30 Yr Old Mom of 2, 5'3" 110 Lbs 485CC HP Inspira - Chesterfield, MO

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I have been wanting bigger, better boobs for years...

I have been wanting bigger, better boobs for years since I was in high school. I had perky 32B back in the day, and they weren't bad, but then I had 2 kids 21 months apart and breastfed for 3 years 9 months nonstop, and now they're 32A+, droopy and sad boobs. While I was pregnant and nursing I got up to a 34D and I was like "WOW these are great!", but of course they didn't last. So finally, years later, I'm getting what I've been talking about for years: BOOBS! I only went to 1 consultation because I'm going back to the ps who did my mini tt, Dr. Christian Prada. He was great the first time around, and wouldn't go to anyone else. I told him exactly what I wanted, large Ds, and he suggested exactly what I had kinda had it narrowed down to from my literal 40ish hours of researching ba's. So we're planning to go with 450cc hp silicone smooth round Inspira implants inframammery. I'm so excited I could die! Went to my pre-op 2 weeks ago and tried on the sizers. Honestly, they looked small, but I don't want to go any bigger. I'm having it done on a Thursday morning and going back to work on Tuesday. I'm pretty nervous as I'm a nurse in the OR and I'm worried I might overextend myself, but Prada said that should be plenty of time to get back to work as long as I'm not lifting over 15 lbs.

11 more days!

Stats are 5'3" 110 lbs, saggy 32A

Before pics

Just some before pics of my boobs.

Surgery day!

Got to the surgery center around 0520. Signed a bunch of forms. They took me back almost immediately. Changed, they put in an IV, gave me warm blankets, put a Bair hugger on me. Nice to be on the opposite side for once! Talked to the CNRA and Prada. Everything went pretty smoothly. Then they rolled me back and my boyfriend went to wait.

When I came out, it was pretty chill. I was warm cause they let me keep the bair hugger on for a while longer which was totally awesome. I was in recovery for about an hour. John helped me get dressed and we left around 0930.

I've slept most of the day off and on. Kids get nonstop tablet playing tonight so they're loving that lol. Had some light veggie soup around 1pm and at 6:15pm had a mini home made veggie pizza. Im not really nauseous because they put an antiemetic patch on me that'll stay on for a couple day. Prada said the ace bandage can come off Sunday morning and I can shower then. After that its this sexy surgical bra and 4x4 gauze on my incisions.

Super sleepy! So glad I have a wonderful boyfriend to help my with my 2 kids

Just some before pics

Before pictures


Also, he ended up going with 485cc. under the muscle silicone.

Post op Day 1

Feeling pretty good. Taking my meds on time. Cuddling with my cat. Slept on the sofa upright surrounded by many pillows. My boyfriend took the kids to school for me, and made me coffee, but I packed the girls lunches and threw in a load of laundry and get the trash ready to be taken out (but I'm not going to actually take it out. To far to walk for that!). I get pretty tired after about 20-30 minutes of light activity, so then I rest for a few hours. I may or may not walk with my boyfriend to pick the kids up from school, we'll see. It's only a 7 min walk, but it may be too much for post op day 1. I can tolerate a far amount of pain though, and I heal pretty quickly. Just lucky like that I guess. I can't wait to get this super tight Ace off on Sunday morning! And be able to see what they look like. It's still a mystery... :)

Post Op Day 2

Was up and about a lot today. Actually, way too much. I totally have exhausted myself by getting my kids breakfast, lunch, snacks, water, "come look at this mom!", giving baths, etc. I'd get dizzy getting up and down so much. And I haven't napped at all so far today and it's 5:30pm. My god I'm tired. My chest feels like it's getting more swollen, because the bandages feel even tighter than before. Haven't really been interested in eating much just because of the pressure on top. Slept ok, not great and not terrible. I can't wait to see them tomorrow morning for real! I still don't really feel like I have any boobs since I haven't actually seen them yet.

Post Op Day 3

Still no real pain so far. Just some discomfort, especially when I go to use my arms to push myself up from sitting to standing, which I should not be doing. But most exciting was I got to take off the bandages this morning and that was pretty awesome. Like "Hey, whose are those? Someone put a fun house mirror in my bathroom because there's no way those are on my body." Hehe. But what do you know, they were mine! All 485cc of them. I'm not gonna lie, I think they're already sitting pretty well, so I'm looking forward to how they're going to drop and look even better.

Still get pretty tired fairly quickly after about 30 minutes or so, and I get dizzy a lot when I'm walking around a bunch or stand up too quickly. Trying to get myself prepared to go back to work on Tuesday.

Before n after

Before and 3 days post op

Post Op 1 Week

Sleeping on my back is still uncomfortable. Ugh. I wasn't having any pain until yesterday when I went back to work. I didn't even do anything I wasn't supposed to. No moving patients, no lifting trays. I just didn't realize how heavy things are! Like doors! I swear those things weigh 30 lbs! And raising my arms above my head to put my mask on was painful. By noon I was in a decent amount of pain. But I made it through. I happened to talk to another nurse at the end of the day who said when she had her boobs done she took 2 weeks off, and me taking 5 days off was craziness. Eh, oh well. I'd rather save my vacation days for legit vacation! I've been exhausted though. I went to bed at 7:30pm the last 2 nights in a row and slept till 5:30am.

My first post op appt was today. Incisions look good. I have more swelling on the left than the right. And the muscles are sore. But they're not really hard, they're pretty soft already. But they look really good. I'm like really excited to see what they look like in a month and 2 months. I was hoping for a D but I'm positive they'll be bigger than that.

