Implant Removal with Lift (no new implants) 51 yo active mother of 3 - Chesterfield, MO (Before and After Pictures)

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I considered removing my 350cc saline high profile...

I considered removing my 350cc saline high profile implants after 9 years. My once perky breasts were turning heavy and droopy requiring me to strap them in heavily when working out. My once 34d breasts evoled
Into a 36 DDD/F size on my 5'5 small frame. They were becoming so cumbersome and all I wanted to do was cover them up. I had my surgery yesterday and feel pretty good. I haven't peeked behind the bandages yet so I have no opinion of how they look!

Day 2 Post-Op

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good. I took 1 pain pill before going to bed just to make sure I would sleep through the night. I am mostly sore around my rib cage and a feel twinge pains around my nipples. I don't have much drainage and hoping I will get the drains out sooner than later. They are a bit annoying since there is really no good way to disguise them. I have taken a peek downward and they look pretty good. I am really excited to see how they look with the gauze off. I already feel lighter. I am just taking extra strength tylenol to keep any pain away and it seems to be working. I am not big on pain pills. ugh I put a call into my PS office to find out if I can shower yet. My husband said they told him it would be ok on Wednesday but I would have to find a way to keep the drain tubes/bottles attached to me somehow. I certainly don't want to impede my healing so I will just wait for them to call me back. So far so good though! NO REGRETS!


I am becoming obsessed with wanting to see the final results. What a weird feeling to feel almost giddy about looking at my incisions. Maybe later today I will be able to reveal. Crossing my fingers!

Day 3 - Post Op

Woke up this morning with a little drainage, but not too bad. Have I mentioned before how I despise these (necessary) drains?? Still haven't changed my mind. I did call my PS assistant this morning to inquire about showering and getting the drains out. No shower and no drains out today - maybe tomorrow. I changed out of my surgical bra into the bra I saved from when I got implants. Good thing I stuck them in the back of a drawer because they are expensive! I did notice that my left breast is bigger than my right, but I have also gotten a lot more drainage from the right to date. Otherwise, they look pretty darn perky and full. I would say a small C, which is what I was hoping for. I put on one of my old marathon shirts and it fit really good - no stretching of the shirt over the boobies! :) That made me smile. I think I will have my husband wash my hair today since the last time it was washed was the morning of surgery. I haven't left the house partly because the drain bulbs are so big and awkward and also it has been really cold and snowy. I did take 1 pain pill before going to bed last night and then woke up around 3 am and took some extra strength tylenol. Probably a lot of the reason I am waking up is because I am a side sleeper and laying flat on my back all night feels unnatural. I am going to try to not take a pain pill tonight and see how my sleep goes just with tylenol. Oh yeah, I gargled with warm salt water yesterday to help with my scratchy throat from the intubation and it got better pretty quick. I definitely feel like I am on the mend. Let me know if you have any specific questions about my experience and I will be glad to share.

Day 4 - Post Op (morning)

Wow, this week is flying on by. I am so relieved that I had no problem sleeping at all last night after taking only 2 extra strength tylenols. Pain pills are just not my thing and am hopeful that I am finished with them. When I woke up I had no pain so will try to back off tylenol altogether. My drainage is considerably less (15cc & 13cc) over a 25 hour period. YAY!! I am going to call my PS office right at 8am to see if I can come in to get these drains removed before the weekend. I swear it looks like I am trying to smuggle something under my shirt. My incisions are feeling slightly itchy so I am hopeful that means everything is healing just fine. My actual first followup appointment is not until Monday. Oh yeah ---- If you are considering purchasing a really good after surgery bra - I recommend ordering a Veronique bra ( They really hold up and are very well made. I have the same ones from when I got implants and they are just as useful now. Definitely worth the investment and they are designed for surgery and comfortable. I will definitely try to get some pictures loaded this afternoon if I get the drains out. Maybe I should just show up at their office.... haha!

Day 4 - Post Op (afternoon)

Drum roll please! I got my drains removed and everything is healing well. Obviously there is still some swelling and bruising but I have no pain whatsoever. As soon as I got home I changed out of my big bulky pullover that helped conceal the drains and my tops fit beautifully. Yay! I showed my husband and he thought they looked good, but asked if I knew there would be incisions. Haha. Men! Anyway, I am good until March 3rd when I go in for stitch removal. I am so happy with my decision. I would say at this point I am a small C which is fine with me! Here are a few pics without the drains. I will take some pics later after Intake a shower. By the way, I was pleasantly surprised that the drain removal was not very painful at all.

