5 week PO updated photos! First pics of summer ready body!

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For my own self esteem to feel better about myself...

For my own self esteem to feel better about myself and my body

I am a 42 year old mommy of two boys (6 and 3),...

I am a 42 year old mommy of two boys (6 and 3), 5'5 tall and weigh about 133 lbs as of my three week post-op. I decided to do the mommy makeover surgery because I was so unhappy with the way my body looked. I know that I was never overly overweight, but in my eyes that is what I saw. I always felt that people were looking at my "poochy Stomach" instead of me. I had talked about doing a tummy tuck for years but never actually thought I would go through with it. I'M SO GALD I DID!!! I already feel more comfortable in my own skin. I have a great support system in my husband and my family, who have been supportive all the way, which helps alot. I decided to get a breast lift and lipo at the same time, because I figured one time surgery is better than three time surgery. I don't know if it was because of the pain from the tummy tuck, but I never even had any pain with the breast lift and lipo and still haven't. It was well worth it to do the Mommy makeover, than to do the procedures separately. I'm looking forward to around October or so when I will be able to see the full results of the procedures, but until then, I am amazed every day at how well everything is progressing and producing the results I dreamed of.

Updated pictures. 4 weeks PO and loving the new me...

Updated pictures. 4 weeks PO and loving the new me. I feel really good today and more normal than I have felt over the past couple of weeks. I have started to regain the feeling of myself again, and not so scared to try to do the normal things that I did before the surgery. I'm still taking it easy, but at the same time trying to get back to my normal life as well. I'm very independant and it was really hard to let other people do anythng for me, for I'm glad that I feel somewhat back to normal. I can't wait for two more weeks until I don't have to wear the compression garment anymore, although, when I do take it off to shower and get cleaned up, I feel akward without it on. Is that weird to feel that way or does everybody feel that way? Cannot wait for the remainder of the swelling to go down so I can go on a major shopping spree!! Going to Vegas in July and would love to be able to have to take an extra suitcase for all the clothes I could buy, but I'm being realistic and not going wild on buying new stuff right now. I want to be able to wear what I buy for a long time, not just until the swelling goes away you know? I hope the pictures help anyone who wants to see a week by week view of what your PO might be, and wish everyone the same success that I feel I am having!

So, today I posted my 5 week PO pics!! I can't...

So, today I posted my 5 week PO pics!! I can't believe I'll finally have my 6 week PO appointment in a couple of days. I am soooo looking forward to seeing how the Doctor thinks I'm doing. I like the reassurance of the PS opinion, knowing that he thinks I'm healing pretty well. I finally broke down and did a picture of me in a bikini with these photos. It took awhile for me to try one on. I admit I was scared of what I might look like. But it wasn't as bad as I thought! I was pleasantly surprised that you can't even see the scar, although you can still see where my drain insertions were....but I can live with that. I will give an update later this week as to how my appointment went! Everyone wish me luck that he says I don't have to wear this CG anymore! I'm ready to burn that girdle for good! LOL

So, I have two more days until my 6 week PO...

So, I have two more days until my 6 week PO appointment and I'm so excited!!!!!!! It's been a long six weeks and now I know I'm through the worst part of the experience. I'm def gald that i did it, but not sure I would ever do it again. Once is enough for me. Thankfully, I am one of the lucky ones that seem to be healing well as far as I can tell.
When I go to the doctor, I'm going to ask if they can give me copies of the pre-OP pictures they took so you can see the before and after. Silly me....I didn't think about taking before pics, I was just thinking about after. I did get a semi-free tattoo removal out of this. I had a tattoo of a kitty cat that said "LIL TIGER" around it, and now that baby is gone! All that is left is the word TIGER!! Thank goodness I don't have half a cat still visible. HAHA
Anyway, I will keep everyone posted and hopefully I will have some new pics on Thursday so you can see the before and after!
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Dr. Prada is the best PS in the St. Louis area. I have been wanting to get a TT, breast lift and Lipo for a few years now and after some friends went to him I thought I would make a consultation appointment to see him. He made me feel so comfortable that I scheduled my surgery the same day. He never once seemed bored with my questions and treated me with the upmost respect. He explained the procedures in terms that I would understand and was completely honest on how much pain I would be in and when it would subside. When I first called to make an appointment, the nurse put down that I was considering breast augmentation instead of a breast lift, and he informed me that he did not think that I needed implants!! A PS who tells you that you don't need work....that sold him on me real fast. Most PS would tell you that you need all kinds of work just to get your money, but not Dr. Prada!!! When he came to see me at the hospital the next day after my surgery he even walked up and down the hall with me encouraging me that it would get easier and better as the days went on!! His work ethic is uncomparable and so is his compassion and care for his patients. I would recommend him to anybody!

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