Post Op 2 Weeks

Boobs are still really tight, uncomfortably so, so that sucks. Working has been miserable, but really everything I do is uncomfortable. They're really just that tight. I had to get more muscle relaxer because I was in so much pain. That has helped some, at least made life livable. Right boob is dropping pretty nicely! Right one is still high and tight. I chalk it up to obviously they'll drop at different rates anyways, but also I'm left handed, so that just keeps my left muscles higher anyways. Well, that's my theory. It'll drop eventually, so no worries. The best best bra ever was off Amazon, so hurry and order it for yourself! It's so comfortable! I'm 26" under my boobs and 34 1/2" across my nipples (so approx a 32D, 32DD?) and I got a medium in this bra, and it's so so comfortable. It's life changing! https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01COZQLHO/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1&psc=1 I wear it to work, to sleep, and all day long. Besides that, not much else to report. Oh, well, for anyone else who was as concern about sex as I was, as in, I NEED TO HAVE IT ASAP! I had it post op day 3, then 8, 9, 11, and 14. We just take it really easy and of course I always ALWAYS wear a bra! So go get you some girl!
I am so looking forward to the upcoming weeks to see how they progress.

Post Op 3 Weeks

Quite a difference this 3rd week has made, mostly just within the last 48 hours. While not really soft per se, the severe muscle tightness that I've had the entire time I noticed was significantly better yesterday and today. I was able to start sleeping without a bra Monday, so that has been phenomenal! Because who wants to sleep with a bra!? Ew. They are softening up a bit though, the right more so, but again, I'm left handed, so that would make sense that the left stays tighter longer. My post op with my surgeon was Tuesday and he said they look awesome (they totally do). That I should start massaging them at 4 weeks. Tbh, I somewhat massage them already just because it makes them feel better, but not as hard as he showed me to. Was surprised he said to do it for several months, but that's cool. He said the size they are now are mostly what they will be, although the left is still a little swollen, so that one will go done still some. But that's awesome news because I fking LOVE the size they are!!! He also surprised me with the news that I can start wearing underwire bras at 4 weeks. My research says 2-3 months from everyone, but ok. I might buy 1 or 2, but I'm not going to go bra crazy just yet. Sport bras will have to do until they for sure settle around the 2-3 month mark. I just personally would feel more comfortable about it. However, I REALLY want to try on a bra. I know I said I wouldn't get caught up in all the hoopla of bras, but damn if I can't help myself! How can one not! I'm hoping next weekend my partner and I can go look, just to look. I know he wants to too! Incisions still are uncomfortable, but hoping those get better within the next week. The last 48 hours have really given me hope that better days are coming in the following week.

The one really really sad thing about these boobs: all my fav under $20 bras at Target no longer come in my size. This is really disastrous and calls for another glass or 2 of wine in honor of the bras that will never be for me again. :(

Day 24 Bra Review

Went to Nordstrom's and got sized because I needed just ONE bra that wasn't a sport's bra that fit well, and I didn't trust VS to size me absolutely correctly, or rather, I new Nordstrom's would size me correctly. And they did. The lady was wonderful and in just a few minutes I was sized at a 30DDD. . . . . . . . . . WHAAAAAATTTTT!!!! THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Exactly what I dreamed of. Of course, this means a 32DD should work also, but I am pretty tiny around. And sure enough, their 30DDD fit perfect. In fact, it was the most comfort bra I've literally ever worn in my entire life. I'm not a fan of sports bras. I know people like my best friend live life in them and love them, but that's not me. Give me an underwire please! And this thing was like heaven holding up my boobs. So here's some pictures of it! The nonmolded bra is the heavenly one. I also got the t-shirt bra, which is also awesome and I highly recommend. Both are Chantelle bras.

* Apparently "photo uploads are disabled" right now because real self is retarded. So I'll upload the pictures as soon as they let me.

Bra Pics Finally Available!!

So the soft cupped bra is the Chantelle Parisian Underwire. I got it from Nordstrom's for $52 (originally $69 but they were on sale, so I just got lucky), which for the most comfortable bra I've ever worn in my life, is 1000% worth it. http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/chantelle-intimates-parisian-underwire-bra/4278140?origin=category-personalizedsort&fashioncolor=SUEDE
The second one, which is almost as awesome, is the Chantelle Merci Underwire Spacer T-Shirt Bra. http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/chantelle-intimates-merci-underwire-spacer-t-shirt-bra/3838630?origin=category-personalizedsort&fashioncolor=PERFECT%20NUDE
With either one of these you can't go wrong! Especially the first one. I just got nude because 1. you always need a few good nude bras in your wardrobe and 2. I didn't want to get all bra crazy just yet.

Post Op 5 Weeks

Didn't do a 4 week update because there was nothing new to report. I've been still really sore. Tuesday was the first day I went to work and wasn't in pain the whole day, so that's improvement! Now I'm only a little sore sometimes, and that's a huge difference than what it was the past 4.5 weeks. I think it took a lot longer than other people because of my job. Hoping the soreness is totally gone in the next few weeks.

Left breast is still higher and bigger than the left. I'm wondering if it's just bigger than the right, or if it's still swollen? At this point, I'm tempted to think it's just bigger, which is kinda annoying because I would've gone with 2 different sized implants if I had known that, but too late at this point. Fml. They're starting to get a little softer. Not a ton, but a little. Scars look good. I guess overall, things are going pretty well. I'm happy with the size, I just get impatient that I don't know what they're going to finally look like for another few months, even though I already knew that was going to be the case.

11 weeks 3 days

I loooooooooove my boobs! Best decision ever. Should've done it sooner. I got 485 cc which was perfect. They've evened out and look totally normal at this point. So glad i went big! No more pain or discomfort left. The last to go were my incision site scars were uncomfortable until just about 2 weeks ago, but I haven't had problems with them since.

11 weeks video

11 week video
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