by saturday im just going to go pay for it without insurance cause I need to start the Antibiotic 3 days prior to my surgery.

Im just so excited and nervous about next week!I hear the first three days it feels like the same pain as if your milk was coming in but you cant dreadful! I especially remember these times and the pain behind it and plan of setting a timer to when i can take my meds cuz that feeling is the worst. Hope everyone who had surgery today or still recovering is healing well and fast....take care :)

Filled Medicine Prescription

So I filled my scripts today and ran into some roadblocks. First being that the pharmacy didnt have any Percocet which was pretty damn inconvenient since they had everything else i needed. No prob i thought, just call to another pharmacy so I dont drive all over town just to find out the other place dosent have it either. But the associate said they are not legally allowed to call another pharmacy and ask about a controlled substance..who knew?! So i asked for the number and tried to call myself and got the same message from the guy who picked up the phone. This seems a little ridiculous to me all I wanted to do was find out do they have it or not? And my insurance changed and Ive been waiting all week for my new card and of course it didnt arrive yet so it seems im stuck with doing business with this particular pharmacy that had my updated information.

Fortunately when I got to the other pharmacy they did have the Percocet I needed so i was thankful for that. But when I got home I noticed they gave me generic versions of everything which has me a lil worried and Im not sure why they did that without my permission but they did. Do generic versions of these pain killers work as well as the originals? My Doc prescribed Percocet and Valium....Im def going to ask about this when I go in Wednesday....

All together the medicine costs as follows: Antibiotic Cephlaxin $1.00,
Generic Percocet $15.00 and Generic Valium $9.00. This is with my insurance helping out.

So the laundry is almost all finished so we will have clean clothes and fresh linens for about two weeks. Im expecting to feel better way before that but thats still one thing I wont have to worry about. I also stocked up on pineapple juice and I will pick up some fresh fruit next week. Im hearing all things pineapple are good plus I love pineapple juice so it works out.

Take Care!

Getting closer....

oh man im reading reviews and stories like crazy.....

Are we in July Already?

Wednesday is coming hard and fast lol! Im staying positive by reading the reviews and stories of the ladies that are loving the girls and im looking forward to the day after! This is really an anxious time for me and Im very thankful to have found this site.

I started my Arnica 30X Sunday (6/30), today (7/1) I will be starting my antibiotic and continuing with both till after surgery. Can I assume that I dont take my morning dose the day of surgery?


wasnt prepared for the pain i hurt everywhere. im so sore and helpless

Lost track of time

I have got to ease off these pain meds....I had no idea i slept through an entire day and most of today! Im gonna keep this short cuz im really out of it

Pros: Ive got incredible cleavage and side boob. im still swollen but im happy and bursting out of this 36D sports bra. I was worried i would look fat but so far it just looks great. my mom seems to think i look good but i just want the pain to go away. And my doc has been in touch so im really thankful for that.

I will update soon...

Cons: I feel like i have broken ribs and prehaps a punctured lung. Basically my whole upper body and torso hurt terrible and even breathing is a chore. Doc said take deep breaths every hour but damn does that hurt..And the vomiting is horrible...Ive thrown up 3 times today I dont even want to eat.

Last Look...



Still Recovering

Wow I didnt think recovery would be this rough.They are so tight and the muscle spasm remind me of braxton-hicks contractions they just come outta no where and i just try to breath through them! Getting up out of bed is hardest and sometimes leaves a burning feeling on my left side that knocks my socks off. And my arms are sore.

I stopped taking the percs and valium because they made me feel like crap. I am switching between tylenol and advil for pain management.

I am busting out this sports bra but then bought a new one that offered no support so hopefully in a few days i can go look for something nice a comfy.

My mom left today to go back home and I had to drive her to the train station. I was able to drive her but I dont recommend this to anyone for a number of reason. Steering the wheel isnt easy, turning around to look for traffic isnt easy and just trying to be aware of the road isnt easy.

I didnt tell anyone I was getting a BA and assumed no one would notice. But im pretty sure by the time I get back to work in August it may be pretty obvious. I will post more pics as I get better but right now I just dont feel like lifting my arms just yet. Maybe in a few more days.

Happy Healing!

numbness on the side-boob

Im starting to feel myself again and that is such a relief! I still sleep sitting up but sometimes thru the night i end up lying flat which then leads to a bit of morning soreness. And morning boob dosent just happen in the morning! I can feel my breast tighten up and contract and then i try to massage to loosen it up. They are sometimes itchy too so i slather them up a bit but i avoid the nipples because thats where my incisions are and i want them to close up completely before i do anything to them. So far they look real good but they are still healing. The tape is still on and I feel a lot of numbness on the side boob.

I cant wait to work out again

Boy did I gain about 4 pounds and counting sitting on my butt! I go for my follow up Friday and Im hoping he gives me the okay to do something!

Im healing pretty well but if Im not wearing a good strong support bra the girls feel heavy and uncomfy. Especially in the morning! Morning boob is nothing to look forward to lol! Today makes a week since surgery so this is all pretty normal i incisions look pretty good and having had a few C-sections I know that incisions can look pretty horrific for a while and then soften to look much nicer with time. But theses aren't too bad so far, I will post new pics today.

Tried on a few of my old outfits and to be honest a lot don't fit comfortable across my boobs. Because Ive always been small on top and so i always wore snug shirts to kinda accentuate my push up bras lol! And the funniest part is some of those summer dresses that looked so innocent on my small chest take on a way new attitude when put on these 36D's! Its way too soon to know my final size but I have been buying bras sized 36D and they are pretty snug which I like cause im still swollen and snugly keeps my boobies from feeling heavy. My favorite bra is the white danskin in the picture above from walmart because it offers the most support for the "girls" but Im always on the lookout for a good bra till i finally D and F :)

Nipple Scars

My nipples are healing but they are still red and swollen and im hoping the scars get better because one in dimpling and my doc suggested massaging to help with that.
I posted pics of the nipples....the one without the pink post-it is the dimpling one...

He says they look good and I agree, even with the thread-holes in them my boobs look great. I am still very swollen and firm but one has started to drop already yet the other is still high. not really visable to me but as tempting as it is I dont stare at them all day because thats when i will start feeling like something is not right lol!

My body looks so much better with the girls and I would do it all over again! Surgery was not that long ago and I should know where things are alot more at my next months check up. Im feeling good and have started the massages and will keep updating :)
Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Thesiger was very patient with me and I couldn't have asked for a better doctor. He really is the best I wish I had done this sooner.

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