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Extremely excited for my surgery on Monday. I'm...

Extremely excited for my surgery on Monday. I'm currently an A cup planning for 450-500cc ultra high profile implants. I am wanting a D cup post operatively. Dr. Says this will be proportional for my body shape. I'm 5'6 125lb. Any advice for surgery preparation or immediate post op tips/tidbits would be appreciated.

500cc sizers

Post op Day 4- it's been a rough week ????

Well, surgery was Monday at 1230. All went well. I woke up with a lot of pressure on my chest which caused some difficulty breathing but they gave me some fentanyl and Zofran and it improved but I was so groggy. I was pretty much a zombie until today. I took my pain meds and muscle relaxers around the clock. Sleeping has been rough. I sleep off and on all night- upright. I have been experiencing the post op depression...wondering if I made the right choice. I know this can be a natural feeling but does it get better?? I'm so ready to feel like myself and be able to function normally. Also, do my breasts look ok for post op day 4? When will they begin to drop and feel more natural? I have no feeling underneath my breast or on the nipple, does sensation return?

Week 1

It's been an interesting week for sure! I'm starting to feel more like myself and I am slowly becoming used to the larger chest size. I'm still wondering if they are going to be to big? I had my first post op appointment and Dr. Lund said everything looked as it should this far out from surgery and reassured me they still need to drop. I found out I had 475cc and 535cc Natrelle Inspiration UHP silicone gel implants placed. I anticipated about 500cc but had some asymmetry preoperatively. I am starting to like the way they look but still can't wait till they are softer and lower. I also started taking Vitamin E 800iu a day. Anyone else taking this? What type of massages are you guys doing??

Week 2

Hardly any pain this week so far. I'm technically pod 16. Sleeping has become easier although I'm still sleeping on my back... At least until my next post op appointment and my ps says I can sleep on my side :) I think they are starting to slightly feel softer but still very tight. My right one still feels like its sitting high in my armpit and I can feel it move around when I bend over to pick something up. Anyone else experienced this in the first couple of weeks? It doesn't hurt just feels different. My left one feels like it's just another part of my body. I'm becoming more accustomed to them day by day.

4-6 weeks post-op

I'm becoming more and more comfortable with my new additions. Essentially no pain besides some muscular pain if I've used my arms a lot at work or around the house but it's tolerable. I can sleep on both sides and lying flat. I still don't feel completely comfortable sleeping on my belly but hopefully I will one day. Definitely love trying on new bras and swim suits but find that either the cups fit and the bands are too big or the cups are too small and the band fits just right... Ugh. Right now I'm a 34D but that still may change. No regrets!
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