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Good afternoon beautiful ladies of Real Self. I am...

Good afternoon beautiful ladies of Real Self. I am a 29-y/o pharmacist, recently married to my wonderful Airman husband, and getting ready to move to Japan to start our new lives together. This review will be an any-and-everything you need to know about my BBL experience from a medically relevant and personal perspective. So stay tuned!!!

The Beginning of my Journey

So prior to college, I was a professional ballet dancer (I.e. I was part of a dance company in NY; I performed, travel and competed). Then I went to college, gained and lost the freshman 3000!!! But it wasn't until my pursuit of higher education that the requirement to be sedentary, keep terrible hours, and maintain horrible habits to survive that my body was destroyed. I was in class for 8+ hours a day, and then off to the library to study what I learned for the previous 8 hours...if I wasn't working at one of my 2 jobs. Professional school was the hardest 4 years of my life, and by the time I graduated, my body reflected the hell I went through. Of course it was all worth it in the end and I absolutely looooove what I do; but the process is still the process, and this is what I now looked like (please refer to pics within this thread). Keep in mind these pictures are of someone that fitness and weigh-in's at the beginning of dance class weekly was a REQUIREMENT!!! So my sadness about how far my body had been let go was very real and deep to me.

Time for a Change

After graduation, I met my wonderful husband at my best friend's wedding. He went off to basic training and returned with the news that we'd be moving out the country within a few months and be starting outer lives in one of the beautiful island towns in Japan. I said oooooh hell naw. Here you are looking like Adonis and now we're moving to a beach town? Changes need to be made like yesterday!!! So both of my brothers are fitness models (think about what I just said and then refer back to my pics). Can I just tell yall that my struggles of self-image is no joke. So I sat down with them and said I was ready. I already had it in mind that I wanted to have surgery, but I wasn't going to commit thousands of dollars to such a procedure without being able to commit to a lifestyle change. They sat down with me and completely revamped my eating habits, caloric intake (I was weighing my food until I got used to portion control), etc. Before I started stalking realself and researching doctors, I dropped 30 lbs in 3 months just by eating better. I hadn't even reintroduced exercise into my daily plan yet!

Enter the Amaze-Balls Dr. Khalifeh

Before choosing this provider, I met with and interviewed several doctors up and down the east coast, from NYC to Miami. I didn't consider any out-of-country doctors just because of sheer safety of care I may need in the event of a down-turn of my health for any miscellaneous reasons. Besides the obvious reasons of skills, manners, facility, office help, price, etc., other things I considered was ease of recovery. For me, the idea of having to travel anywhere even within a month of surgery was terrifying, especially because I know what a punk I am and how low my pain tolerance is. From my very first phone call and FREE consultation, I knew Dr. Khalifeh was the one! I actually genuinely felt good walking into his practice. And let me tell you, office staff can make/break this type of business because they are the face of the practice and the first to interact with potential clients. Being a professional myself in the healthcare field and having a doctorate and a masters, my questions were extensive and I was very critical in how I evaluated my potential providers. Dr. Khalifeh met and far exceeded my expectations on every level, down to rationalizing the finances! Wish pics are posted in this thread and more detailed information is to come! I apologize for pics I "burrowed" from other Real Self beauties.

What I Wanted Done

So what I was looking into getting done was a revamp of my torso and bum. At the conclusion of my consultation, the agreement was abs, flanks, lower back, with fat transfer to buttocks. I asked him to be very descriptive about how he defines these areas on my body. Where most providers would differentiate upper/lower abs, upper/lower flanks, upper/lower back, etc., Dr. Khalifeh functions in a manner in which there are lots of areas of overlap in how he sculpts without necessitating extra charges on an individual's bill. I asked how he can justify giving such a good deal. He toured me around his facility and showed me the surgical suite that was in there. By building his office like this, any overhead costs associated with hospital fees are eliminated and much those savings go to the patients. I tell ya, this guy is a business man as well!!!

Fajas, Foams, Body Boards, and more...

So this thread will provide you with all the things that I purchased to help me throughout my recovery. These items are in addition to first aid kits, vitamin C tablets (1000 mg twice a day), and vitamin E oil to assist in healing and preventing noticeable permanent scars.

First, I need you guys to know I have a relatively short torso. For anyone who has engaged in waist training, you may be aware of how difficult it is in finding the right corset or survival suit for your body type. I've purchased countless types but will only provide pics of those that I found to have worked the absolute best!

1. Ann Chery Waist Trainer: phenomenal for exercising and helping to sweat more than usual around the waist, thus helping to enhance definition. Wore this before surgery and ince I went back to exercising after surgery.

2. Fajas Salome 0216: my next stage garment once the one put on me after surgery got too big. I love this because it fits my thunder thighs without cutting off my circulation; it doesn't roll; fits my mini torso without inching up under my bra line so it's comfortable; made of even sturdier material than the surgery suit; hands down worth every penny of the $95 I spent on it. Love it so much I bought extra to keep at home. Also has awesome pee pee hold so I don't have to completely disrobe to use the restroom.

3. Lipo Foam: essential in that first few weeks to help with uniform healing of Liposuctioned areas.

4. Ab Board: I've seen many real self beauties swear by this but I didn't really use it. However, I provided it hear for any that are interested.

5. BBL Pillow: this literally saved my life and ass in driving, working, using rest room and any other sitting activities. It was about $40 when I bough it but holy shit balls they've jacked up the price!

6. Magsoothium: if your pain tolerance is as non-existent as mine, you'll love this. It felt damn good when I sprayed it on my painfully swollen areas. I NEVER sprayed it on any open incisions.

7. Arnica: alternated between this and magsoothium anf definitely was useful in a my speedy recovery. I was back to work in a week and I work 10-12 hours straight standing on my feet!!!

I hope you guys find it helpful to provide the pics and links. I loved reading other people's reviews that provided this derail because it made my search for good products that much easier!!!

Let's Talk Results!!!

So I have no idea what type of magical powers and wand Dr. Khalifeh has...but holy crak to how drastic my before/after pics are. The first 2 pics are side-by-sides that I created so you can get a better sense of comparison. The rest of the pics are ransoms that I took through out my recovery.

3-Month Mark Minor Revision

So after 3 months, I still felt iffy about the minor roll on my back. We agreed that a touch-up can be done to that area and while he typically charges a flat rate of $750 per area for touch up, Dr. I went in and did my flanks as well during my touch up on account of the fact that he's a perfectionist and he himself had a vision of what he wanted me to look like at the conclusion of the surgery. I included a pic of myself right at the conclusion of the touch up. This was just a week ago so I'm still very swollen on my sides and back. As my healing progresses, I will come back and upload more pics!

Georgette and Tu

This is just a shout-out to two incredible awesome and essential members of Dr. Khalifeh's team. There's no doubt in my mind that these people love their job and love their patients. My experience was that much more exceptional due to their diligence, care, and attention to details and my personal needs as a patient. You guys are nothing short of amazing and an invaluable asset to DCCosmetics!
Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon

Professional, personable, realistic, phenomenal bed-side manners, and overall damn-good at his job. Simply stated, this man has a gift for what he does as a plastic surgeon.

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