Day 5 - Post Op (morning)

I am feeling really good today. No pain at all and no need to even take tylenol. It is such a relief to have the drains out. It was so great pulling out a shirt this morning that I hadn't worn in a long time and it just slid right on. I actually look athletic again - something that was hard to pull off with large breasts. I asked my husband if he thinks I look smaller and he said I look a lot thinner. Funny how large breasts make your whole body just appear larger! I stepped on the scale and weighted about 10 pounds less. I know I still have some fluid from surgery and swelling, so that number should go down even a little bit more. Working out is going to be so much easier now that I won't have to strap down my chest. I put my pre-surgery bra over my surgery bra and it was huge. I can't wait to actually put on a cute bra that does not have industrial straps that dig in. Right now my breasts looks pretty banged up and distorted with the tape and swelling, but am confident they will turn out just fine. :) One of the best parts is that I don't feel stress in my back muscles and my upper body feels so much more relaxed! Will try to get some decent photos today at some point and post.

Day 5 - Post Op pic

Finally was able to get a few photos. I promise in person they do not hurt, nor do they look as bad. Although I did have to reassure the hubby that they were still very early in the healing process! The left breast has a little more swelling and the surgical tape pads definitely distort the actual shape.

Day 6 - Post Op

Wow! I can't believe almost a week has gone by. Last week at this time I was anxiously awaiting Monday/Surgery day to arrive. I have to say I never felt unsure of my decision, but the thought of surgery is always a little unsettling. My healing is going well. I went out to dinner and a movie last night with my husband and I almost felt like I was getting ready for our first date. I must have tried on 8 different tops to see how my smaller breasts would look. I felt so much thinner. A few tops just hung on me and will need to go! :). It is nice to be able to layer tops without looking even bigger! My entire body just feels better. Some of the incisions are feeling a little itchy, but that just means they are healing which makes me smile. Although my breasts are still bruised & swollen - they are all mine! When I press them I feel no foreign object - only soft tissue. Here are some PO day 6 pics. (The left is becoming a little less swollen slightly I think)

Day 7 - Post Op

Wow! Last week at this very time I was at the surgery center being prepped for my explant and lift. My husband supporting my decision the entire time telling me to do whatever makes me happy! It almost is a blur and the surgery is already fading in my memory. Again - I think the (necessary) drains were the worst part, but 5 days is a short time in the scheme of things. That part will take just a bit longer to forget. I am getting used to having smaller breasts. When I put on my clothes the first thing I notice are my eyes - not big boobs. Sounds funny - but I guess that is why guys stare at big breasts - it can't be helped! :) I am still healing with no pain, just an itchy spot now and then, but that just reminds me that I am still healing and need to take a rest. It is cold and snowy out so being home bound is not much of choice anyway. I put on a long sleeve shirt today with a cute t-shirt over it and felt amazing. Thankfully I kept some of my tops that I loved as my implanted breasts grew huge. They may just be vintage now, but It makes me smile that I can wear them again! Have a beautiful day ladies and do what makes you happy!

Day 8 - Post Op

Let me start off by say I had a delimna this morning! What shirt should I wear??? As I browsed through my closet I was faced with so many options. Every shirt hanging there would fit. I no longer have to choose between too tight across my breasts, too revealing, or too baggy to cover (hide them). How fabulous is that? My husband even complimented me this morning on how cute and little my breasts are. He said the scars don't bother him and all. The swelling is going down a little each day and the bruising is slipping down (I can see some in my hip area where the blood has dropped). Yesterday I pulled out a cute little camisole top that my husband bought me last year. Well, I popped out of it all over the place and shoved it to the back of my drawer - behind all my DDD bras. I posted a picture of it now. Fits perfect. Yay! Have a great day ladies - and do what makes you happy!

Day 9 - Post Op

Nothing really earth shattering to report. I did go to my PS office yesterday to get the protective tape replaced since it was peeling up a little due to my bra rubbing on it. The nurse said everything is looking and healing great. I did inquire about my left breast that is still swollen more than the right, but she assured me it is healing just fine! Here are some update pics. Happy that I can once again wear tops that fit my body type naturally. :)

Day 10 - Post Op

Healing is going well and I am energized again. I guess I am now realizing even more how much my implants and large breasts really bothered me in the last few years. I am so happy that I kept some of my favorite tops that my breasts "outgrew." I used to look at them longingly wishing to wear them again. That is now a reality! My overall physical and mental health are much brighter. The swelling and bruising continue to diminish and as it warms up outside I am sooooo looking forward to wearing cute tank tops and summer blouses in a size small again! It was so frustrating to have to buy a blouse in a larger size to accommodate my ever growing boobies, but the bottom part would be all big and ill-fitting! I swear they were like aliens and would grow overnight waiting to spill out of my bra. I was running out of ways to strap them in for their daily ride. :) So ladies, I want to shout from the rooftop - I am proud of my itty bitty's! Do what makes Y-O-U happy and have a beautiful day.

