Cellulite Despite Diet and Exercise - Chestnut Hill, MA

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Met with Dr. Kaminer for a consult today and was...

Met with Dr. Kaminer for a consult today and was very pleased. I immediately felt at ease and confident that I was in good hands. I have had cellulite since I was 15 years old. I know that its partly genetic as my mother and sister also have it pretty bad. I have tried to lessen my cellulite through diet and exercise with no improvement, which is extremely disheartening. I'm in pretty good shape for 40 yrs old and I'm thin which makes it more frustrating. I learned that really no amount of exercise or diet with truly get rid of the dimples due to the connective bands that pull the skin down. After a comprehensive question and session I have booked my treatment for June 28th. Stay tuned!

1 week till procedure!

I have been anxiously counting the days till I get the cellfina procedure. 6 more to go! My husband went and bought a pair of compressions shorts for me when I complained I did not own Spanx. Very sweet! I haven't tried them on but they are extremely soft and I know they'll do the trick because a size medium looks like they're made for a 10 yr old ????.... I've also purchased a two week supply of arnica tablets that I'll start taking two days prior to the procedure. They work really well to help dissipate bruising and swelling. I'm going to BRAVELY post some before pics tonight! Yikes! Keep in mind that although I've had cellulite since I was 16 it's been worsened by a lack of exercise, winter hibernation and my love of wine!

Procedure done!!

I just got home from having the procedure done this morning. I was super excited yet very nervous. My nurse was great. Definitely helped me feel better. She told me my cellulite was the type that would get awesome results. I told her I'd hold her to her words, lol...After changing into a gown the Dr marked all the dimples including ripples that he was going to treat. I was surprised because I was under the impression that ripples were not treated and voiced that to him. He assured me that they could be and that a lot of the info on the web was not current. Yay!!!..... In total, I had 37 areas to be treated. After photos the nurses took me to the procedure room and had me lay on my abdomen. Dimple by dimple they instilled the tumescent (Lactated ringers solution with lidocaine) into each area. Let me tell you, this was PAINFUL!!! I felt like a big baby and let out a couple of swears and tried to keep myself distracted by babbling to the nurses. That took about 15 min. They let the solution sit for another 15 minutes before starting the actual procedure. Once my bum was thoroughly numb, the Dr. started his portion and it took about 20 minutes start to finish. I could feel the pressure of the suction device and hear the buzz of the blade but felt no pain. When it was all over they squeezed out as much solution from my bum and thighs as they could, bandaged me up, stuffed me into the compression garment like a sausage and sent me on my way with a follow up appt in 3 weeks. I live about an hour away from their office and noticed that I was already saturating my bandages on the car ride home. About 45 min into my ride I could feel the lidocaine wearing off. By the time I got home I was in actual discomfort/pain. Fortunately, I have leftover hydrocodone from dental work so I took one of those because I had a feeling tylenol was not going to do the trick. I also started taking liquid probiotics to help prevent a yeast infection from the prophylactic antibiotic I'm taking. So with all that being said, I realize everyones pain tolerance is subjective and everyones experience will differ. I'll update tomorrow on how i'm feeling :)

Before pics and 1 day post-op

Feeling really good!

Today is one day post-op and I'm feeling fine. I had a tough time sleeping last night due to the compression garment being so tight around my waist (It's high waist to mid thigh). I unfastened the waist area in the middle of the night and was able to get some rest. I can't say i'm a big fan of this particular garment which is made by the company "Veronique". It's the one they put me in in the office. It has a convenient hole in the crotch to allow you to use the bathroom without having to take it off but it irritates the area between your thigh and labia. I put a ABD pad there to cushion it. TMI?? So overall I don't have any pain but still feel slightly tender. Area also feels a bit numb but Dr said that usually lasts about 24 hrs. He also called me last night to check in on me which I really appreciated. Will take a quick shower today to clean off the area and put new bandages on because I still have spotty drainage. I'll post more pics once the bruising subsides.

More Pics

Before pic. Yuck!

Verdict is still Out!

It's been 3 weeks since the procedure. My follow up was today but unfortunelty I had to reschedule. The first week was rough after the tumescent fully wore off. Getting on and off the toilet was the hardest. When I look it the mirror Im honestly not sure if I see improvement. Its hard to be objective when you see yourself everyday. I still have a couple areas that seem discolored from bruising as well as marks from where the lidocaine was injected. I know that will take time to resolve.

3 weeks post-op

It's hard to get a great picture when you're taking it yourself. I still have bruising in a few spot and have felt large hard areas in my bum. My guess is it's possible scar tissue. I'm going to use the foam roller at the gym to try to work those spots out.

2 months post-op

Lots of discoloration under the skin as well as hard bumps. I'm going to give it a full six months to hopefully resolve. Good improvement of cellulite otherwise!
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