Day 11 - Post Op

What a gorgeous day it is outside. I tried on an old sundress just to see how it will look when we are not in February. The top was too big. Yes! That thing is outta here. Not much to report other than the bruising is fading and the incisions are healing as evidenced by the itchy spots. All is well in recovery land.

Day 12 - Post Op

Wow! 12 days post op. Recovery is going quickly. I have to say that I have more energy than ever. I am not sure if it is because I am literally lighter or if mentally I am lighter. Probably a combination of both. Tonight I have a function to go to with my husband. The first real "reveal." I am curious of the comments I might receive. Updating my pics and as I scroll through day 1 to present I can see gradual changes. Hope everyone has a happy day. Do what makes your heart smile!

Day 13 - Post Op

Well, as I posted yesterday, my husband and I went to an event last night. I kind of felt like it was my reveal night. I even went shopping for something new. While browsing at a local boutique, the sales lady pointed out where the "small" section sales rack was. At first I didn't even comprehend what she was saying because it seems like the last several years I head straight to medium (if lucky) large top section just to find something to handle my large breasts! No more ladies. I ended up finding exactly what I was looking for. I got so many comments. Mostly - Wow you look great. You look like you lost weight. Interesting how large breasts make your whole body look larger - or maybe it is the clothes. Today I ran into a family member (I wasn't even dolled up) and he said the same thing. I am soooo happy with my decision and am patiently waiting for the swelling to go away. Until then, I am content with where I am in the process!

14 Days - Post Op

TWO weeks post op already! Still healing and feeling fantastic. The only thing that reminds me is the itchy spots. I have to learn to sit on my hands. :) No loss of nipple sensation which is awesome. My left breast is continuing to become more symmetrical with the right - like they told me at my PS office. The word with and explant and lift is PATIENCE! So today I will be happy right where I am.

14 Day - Post Op (afternoon)

Surprise! I went in to have my PS nurse change my protective plastic coverings and she said I was healing so well that I was ready for steristrips AND I could start wearing jog bras. So exciting. Next Thursday I go in for my PS follow up and to remove any extra little stitches - although I think most of them are dissolvable. Every little step forward makes me smile.

Day 15 - Post Op

Woot! Made it past the 2 week mark. Steristrips are doing their job and the healing continues.

Day 16 - Post Op

Woke up to snow on the ground so I am going to plan a cozy day inside. I think getting plenty of rest & good nutrition are key to healing and recovering. Most days I really want to do upper body strengthening, but I know lifting weights or doing anything heavy duty will just slow down the process. I think I mentioned before that PATIENCE is essential and I have to remind myself every day to appreciate where I am at in the process. My left breast swelling is going down a tiny bit everyday. I wonder if because I am right handed that side gets a lot more movement to flush the extra fluid out faster than the left. Hmmm. Will try to use my left hand more today. Spring will be here soon and I am so anxious to shop for cute "little" summer tops and visit Victoria's Secret for some new bras that look much sexier in a 34C than a 34DD that didn't even begin to cover my once huge tata's. For today I will watch the beautiful snow fall and probably take a sneak peak at the VS store online. I hope you have a happy day! (I took some extra pics to show the all around healing)

Day 17 - Post Op

I've noticed that a lot of the bruising is disappearing and the two holes from the drains are almost all healed up. The steristrips are hanging in there. If they don't fall off by my follow up appointment on March 3rd, they will remove them. They don't bother me, so I just let them be. It is so hard to believe that after such a short period of time my life has changed so much. When I wake up I am excited to get dressed and not have the dread of figuring out what top or bra I am going to wear. I am not burdened with heavy breasts and feel like I have my healthy athletic body back. One simple, yet complex, decision changed my life and I am happy about it.

Day 18 - PO

Yay for Friday! Less than a week until I have my follow up with my PS and then I will be able to start scar treatment. I have noticed a few spots where the steristrips are starting to lift up. Although this is not a problem, it does cause some discomfort where my bra rubs. I decided to just put some soft gauze as a buffer to avoid irritation. Much better! My husband had been out of town for 4 days and when he got back last night he said he thought my breasts looked great! He said "they are little" which is what I was hoping for after the implant and lift. Mission accomplished. Happy Friday. Hope you have a beautifully happy day!

Day 19 - Post Op

Happy Saturday! I just realized I am almost at my 3 week mark. My breasts are still getting smaller as the internal swelling goes down and the tissue is finding its place. The left side is still a little larger, but the swelling is still bigger and I am confident it will get fairly even with the right. Patience! I have noticed that the sleeves on my shirts seem so long now since there is so much more room in the chest area. It is such a great feeling not to have to worry about tight t-shirts or blouses! Looking forward to summer clothes shopping. Be happy today!

Day 20 - Post Op

I am at the point when I forget that I even had surgery because I feel so great. I will go to lift something heavy and then remember - oops I shouldn't do that. I certainly do not want to mess up my progress. My breasts do not hurt at all. The only weird sensation is if I touch the skin it feels like when you have a slight sunburn but you forget until you rub something against it. That is the only way to describe it. Just a mild pain when pushed on. Tomorrow is already 3 weeks! Thursday I go for my check up! Yay! Happy Dance!

21 Days - Post Op

Today I celebrate 3 weeks of all natural ME! I can't even believe how quickly it went by. I do not regret my decision at all to have my implants removed. Actually, I feel quite proud of myself to do what I needed to do to get my body back. In a few months I will turn 52 years old. I am so happy that I can enjoy the rest of my life not worrying about carrying around implants or having surgery if something would happen to one of them. I can now look like the healthy and fit person I am and that definitely makes me HAPPY!

22 Days - Post Op

The steristrips are hanging in there, but at least I feel like everything is held together! My next appointment is Thursday and I was told that is when they will be removed. Other than that, I have very little bruising left. My right breast is becoming more soft. I can still feel the swelling in the left which makes it a little larger. I had less drainage on the side so it will probably just take longer for the fluid to be absorbed. Everything else is feeling fine.

Day 23 - Post Op

Tomorrow I have my follow up and can't wait to see behind the steristrips. I everything is feeling fine and I've noticed that my left breast is shrinking a little more to match the right one. Being patient is key - otherwise it would be so easy to obsess over things that will change over time anyway. I am happy that Iam going to be ready for summer and can't wait to go bra shopping!

Day 24 - Post Op

Yay! I got the steristrips removed today during my check up with my PS. He said everything looks good and I am ready for action. Music to my ears. I have to go back in 2 months. Over that time he said they will continue to heal and reshape. So happy to be on the next chapter of recovery! For scar recovery I am using a combination of SkinMedica TNC Recovery Complex and SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel with Centelline.

Day 25 - Post Op

One day after having the steristrips removed and I am doing great. I have to say it is a little sensitive and red where the tape was. My nipples are super sensitive too, but I am sure over time it will subside. Other than that I am going to keep up with my scar treatments and see how that goes!

Day 26 - Post Op

Just another happy day of healing. :)

Day 27 - Post Op

Can't believe 4 weeks ago at this time I was excited for my surgery the next morning! Of course, I was nervous, but couldn't wait to get it over with. I am still healthy and the internal sutures have to still dissolve. I am being patient and not freaking out that they are not "perfect" at the moment. No matter what, they are me! :)

Day 28 - Post Op

Yay! 4 weeks ago I had my surgery. I am so thrilled that I decided to explant and get a lift with NO implants. It is so important to decide for yourself what YOU want. Do not be talked into something you will regret later on. For me, I did NOT want implants again. I don't want to deal with them in the future. If that is something you want though, do it because you want to - not because someone talks you into them, including your PS. Do what will make you happy.

Day 29 - Post Op

I think my scars are doing well. The combination of SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex and SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel with Centelline 2 times a day is really speeding up the process. I still have 1 little spot under my right breast that I just put a dab of polysporin just to be on the cautious side. Other than that, I am up to full speed! :)

Day 30 - Post Op

I took pics yesterday but ran out of time to upload - so here they are! :)

Day 31 - Post Op

Feeling happy today as I prepare for a trip! I am packing cute sundresses and (gasp) tank tops! Everything continues to heal and improve. Being patient. :)

Day 32 - Post Op

Wow! 32 days since my surgery. My sleeping has become so much better as I don't have to arrange my former large breasts when rolling over. I can also lay on my stomach without discomfort. I guess it is the simple stuff in life that matters! I have found that these camisole bras (as shown in pictures) from VS feel the best on my scar lines for now. Other ones seem to rub and cause irritation.

Day 32/33 - Post Op

Still using the scar cream combo 2x a day and already see the scars diminishing!

Day 35 - Post Op

This morning I happened to pull out of my closet a cute off the shoulder shirt that I had forgotten about. When my breasts were so large it sort of looked ridiculous, but when I tried it on this morning it hung super cute and looked like it actually fits the way it is meant to. Small victory! :). I continue to heal and my left breast is still shrinking to match more to my right side. I have done my best to be patient and not be judgmental since I am still in the recovery process. So, I will be happy with small victories and even happier knowing I am healthier!

Day 36 - Post Op

So excited to pack for vacation today!

Day 37 - Post Op

Traveling today but still took update photos! :)

Day 38 - Post Op

Day 39 - Post Op

As I continue to heal I notice little bruises that appear randomly. I guess I am healing on the inside and the old blood finally makes it to the surface. I am just guessing at that! I can also tell where stitches are dissolving due to little poky white threads. They don't hurt, so I just let them be. The scarring continues to lighten and I don't feel pain anywhere. My left breast is still a little larger, but I can still feel where the area of where the implant was is still a little swollen. My PS said to give it time. Everything else is well.

Day 40 - Post Op

Day 41 - Post Op

I finally went for a run today. Just a mile to make sure I kept everything in place. No more flopping as I ran and I wore a comfortable sports bra. It felt so good to run without strapping down large breasts. Yay!!! I do have one little spot that I am putting polysporin on. I read that it is not unusual as the stitches absorb internally for a small spot or tiny pocket to get inflamed. I will keep an eye on it! Since I am at the beach I wore a bikini that I had from last summer. My breasts last year spilled out everywhere. This year it is nearly too big. :)

Day 42 - Post Op

I am continuing to put polysporin on the 2 little areas where the stitches are healing right beneath my skin. One spot is at the very beginning of the incision under left breast and another little spot by my left nipple. I am keeping an eye on them to make sure they continue to heal. It has been really great wearing cute summer tops and size small t-shirts. It's the simple things in life! :)

Day 43 - Post Op

Another day of healing!

Day 44 - Post Op

Day 45 - Post Op

Days 46-52 - Post Op

Wow! Where has the time gone. It is hard to believe that tomorrow is the first day of April. I had a great time on my recent vacation and it was so fantastic time wear a bathing suit and not have my breasts be the main attraction. I love my smaller breasts and how I can now wear tops that fit. I lost count of how many people randomly tell me how "different" I look. It is not only a physical thing, but very mental. I feel like I have come full circle. When I first got implants I felt so confident not having droopy breasts, but over time the implants began to droop and all I wanted to do was hide them. I am so glad to be free of them and am happy just the way I am. My healing continues and I diligently us my scar treatments twice a day. Persistence is paying off as my scars continue to fade. :)

Day 53 - Post Op

I can't believe I am 53 days post op! My new small(er) breasts are settling nicely. It is nice not to feel the implants and they are now soft and squishable. :)

Day 54 - Post Op

Hello! Wowzer - 54 days and I am feeling fantastic. I still am using the same scar treatment protocol. Although it was a little bit of investment - I am using the same bottle and tube of the Skin Medica products recommended by my PS. At first I was skeptical, but now am a believer. :)

Day 55 - Post Op

Bummer - I ran out of my SkinMedica TNS Recovery Complex tonight. I still have some SkinMedica Scar Recovery Gel left. I guess I should be happy it has lasted this long after using it 2x every day! :). I really believe it is working.

Days 56 & 57 - Post Op

Where has the time gone? I went in for a complimentary micro dermabrasion today at my PS med-spa office. I found out that my PS nurse is no longer working there. I was bummed because she was so awesome! I did schedule an appointment for this Thursday to address a stitch that is irritating me on my left side at the very beginning of the incision. It feels like a little poky thing that gets caught sometimes on my PJs. Other than that, life is good!

Day 58 - Post Op

Day 59 - Post Op

Today I had an appointment with my PS nurse to check on the little stitch that I mentioned a few posts ago. It would snag on my PJs and was a little puffy. Well.... She was able to pull on it to snip it. Holy moly - it was a zinger!!! She showed me afterwards and it was like an inch long. It was over pretty quick, but yikeola. She thought everything looks fine and my next appointment with my PS is on May 12th.

Day 60 - Post Op

Woot woot! Made to the 60 day mark and couldn't be happier! I am thrilled with my progress and look forward to a future not worrying about implants. I feel healthier and love my small breasts.

Day 61 - Post Op

Feeling awesome!

Day 62 - Post Op

I've noticed that nearly all of the bruising is gone. The scars are fading and I feel great. :)
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